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Horus Heresy 2e Review: Legion Tartaros Praetor

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
5/5 Stars. For the same reason as the power armour praetors, it is essential that players have access to Rites of War and taking a praetor of any sort should be a given at points values in the thousands.

Praetors in Tartarosterminator armour share all the same kinds of boons as praetors in regular power armour, but also have that magic 5+ save and unlike their Cataphractii cousins are able to undertake sweeping advances. Once again, this is the kind of praetor to lead from the front. 

As with the Cataphractii praetor, the Tartaros praetor has an impressive 4 wounds and is a strong character to contend with. Of course, they also come with Master of the Legion which is all important for access to the Rites of War. Armies including this character don't necessarily have to be built around them to make best advantage of the terminator armour, but consuls that help with close combat such as a chaplain are certainly going to help. 

This terminator moves swifter fluff wise than Cataphractii armoured terminators and as a trade off has less defensive protection. This is fine though and a rational transaction for being able to sweep in close combat. Similar to cataphractii armour: look out for instant death. 

Difference to First Edition.
Neutral. The rules are comparable.

There are many different sorts of builds to consider here, and some will depend on not only the kind of army being constructed, but also on the individual legion in question. 

Legion Tartaros Praetor with two lightning claws and grenade harness (125 points).
A nice points cost for a very effective Praetor who will likely see use with many armies, although this one strikes me as particularly nice for Night Lords and even White Scars.

Legion Tartaros Praetor with Thunder Hammer and grenade harness (130 points).
Very little not to like here. Replace the thunder hammer with a paragon blade to taste. 

Legion Tartaros Praetor with Volkite Charger and Lightning Claw (112 points).
Arguably one of the cheapest terminator praetors in the game that is not the "naked" version.

Legion Tartaros Praetor with combi-plasma and Power Fist, with Grenade Harness (135 points).
A very generic praetor that will do well in almost any kind of situation and with any legion.  


anvilward88 said...

Just as a clarification, I think you copy-pasted from the Cataphractii praetor, as the weakness section shows exactly the same.

jabberjabber said...

oops - my mistake. Updated with the correct text now. Thanks for the sharp eyes and reading - much appreciated.

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