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Horus Heresy 30k 2e Reviews Summary

Welcome to the Summary Page for 30k Horus Heresy 2nd Edition here on Warpstone Flux!

Over time, we will be populating this page with our reviews of the 2nd edition of the game, launched on 18th June 2022. Should readers need it, the old 1st Edition summary can be found here


Legio Astartes Army Common Entries:

Legion Praetor
Legion Cataphractii Praetor
Legion Tartaros Praetor

Legion Centurion -- Legion Librarian -- Legion Master of Signals
Legion Esoterist -- Legion Champion -- Legion Chaplain
Legion Delegatus -- Legion Vigilator -- Legion Pathfinder  
Legion Herald -- Legion Forge Lord -- Legion Primus Medicae
Legion Siege Breaker -- Legion Armistos -- Legion Moritat
Legion Mortificator -- Legion Praevian

Legion Damocles Command Rhino 
Legion Command Squad 

Legion Veteran Squad 
Legion Terminator Squads: Cataphractii Squad -- Tartaros Squad -- Indomitus Squad
Legion Destroyer Assault Squad -- Legion Mortalis Destroyer Squad
Legion Apothecarion Detachment -- Legion Techmarine Covenant 
Legion Contemptor Dreadnought Talon
Legion Rapier Battery 

Legion Tactical Squad -- Legion Despoiler Squad
Legion Assault Squad -- Legion Breacher Squad
Legion Tactical Support Squad 
Legion Reconnaissance Squad -- Legion Scout Squad
Legion Rhino Transport -- 

Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Liber Astartes (Loyalist) Specialist Entries:

Dark Angels. (TBA)

White Scars. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Jaghatai Khan
HQ: Qin Xa -- Stormseer 
Elites: Golden Keshig -- Ebon Keshig 
Fast Attack: Kyzagan Assault Speeder Squadron 

Space Wolves. (TBA)

Imperial Fists. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Rogal Dorn
HQ: Sigismund -- Alexis Polux -- Fafnir Rann -- Castellan
Elites: Templar Brethren 
Fast Attack: Phalanx Warder Squad 

Blood Angels. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Sanguinius
HQ: Dominion Zephon -- Chapter Master Raldoron 
Elites: Dawnbreaker Cohort -- Crimson Paladins -- The Angel's Tears 
Fast Attack: Contemptor-Incaendius Dreadnought

Iron Hands. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Ferrus Manus
HQ: Iron Father
Elites: Gorgon Terminator Squad -- Medusan Immortals Squad

Ultramarines. (TBA)

Salamanders. (TBA)

Raven Guard. (TBA)

Liber Hereticus (Traitor) Specialist Entries:

Emperor's Children. 

Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Fulgrim
HQ: Lord Commander Eidolon -- Captain Saul Tarvitz -- Captain Lucius -- Phoenix Warden 
Elites: Phoenix Terminator Squad -- Palatine Blade Squad 
Heavy Support: Kakophoni Squad 

Iron Warriors. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Perturabo
HQ: Warsmith
Elites: Iron Circle Maniple
Heavy Support: Tyrant Siege Terminator Squad

Night Lords. (TBA)

World Eaters. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Angron
HQ: Kharn the Bloody
Elites: Red Butchers -- Rampager Squad

Death Guard. (TBA)

Thousand Sons. (TBA)

Sons of Horus. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Horus Lupercal
HQ: Ezekyle Abaddon -- Garviel Loken -- Maloghurst the Twisted -- Dark Emissary
Elites: Justaerin Terminator Squad -- Reaver Attack Squad

Word Bearers. (TBA)

Alpha Legion. 
Legion Rules -- Traits and Rites -- Armoury
Primarch: Alpharius (could be Omegon - we're not sure)
HQ: Exodus -- Armillus Dynat -- Saboteur 
Elites: Lernaean Terminator Squad 
Fast Attack: Headhunter Kill Team 

Liber Mechanicum Entries:

(Not started yet, sorry).


Shannar said...

Came here to say I loved these for HH 1.0, and they're looking very helpful for 2.0 once again!

jabberjabber said...

Happy to hear that these are useful and appreciated :)

DAM said...

Yes, quite appreciated. Thanks for the time you've committed to capturing all this information.

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