Saturday, March 9, 2019

Reaver Embodied

Whilst I have not glued the upper torso to the legs, the progress on the Reaver has been significant in the days gone by. The image shows the stage that everything is up to. In a nutshell: it is now ready to paint.

Having said that, it is clear that I've not added on the knee pads, the shin pads, shoulders, or weapons. The intention is to paint these components separately and then glue them in to place as the final step. I wanted to pay some attention to the areas beneath them before attaching them, hence their absence from the image above. Just need some good weather outside to start spraying.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Reaver Body

After a lot of clamping and drying, the body of the reaver is now firmly locked in to place. Apart from a slight warping that I fixed with a hairdryer, there were no real issues in construction during this stage beyond having the patience to allow the piece to dry out thoroughly before removing the clamps that I had used. 

Inside the body are the painted pieces that I did earlier in the process: the dirty brass looking walkway surrounded on either side by the computers and servitors doing their thing. I have also glued in to place the void shield generators (circles toward the rear of the model - right hand side of this image above). 

I am keeping the lid unglued (as recommended) and will paint this up as a distinct section. Lots of rapid progress expected soon though as this titan is really taking shape now. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Battle Titan Volcano Cannon

A short update on the Reaver today with the other main weapon built and assembled.

The main problem with this weapon was the thin layer of release agent that was covering some of the outer parts -- in particular the outer cladding either side of the main weapon that can be seen in the image.

That said, the new design of the Volcano Cannon follows the other re-design of the laser blaster. Once again, the bits on the sprue here will be attached at the last moment as they will determine whether this is a left or right arm (they're interchangeable with some magnetisation shenanigans). For my Reaver, this will be its right arm (at least that's the plan at the moment!).

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Horus Heresy FAQ

A little later than expected, below are my assorted thoughts on the recent FAQ update on the Horus Heresy. 

Firstly, I think it is fair to state that most of the updates have surrounded wordings and word clarifications. There are a plethora of little changes like this scattered throughout the version 1.1 FAQ which simply make things more obvious.

Feel no pain becomes very clear that such saving throws cannot be taken against destroyer class attacks, or anything where unsaved wounds have the instant death rule. I trust this change puts this question to bed -- I think everyone was playing this rule like this regardless, but it is still very welcome to see it in there. 

Augury scanners put back the infiltrate denial range to 18 inches, full stop. Plus there's the firing at reserves that appear within this range that brings the augury scanner back to an almost auto-include when one knows the enemy will be deep striking a lot.

Tyrant siege terminators gain the ability to fire their bolters as well as their cyclone missile launchers in the shooting phase -- this is very nice and a much needed FAQ that I've long considered to be a source of contention in the old rules. 

Angron gains feel no pain which is nice, but arguably only a minor tweak.

Roboute Guilliman now can cause an opponent to gain a victory point, but given how tough his is to slay, I don't see this as a major issue or update that will in any way put off Ultramarine players from fielding him. 

Mor Deythan gain implacable advance which will be very welcome for Raven Guard players. 

Headhunters also gain the same, as well as preferred enemy against infantry. Yet this change is not what was needed -- points cost reduction is still the only way I will personally be fielding them. Sorry.

Magnus the Red is arguably the biggest change of the whole FAQ since he receives a large, revised and brand new everything. In short, this FAQ re-wrties him. Of these, his super psychic powers now come as a points cost upgrade, which is no surprise I think.

Then there are some beta / play test rules that I really am liking. Two stand out the most to me: Praevians and Destroyer squads. 

The Praevian stands out the most here as there is now a special rule for his machines for each legion. 

As for the destroyer squads, the points reduction and jump pack change makes them much more likely to see play (but I am still feeling the pain for the Headhunters, as above).

A bunch of other units also receive points reductions and some nifty bonuses, and for their relevant armies, I think this will see them played more as well. As an Alpha Legion player, these re-evaluations also build in to which squads I might be tempted to take with Coils of the Hydra. Palatine Blades stand out for me, but I'm still a bit on the fence about them.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Blue-Green Shardwrack Spines

I bought some new Shardwrack Spines to go with a very specific game board recently. I have painted them up in the colours that should never be seen together (according to some): blue and green.

The undercoat here is citadel spray paint Corax white. On top of this, I base coated the upper parts of the spines in a second layer of white to give them a stronger and cleaner colour to work with. The lower parts were base coated in an off-white colour - more creamy. 

Leaving the upper parts alone, I daubed a combination of ultramarine blue, brown, electric blue, and pure white on the lower portions in a very haphazard manner. When dry, the lower reaches were then soaked in a generous layer of Nighthaunt Gloom. This is I think the first time that I have used any of the Gloom paint and I do like it. However, I like the other new paint I bought a lot more: Hexwraith Flame green. This goes on top of the pure white exceptionally well to create a truly unique vibe. Although most commonly used for ghostly miniatures, I wanted the upper parts of the spines to pop a bit more thanks to this colour. 

The next step was to use Skink Blue dry paint. This was applied to the central parts to create a better looking blend between the green and blue colours of the upper and lower halves. This choice works very well with both of the technical paints that I've used here and is a great complement to them. The final steps were to pick out the spots in bright green and paint the upper part of them in yellow as an accent.

Overall the result is an alien flavour flora that looks deadly and ethereal. However, the colour scheme was not originally going to be so alien. I was more after coral. I think the effect has worked regardless and I am very pleased with it. I will show the game mat for this terrain item in the future. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Reaver Cockpit

A bit more painting on the interior of the Reaver: this time the cockpit interior. It follows the general aesthetic that I established on the servitor walls for the main interior: dark, broody, with a slightly retro vibe. The pulses in particular on the screens could almost be a vax display at some level!

Now, many painters usually go for a digitized view out of the front window for these displays. However, my logic here is that the Princeps already has that view afforded to him thanks to jacking in to the retinal and spinal connection ports. Hence there's no real need to have that screen in front of him. Similar arguments can be made for the Moderatii (to a lesser extent). Hence I thought that a neat idea might be to have a machine print out similar to a medical diagnostic machine. Perhaps they're relaying information about the peak power consumption? Every time a primary weapon fires, there's a pulse! Or maybe its like a windows style CPU usage readout? Either way, I kind of like the concept a bit more than having a viewport, hence I went with it. This idea is replicated on the right hand side, as well as on the lower left rectangular display just below the dials.

For the keyboards, I originally wanted to try to suggest that the keys had some kind of back-lighting to them. However, this did not go quite as I had envisioned. Regardless, I'm happy with the outcome here. Time to glue the Princeps in place soon!

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