Monday, August 15, 2022

Horus Heresy 2e Review: World Eaters Legion Rules

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
3.5/5 stars - rounded up. The rules are high quality, but you must get your marines in to close combat and in good numbers to take maximum advantage of them. 

The World Eaters were ever violent even before the onset of the Heresy. Their Primarch, Angron, had every reason to resent his gene father, The Emperor, hence their allegiance to the Warmaster Horus should not come as a surprise to any. During the Heresy they were there right from the start at Isstvan and saw action from there to Ultramar in the Shadow Crusade before making their way to Terra itself with a freshly created Daemon Primarch of Khorne in their cargo. 

Naturally, this legion is a close combat orientated one and the rules reflect this.

Legion Rules Review.
Violence Incarnate. Gaining +1 attacks on the charge above and beyond other bonuses and even when such charges are disordered is a good core rule to have. 

For me, the only real question here is how to maximally exploit the rule, and this means getting in to combat quickly. Hence it is suggested to take - where possible - plenty of transports or deep striking elements to take advantage of their extra attacks. I would also suggest erring on the side of large squads in order to try to sweep an enemy on the turn that they engage -- and also to survive until they get into close combat with the enemy. 

The Butcher's Panoply gives access to the Armoury, World Eaters Berserkers can gain access to the Berserker upgrade, while the Hounds of War brings the choices of warlord traits.

Advanced Reaction.
The Savage Tide enables the controlling player to gain feel no pain when shot at and then after surviving such an incoming attack immediately charge at the player who shot at them. This is nasty and when timed well can turn an entire game around for the World Eaters. 

Difference to First Edition.
Improved. And Cleaner. I last reviewed the World Eaters legion rules in 2014 (wow!) and back then some of their bonuses required "activation". This was always a bit of a poor rules construction to my mind. The new rules are much simplified, and always active which represents such a quality of life improvement compared to the older rules. The new reaction really will help as well. Remember to use other reactions to get your units close to melee as well. The controlling player will need a way to get into combat (of course) and I always like the World Eater drop pod armies that I've faced as a preferred method. Although the World Eaters might meet their match against other melee armies, there are ways to master this by taking large blobs of squads where they can and this is fluffy for 30k as well. There's a lot to like about the World Eaters in the new edition compared to the old one. 

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