Friday, January 27, 2023

Chain Fist Lernaean Conversion

A hobby update this evening with a freshly built Lernaean terminator sporting a chain fist for the left arm. The chain fist comes from the plastic boxed set and fits nicely with the resin from Forge World. Indeed, so much so that this conversion is in effect very minor and more of a kit bash without any serious modelling work required. If I had a bit more time, I might clean up the dangling leather to match on both sides of the body, but otherwise this is a great and easy conversion. I am tempted to add a power dagger for obvious reasons(!).

Beyond the miniature, the base is made out of spare Imperial Sector (old school) plastic base replete with ruined grit around the edges where the plastic doesn't reach. I like the post of this marine, mid swing and attention clearly focused and achieving great foot work. 

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