Monday, January 30, 2023

Horus Heresy 2e Review: Grey Slayer Pack

Warpstone Flux Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
3/5 stars. The rules are average for the points cost, although I can certainly see a case for a higher number of stars here depending on your tastes and builds. They're not as fundamental as in First Edition though which is why they're getting a slightly lower rating from me. 

The background to this Space Wolves unit sees some tweaking for Second Edition. It is now presented as an unusual evolution of the combination of Terran doctrines of battle pre-primarch, and the sheer fury of the Fenrisian approach to war which created autonomous troop units tasked with overcoming whatever target they were directed at. Tacticals still exist within the Space Wolves in second edition and we're no longer forced to take slayer packs as compulsory troops. 

They're nothing particularly special in the stat line, but they do come with a couple of key advantages. Number one is Relentless, Counter Attack, and Heart of the Legion. Number two is the baseline Fenrisian Axes and Combat Shields. 

Tactical squads are cheaper. Hence you need to make the most of the close combat nature of this squad such as counter attack and the weaponry load out. Take those rhinos and land raiders. 

Difference to First Edition.
Compulsory troops has gone. Warriors mettle has gone. Not going to ground has gone. This squad has had a massive overhaul in general. 

10 Grey Slayers, 2 plasma pistols, legion vexilla, Huscarl with artificer armour, thunder hammer, melta bombs (220 points).
Very much kitted out for close combat duty here with a sting in the shooting from the plasma before charging. Put another plasma pistol on the Huscarl for laughs. 

10 Grey Slayers, Bolters with Chain Bayonets, 2 Power Fists, Huscarl with artificer armour and power fist (235 points).
Triple power fist threat combined with chain bayonets.

10 Grey Slayers, 2 Hand Flamers, Huscarl with Hand Flamer, Artificer Armour, and Power Fist (190 points)
Burn them. 

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Wulfric13 said...

I actually tend to use these as a screening unit for my varagyr+Leman, and or my speaker of the dead with a deathsworn retinue. Use my transports and grey stalkers to shoot down what needs to be shot down, these dudes soak wounds then either of the above do the mopping up. Also using a Caster of Runes with the winds of Fenris with these guys adds a LOT of milage.

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