Saturday, June 18, 2022

2nd Edition Horus Heresy has Arrived!

A large box arrived in the post this morning weighing in at over 8kg. I was surprised by the sheer weight of it to be honest - but most of that mass is accounted for by the heavy books contained within. 

The main event is the boxed set itself which is massive. So many miniatures contained inside. The reflection is due to the shrink wrap which I removed very quickly.

Buried at the bottom of the box is the rulebook itself. I am yet to fully digest it, but it looks awesome and has a shiny finish quality to parts of the front cover.

The picture above is what greeted me upon opening the box. The sheer amount of minis contained inside is intimidating! 

One of the main reasons I pre-ordered was to get hold of the unique freebie. This is pictured above - a set of cards to go with the game, along with a set of coins which I very much liked the look of. Also pictured are some new paints - I've been in need of a red base for a long time. Alongside this, I've also got hold of the new Liber books, and the new style rhino. 

Lots of things to think through here and digest. Expect more posts on the 2nd Edition of the Horus Heresy in the hours, days, weeks, and months ahead! I will be using the tag "2eHHReview" for the new reviews of the second edition here on Warpstone Flux and retiring the older reviews in due course. In the mean time, lots of reading and assembling to do!

Questions welcome if anyone needs a quick look-up or opinion.

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