Monday, January 23, 2017

Genestealer Hybrids with Heavy Weapons

Today is a very short update with a couple of miniatures that I've recently assembled. These are from the Genestealer Neophytes boxed set and feature two heavy weapons: the seismic cannon and mining laser (basically a make-shift las cannon under another name). I like the look of these weapons, but I've erring on the side of choosing the visor head for my hybrids as I think they look neat and communicate the fact that they might be light-sensitive thanks to working underground for such a protracted period. I'll have to buy another box of these guys at some point and get another pair of these weapons in place I think. These will do for now very nicely though!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ynnead in the Gathering Storm

Oh. My. Word. 

I have just watched and re-watched the new video for the Gathering Storm II from Games Workshop several times over. I cannot quite wrap my head around what they are doing. They are seriously advancing the plot line! Something that I thought that they would not do in any great quantity is now getting real with celerity.

For an old timer like myself, this feels a bit like when GW first introduced Aspect Warriors. Contained within the pages of White Dwarf, the Eldar in that precise moment went from being a race of raiders and desperate pirates to one of nobility and early era glory. This video that has just been posted by GW feels like that all over again. Something new, fresh, exciting and full of promise for a plot line waiting to unveil itself. 

We live in interesting times.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Genestealer Neophyte

I am in the process of assembling some test models for a small genestealer cult kill team … nothing too big or fancy, just a bunch of models that I like the look of in real terms. This is the first of them. 

He is a genestealer cult hybrid of the latter generations, featuring some upgrades as would befit a squad leader. No doubt he will get shot off the board on turn 1. But hey, their toughness is 3 and they have a poor 5+ saving throw. So I guess that's part of the course. I've not done anything particular with this model in terms of conversions -- just a simple assembly to get to grips with how these models are supposed to look and glue together. 

Although their arms are a bit more fragile than those of space marines, they come together nicely. The only negative is where the plastic joins the frame of the sprue, in a few places, it requires some filing and hobby knife application to get it smooth. Otherwise, its all good. I'd better decide on a painting scheme soon though!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


For those of you with children, have you ever taken them to Games Workshops? I decided to take my eldest daughter to one a few weeks ago as I was after a few small supplies. Whilst in there, she was like "wow Dad, can I have that! can I have that! What about that, can I have that?!?". Overexcited would be an understatement. In the end, she was so excited that I caved in and bought her some miniatures. Luckily they were cheap.

But they were not 40k. They're skeletons!  Yikes! Here's the first of them -- a Dad-daugher collaboration in the making!

My only concern really was that the parts are quite small and fiddle some (unlike, say, space marines which are quite sturdy and bulky by comparison). Other than that, I'm sure we're going to have a lot of (messy) fun painting these!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Much like fellow blogosphere friends(*), I also have a bit of a backlog of miniatures that I need to get assembled and painted up. In today's post, this is just a simple one showing off that I actually do still put some things together without gluing my fingers utterly together as well.

These are the containers retailed by Games Workshop (I wish they would make the Forge World ones that we see in pictures like the Battle of Calth, but that's another story). What I found most tricky about these large containers was getting all the walls and floor in place without collapsing. Essentially the containers are large cuboids with six faces that can all be glued in to place (the front and back doors being optional, but I'd recommend no less than five of the six faces being glued in to place personally). 

Given that I wanted to do this in one go without having to let them dry, I elected to assemble them vertically. Yep -- that's my pro tip of the day -- don't be afraid to do things at odd angles! By having everything vertical, there is no chance that the walls of the containers will drop off whilst I'm trying to press the roof of the containers in place. This saved me a lot of time and I've now got three of these large containers ready to go to the painting stage. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Aberrants

Their origins are not exactly pinned down well, but the Aberrants come along in almost any hybrid generation. Perhaps they're just mutants or bad reactions with the host genes. Or maybe they're thanks to tinkering of the other hybrids in gene slicing. Whatever the origin, they are strong and hard hitting.

I like their stat line with a good Strength, Toughness and 2 Wounds each. Very nice indeed.

However, they might need to have some back up from the psychic might of the Patriarch or the Magus in all reality. Add in some furious charge and other biomancy and you're looking at a very hard hitting unit indeed.

Like most of the rest of the army, the 5+ save is not going to do them very well against bolt guns sadly. Their initiative is not high, but it probably does not need to be.

The major gripe I have is their points cost. By this, I mean terminators are better value for points just about. Hence, I don't think that the Aberrants are a competitive selection overall. But they do have their uses (vehicle killing).

Not many options here: only additional squad members and the choice to take hammers over picks. I like the hammers for the AP and the S bonuses myself -- the higher the S, the better they can take out tanks, after all.

8 Aberrants all with hammers (240 points).
Unsubtle and a bit of a hammer unit, pun not entirely intended. Use them to take out tanks.

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