Thursday, September 22, 2022

Horus Heresy 2e Review: Captain Lucius

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
4/5 stars. The rules are great if you want a character killing duellist.

Before he was Eternal, Lucius was a promising Captain of the Emperor's Children and was fairly un-matched with his blade skills. During the heresy, he found himself on the loyalist side thanks to working with Saul Tarvitz. He later betrayed Saul and re-took he place among the IIIrd Legion as it descended into madness. 

Fundamentally, Lucius is a close combat character killer. His rules all back this up along with an outrageous WS=7 and I=6 (making him better in the WS department than Lorgar, for instance, and rising to WS=8 when using Nineteen, his blade, in a challenge). Mind blown. 

The Supreme Duellist rule grants him a bonus attack so long as his initiative is greater than his opponent's. The blade called Nineteen is powerful indeed with both murderous strike and Rending at 3+ which is just supreme. 

Traitor only. Not very speedy unlike Eidolon and his jump pack. He also has the option of swapping out the Blade of the Laer from Fulgrim to make him cheaper. In general, Nineteen is probably superior and therefore not much of a concern either with I would think, but the Laer blade does have AP=2 as standard. He can also take sonic shriekers for a very small points cost increase. Probably not strictly needed, but it is amazingly powerful, so just take it. 

If you like a duelling character killer, then Lucius will work great for you. Just get him into combat to do his job. 


Idaeus4XIII said...

Hi! Lucius comes with both Nineteen AND the blade of the Laer by default, but you can swap the latter for a mundane close-combat weapon and thus spare 40 points. ^^
Good review anyway, it's always a pleasure to read you. Keep up the good work man! :^D

jabberjabber said...

Wording changed to make it obvious. Thanks for the nudge, and words of support!

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