Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Horus Heresy 2e Review: Maloghurst the Twisted

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️
2.5/5 stars. Playable. Fluffy. Nothing particularly bad, and strong reaction bonus, but nothing spectacular to see here either.

Equerry to the Warmaster himself, Maloghurst was almost killed in earlier action which left his body shattered and earned his moniker. With little left but to serve his Primarch, he became ever more the shrewd operator and trusted on the battlefield to carry the icon of Horus and thus also became known as the Bearer of the Eye. 

The warlord trait, Bearer of the Eye, is an entertaining one as it provides an edge for objective based missions in favour of the Sons of Horus. Ensuring that his unit is scoring and requiring an enemy more than just a denial unit, but a line unit to contest is situational, but can be played to its strengths. The bonus reaction is simply strong. Of course, being a master of the legion comes as standard here. 

Naturally, this is a HQ choice for the traitor faction only. Slightly slower movement is fluffy, and expected. 

A reasonable stat line, but arguably not amazing, I think the points cost is just - and only just - worth it. Treat as a backline objective holder, or else put him in a tank with a unit to go forth to a more front line objective (and potentially risk losing the reaction bonus).  

Difference to First Edition:
Slightly Worse, subjectively. He has lost the ability to make veterans and reavers troops which was originally a big part of his attraction. 

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