Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dominion of convergence: 3/3

The final part of the Dominion of Convergence is the most worn away and stripped down of the triplet. 

With this piece, it is possible to see the entire inner working of this machine. Full Necron technology on display and naked to the world save for a few bits of characteristic stonework near to the bottom of the device. The piece does look alien in origin, I'll give it that. But I'm not so sure about the whole stripping away of the stone work around the outside of the technology. It strikes me as physically rather odd looking; not withstanding the narrative of what they are supposed to be. 

In terms of construction, once again this is a very easy terrain item with minimal amount of parts being used and needed to glue together. No special notes here to make really other than to check the filing of the smoother edges prior to painting. Speaking of which, I'd better get underway with that at some point soon!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dominion of convergence: 2/3

This is the second component of the dominion of convergence set. What I find most odd about this particular piece is the extra bit of Necron stone attached to the upper regions of the monolith. In the image below, it can be seen stuck on the front facing panel to the upper right of the monolith.

I think my feeling of oddity stems from the way it is just kind of hovering there without support. Sure, its techno-babble magic something something holding it in place - yeah I get that. But from a gravity point of view, it just feels a little bit wrong to my eyes. Further, the reverse of the piece -- which can be seen sticking out at the left hand edge of the above image -- also feels a little bit off. I might fill in the gap that can be seen in the image with a bit of green stuff to make it a bit more convincing to my eyes before I paint it up, and potentially just add a little bit of support underneath it. 

Other than this visual, I do like the piece, and I like the feeling of age that it communicates with the weathered front "rock" face being eroded away to reveal the internal technology behind. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Dominion of convergence: 1/3

When I originally saw the release for the Dominion of convergence, I knew that I wanted to have this set as part of my (far too extensive now) scenery options. What I like about this kit is the sheer simplicity. They literally are just line of sight blocking obelisks. But they're more than that: they have the feeling that they can slot in well on almost any kind of set up outside of set-piece space hulk style battles. Even deep in the subterranean confines of hive cities and spires, they might not plausibly look out of place to drop in there. 

The putting together of these scenery items is very simple indeed. There are so few parts to be worried about, and they all slot together very nicely. My only tip is to be aware of the base that comes in two halves. It is imperative that that base lies flat to prevent wobbly model syndrome affecting this otherwise glorious looking scenery. In some following posts, I will show the others obelisks one by one with a couple of thoughts on each. More to follow. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Custodian Guard Squad 4/4

 Rounding out the Custodian Guard squad is the one in the billowing, flowing cape. 

The dynamism of this squad member is clear with the stepping forward to take ground, the aggressive spear position ready to fire or impale a foe, and the head looking along the line of sight of the blade and the barrel. The cape on his back can seemingly fit any of the backpacks (which I was happy and relieved to see since he was the last miniature that I assembled for the squad). The only problem potentially with the cape is the positioning of the shoulder pads and weaponry around the body -- certain poses simply would not cut the mustard for this kind of adornment. 

With the cork on the base granting an extra bit of height, this Custodian is intimidating for traitorous foes on the battlefield to boot. In a pinch, he can also double up as a force commander too. Once more, I'm seriously impressed with the sheer level of detail on the miniature and now looking forward to painting the squad up. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Custodian Guard Squad 3/4

The third member of the quartet of Custodian Guards is this fine looking fellow. 

Modelled with a combination of parts grabbed from differing canon poses, the right hand clutches the iconic spear whilst the left hand has reached for the power dagger (close combat weapon in 30k). The model itself communicates a feeling of rushing toward an objective whilst preparing for some resistance along the way. Possibly even readying to hurl the dagger end over end at an opponent and follow up with the spear. 

I think the toughest point of the process was gluing the headpiece on to the top of the helm. For some reason it just didn't want to cooperate with me. I guess that's just life! Great to have this third one churned out though. One left to go!

Monday, January 18, 2021

Custodian Guard Squad 2/4

Continuing with Custodes number 2 out of 4, this particular fellow is a stoic and immovable object ready to exact the Emperor's due from any and all. 

Once again the sheer level of detail on this miniature is hugely impressive to me. Rarely seen in yester-decades outside of Forge World resin, the miniature sports a huge level to iconography that really is befitting of the Custodes in general. 

No conversion work has been undertaken here. I found the spear to be a bit problematic to glue on to the wrists. For some reason it didn't want to settle in to position well (maybe a bit too much gravitational torque). I though a nub might be a better to help seal the position in place. Other than that, very straight forward to piece together. 

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