Friday, January 1, 2010

Vault: Other Projects

This page serves to summarize significant postings about Warpstone Flux projects that don't fit necessarily neatly in to other categories (Chaos Space Marines; Chaos Daemons; Other Armies; Battle Reports).

Here you will find articles on Apocalypse, various large projects such as my Shadowsword, Lord of the Rings, Scenery (etc.).

Apocalypse Articles

  • Chaos Vindicator Line Break Formation [Picture, Tactica]
  • Doomsday Device (Chaos Space Marines)
  • Graviton Gun
  • Plasma Blastguns and Destructors
  • Vehicle Only Apocalypse Games
  • Warp Rift Formation

    Home Brew / House Rules Apocalypse Datasheets:
  • Daemonic Beast Hunting Legion
  • Host of Malal
  • Nurgle's Miasma
  • Nurgling Infestation
  • Relentless Raptor Swarm

    Shadowsword Project
  • Part I: Tracks
  • Part II: Magnetizing the side armour
  • Part III: Hull and Sponson
  • Part IV: Storm Lord Enabling
  • Part V: The Main Weapons
  • Part VI: Four Sponsons
  • Part VII: Primed
  • Part VIII: Base Coat
  • Part IX: Dark Washes
  • Part X: Las Cannon Highlighting and Finishing

  • TUTORIAL: How to make scenic trees (the model railway method); a Copse of Trees

    Games Workshop Scenery:
  • Manufactorum door chopping
  • Mini-Manufactorum

    Hirst Arts:
  • Fieldstone Bridge
  • Ruined House Part 1, Part 2
  • Underground building entry

    CNC Imperial Ruins Project:
  • Part 1: Sprues
  • Part 2: Assembled
  • Part 3: PVA Texturing
  • Part 4: Painted Straight
  • Part 5: Corner
  • Part 6: Entrance
  • Part 7: Modularity

    Gaming Tables:
  • Necron and Eldar;
  • Small Town and Khorne / Chaos Wastes;
  • Ork Theme

    Planetary Empires and Mighty Empires
  • Map

  • Crater Tile
  • Hive Tile: Sprue and Assembly; Painting
  • Mountain Tiles
  • Oasis in the Badlands Tile
  • River Tile
  • Ruins Tile
  • Spaceport
  • Woodland; Varied Woodland

    Other Miniatures as Daemons
  • General Thoughts
  • Grave Guard
  • Shadow Lord
  • Strigoi

    Daemons of Lesser Powers Project
  • Part I: Heralds
  • Part II: Lesser Daemons
  • Part III: Fast Attack
  • Part IV: Greater Daemons
  • Part V: Steeds

    Horus Heresy Board Game
  • First Impressions

    Lord of the Rings
  • The Shadow Lord

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