Monday, February 8, 2010

Army List Challenge Hall of Fame

Here it is: the Hall of Fame! Congratulations to all the winners and all the other entrants who have helped us to think about how to build effective and themed army lists through these challenges.

February: Suneokun

December: Fester
November: Quite_Thor
October: Ming from B&C
September: DimmyK
August: TheGraveMind and Cody J (joint winners)
June: CodyJ
May: Tenzing
April: TheGraveMind
March: Suneokun
February: David
January: AbusePuppy

June: TQA
May: Folkert
April: Suneokun and SandWyrm (joint winners)
March: SandWyrm
February: SandWyrm
January: Farmpunk

November: Gamers World and Suneokun (joint winners)
October: Heinz
September: Folkert
June: Erfunk
May: Chris
April: Suneokun

Note, this is a page that I will update as more Warpstone Flux Army List Challenges are issued and completed.

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