Friday, June 11, 2021

Spoiler-Free Reading Order for Horus Heresy Books

Today, I wanted to link and amplify a flow chart produced by the fine people over at Black Librarium. 

This is the link to follow: and a low resolution preview can be seen in the image below. 

At its core, the basic idea of the flowchart is that the published order of the Horus Heresy books does not necessarily follow the chronological order in which the action or events happen within the epic series. The reasons for this are obvious enough: many writers contributed collaboratives over many years to a wide variety of aspects of the series to make it the amazing achievement that it is today. 

This particular flowchart caught my attention since there are a number of ways of following the action: this might be chronological, or based on a faction that you are most interested in, or a zone of the conflict that piques your attention. 

For me, the obvious appeal is the comprehensive nature of the flowchart, with the very minor caveat that some of the more minor and tenuous links are not noted. It really does a nice job at illustrating the complexity inherent with the writing project over many (actual) years and provides a good way of looking at what to read beyond what Black Library itself recommend. It therefore scores a huge two thumbs up from me. 

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