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Horus Heresy 2e Review: Mechanicum Traits and Advanced Reaction

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
3.5/5 stars, rounded up. The rules here have some very strong components, but some of them are a bit average. Many will require a bit of planning and consideration as to what flavour of army you are bringing to the table top.

The Mechanicum found themselves on both sides of the civil war of the Horus Heresy. The rules contained within the Mechanicum rulebook are therefore good for loyalist and traitor alike as they comprehensively cover most (non daemonic) aspects of the forces that they are able to field. 

Core Warlord Traits.
The Bloody Handed warlord trait is a solid trait that might find default use from time to time for the more close combat orientated army lists. It grants +1 to the number of wounds within a large bubble of the warlord for combat resolution purposes and gains an advanced reaction in the assault phase. Not outstanding by any means, but solid enough. 

The Stoic Defender trait is excellent for more shooty mechanicum forces. It grants a pinning test in the event of unsaved wounds and a bonus shooting reaction. Well worth it for the mechanicum in my opinion.

The Ever-Vigilant grants I+1 when running which can be neat in the right circumstances along with a movement reaction. 

Mechanicum Warlord Traits.
A Soul of Cold Iron means that you can still move and charge even when pinned, because you just don't care. Sure, you're still firing snap shots, but the movement reaction bonus sweetens this deal. Could be excellent against the right army (e.g., Iron Warriors!). 

The Logic of Victory is really interesting and could be almost game changing. If you don't shoot, or are not involved in combat, they you gain an additional reaction in EACH phase of the following turn as the reactive player. During these reactions, gain WS+1, BS+1 for attacking, and I+3, and Movement+3 during movement. This can be outstanding, but you will need the mind of a mechanicum boss to truly take advantage of this. It can be done though. 

The Science of Slaughter grants WS+1 and S+1 on the second turn of combat as the warlord computes accurately the best way to win. Obviously a huge bonus for the warlord, and great if you have a combat orientated warlord who wants to get stuck in against enemy warlords of similar capacity. The bonus assault reaction is okay. 

Mechanicum Advanced Reaction.
Scornful Fire allows a return fire from the warlord and its unit - and anything within 12 inches - against anything that shot against it. Once per battle use is the limit of course, and barrage and templates are restricted. This can be very strong and wipe out entire units when played effectively. 

KEY POINT TO FINISH WITH: automata cannot make reactions. BEWARE!

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