Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wargames Gallery: Salamanders vs Alpha Legion

In position through infiltration, the Alpha Legion assaults from behind cover in to the Salamanders hoping to catch them off-guard in an early spear-tip manoeuvre.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Here at Warpstone Flux, we are supporting the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. For the duration of the raffle, there will be a banner on the right hand side sidebar to click on and enter the raffle. 

The reasons that we are supporting this are multifold, but they are supporting charities that we personally believe in and have had a positive, and personal, opinion of. 

The charity raffles are now open, and will remain open until 2nd September. There are plenty of high quality prizes for these raffles, including, but not limited to a Warlord Titan, a 30k Iron Warriors complete army, and a 30k World Eaters complete army ... plus plenty more besides (these are simply the ones that drew my eyes immediately!). Check out the link and have a look at the awesome paint jobs -- they are certainly inspiring!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Alpharius - Finished Model

I finished painting all of the parts and have now pinned and glued them all together. I am delighted by the final result and aesthetic!

The first picture is a front view of the completed model. I am very pleased with the blue to green gradients that I have achieved in the panels of the armour, as well as some of the extreme highlights on the silver parts of the armour.

The second one is a rear view, giving a sense of what I've achieved with the cape. Even though it is not painted with metallic paint, there is a good hint of light and shade on the cape that is reinforced with the stencilling on both the rear and the side facing Alpharius. 

A little nod to the internal Alpha Legion civil war can be seen in the base, especially with the Omega symbol on the decal of the doomed space marine legionary on the ground. 

Total project time was probably about 12 hours, spread over a couple of weeks.

I am going to leave it there for today and let readers just look at the pictures instead of typing too much more. I will aim to take a few more pictures in the coming days under better light and with scenery to show off the model in different compositions. Until then, enjoy! Questions and comments welcome.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Alpharius Shoulders

The upper shoulder pads are done! The approach here was to have a little experiment with how I am going to attempt the main body and legs of the model. The undercoat is black to provide dark recesses, followed by a base colour of alpha legion blue that I mixed up a little while ago. 

I then applied some subtle layers and inks of blues and greens to give the shoulders and scales a little bit of a gradient. This is tough to pull off since blue and green are a pair of colours that don't exactly complement each other well. However, I think the blend that I have done here is fine. The scales have been picked out with scorpion green on the top.

The silver around the edges is done with iron breaker followed by an inking of Nuln Oil. The highlights are done with rune fang silver followed by extreme highlighting with white. 

However, once I have glued the shoulders in place on the main model, I will return to the extreme highlighting to ensure that the glints are in the correct places. That is hard to do right now with the pieces off the model. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pale Spear Painting

For Alpharius' pale spear, I wanted to at least to try to communicate some of the alien origin of this ghastly weapon. As with most hobbyists, my interpretation of the Pale Spear is that it is Necron in origin. Goodness knows how Alpharius got hold of such a relic, but I guess that's a part of his charm.

Starting with a black undercoat, I sprayed some silver on the the spear to use as a reference point for the azimuthal light. However. Unlike for Alpharius' body, I was not very happy with this approach and thought about using something else. Initially, I wanted to paint the blades of the spear in the same manner as a power weapon. Perhaps blues and lightning dancing across the surface. I abandoned this idea early on as I had labelled it as too Imperial looking. 

Instead, I wanted to try my hand at something a bit different. I elected to give non-metallic metals a whirl. Now, I will be the first to confess that I'm not usually very good with this approach. I am much more comfy with flaming swords or electricity dancing across their surfaces. Hence it represented a bit of a challenge for me. All good!

The image below shows the result.

For the non-metallic metal approach, I have wet blended black to white (through grey) on both sides of tips of the spear. However: the blending is inversed for each side and a delimited of white applied between them. The overall approach is sound, although I think I might re-do this on a different day (with a lower temperature) to get a slightly better result. 

The shaft of the spear meanwhile has been picked out in a mahogany and maroon colour around the grip, with a weathered silver approach for the central parts. The hands of Alpharius follow the colour scheme established on his main body.

Its getting closer to the time to glue all the parts together...!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Master Crafted Plasma Blaster for Alpharius

When I started to look at the accessories that Alpharius carries around with him, his main side arm was a master crafted plasma blaster. This was one of those cases that I did not know initially how I wanted to go about tackling. I thought about several permutations such as having a silvered weapon with some red or blue plasma coils. Or how about even brass plasma coils from them being inactivated? 

However, for me, the Master Crafted aspect of the weapon was what swung the colour scheme eventually. Not only is the sculpt of the plasma blaster notable for an upgraded gun handle, but it also comes with some exquisite detail across all of the weapon. I opted for a golden colour scheme for the main part of the weapon itself. This was to reinforce the master crafted aspect of the gun (and potentially remind me on the table top of this). For the plasma coils, I wanted them heated and ready to go. The choices were between red, green, and blue for me. However, since I am opting to have a heavy weapon plasma cannon squad use green plasma, I wanted to coordinate. Hence green was the go-to colour for me here. The end result is below. 

In some ways, it is sad that this side arm is so small! When glued on to Alpharius' thigh, it will be partially hidden. All that glorious highlighting that I've spent so long doing will be hidden. However, that's life. And I wouldn't forgive myself for not doing it on a model as expensive as a Primarch. 

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