Monday, July 28, 2014

Space Marine Prices and Exchange Rates

It's been a while since I made the claim that it'd be cheaper for Australians to collect Forge World miniatures from the UK rather than pay local prices for space marines. Today, I wanted to return to this theme by computing the price of a boxed set of regular space marines in a variety of currencies converted to British Pounds Sterling using data from the BBC (where else?! hehe) to see where we all stand.

So, firstly the UK. A boxed set of space marines (a full tactical squad) is currently priced at GBP25.

Next: Australia. The same tactical squad costs AUD65. At current exchange rates, this is GBP36.

Canada: 50 CAD, which is GBP27.2.

Denmark: DKK250, which is GBP26.5

Europe: 35 Euros, which is GBP27.7

Japan: JPY5700, which is GBP32.95.

New Zealand: NZD75, which is GBP37.74

Norway: NOK280, which is GBP26.5

Sweden: SEK300, which is GBP25.85

USA: USD40, which is GBP23.55.

So: congratulations to my American friends for having the cheapest space marine armies in the world! You're only cheaper than the United Kingdom -- which surprised. Looking very poorly though are the New Zealand and Australia prices, closely followed by Japan. Remember that Forge World is GBP46 for a tactical squad and you can see that they're not so far away from those prices still.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Land Speeder Squadron

The land speeders of the Horus Heresy Era are strikingly similar to the 40,000 era, including the points cost. There are a few differences in upgrades available, as you might expect. Chief amongst them is the havoc launcher. 

Additionally a single squadron can take up to five members. So it then becomes an entertaining challenge as to how to kit them all out for dakka (or otherwise).

Here are a few build ideas to whet your appetite. I have deliberately kept the armaments the same within each example. A huge ad-mixture of armaments within a squad is not advisable.

Legion Land Speeder Squadron with 3 land speeders, each with multi-melta, graviton gun and 2 hunter-killer missiles (285 points)
I think you can guess the purpose of this squad without me writing it. Launch the hunter-killer missiles. Head toward a surviving tank. Blast it with the multi-meltas and/or take advantage of the haywire component of the graviton gun. Soak up any transport vehicle marines in the next turn, or let a different unit deal with them.

Legion Land Speeder Squadron with 3 land speeders, each with a multi-melta (180 points)
A more "base" version of the above. Purely to get in to position and turn a tank in to slag and dross.

Legion Land Speeder Squadron with 5 land speeders, each with additional heavy bolters (325 points)
Each land speeder has 2 heavy bolters, hence there is a whopping 6 heavy bolters being carried around at high speed here. Enjoy the dakka!

Legion Land Speeder Squadron with 2 land speeders, each with a plasma cannon and heavy flamer (160 points)
These guys pick off targets with the low AP on the plasma cannons and use the heavy flamer as a charge deterrent when they swoop in to contest or claim objectives.

Legion Land Speeder Squadron with 4 members, each with a havoc launcher and a single hunter-killer missile (300 points)
This mixed weaponry platform is to use the first turn to tank kill (preferably transport tanks) and then follow up with the havoc launchers (and/or heavy bolters) to finish off their contents.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Slightly off topic today -- a new game has been released via the app store in the past day called INGRESS.

To be clear, this is not a table top game, its a roaming augmented reality game, with google maps overlap.  And it is now available on iPhone (as well as Android for a long time). The basic idea is that you roam around hunting out unique locations (known as portals) and hack them to "own" them in your team's colours (currently blue or green).

As well as keeping players fit by wandering around, it is a social game. But clearly, wandering around gazing at one's smart phone is less than smart, so be aware of your surroundings, both people and cars (etc.)! 

I've started playing as of this evening and found it very easy to get in to. But: it is also great to explore new locations (even locally) with that you've never come across before. After hacking a few portals and owning them, I deployed some resonators around them (to generate more power and make it slightly harder for the opposing team to grab them). I got to level 2, but I've got a long way to go yet before I get some more interesting items in my inventory and start to make maps like this.

For those who want to know, I joined the BLUE team :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron

At a basic level, they're jet bikes and they have heavy bolters. Unlike the Legion Attack Bike Squadron, they are unable to take a special heavy weapon on every jet bike, hence some amount of thought needs to be put in to how they should be best utilised.

I can think of several modes of operation, ranging from large squads built for blasting stuff, through to Praetor accompanying squad or just a plain suicide squad.  Let's have a look at a few builds at points costs:

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 10 members, 3 multi-meltas, melta bombs, Sky Hunter Sergeant with power fist (490 points)
The full deal, for accompanying a praetor around.

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 9 members, 3 volkite culvarins (375 points)
The volkite culvarins are interesting given their large range and decent strength coupled with a high rate a fire. Certainly worth it in a unit like this that is able to deploy to the right position rapidly. Late game, swoop on an objective. Swap out the culvarins for plasma cannons may also be worthwhile, but it depends on how many marines you think you're going to take out.

Legion Jetbike Hunter Squadron with 3 members, melta bombs, 1 plasma cannon (165 points)
With only one special heavy weapon slot available, the minimum sized squad seems a good place for a solitary plasma cannon (just in the same way a dreadnought with such a plasma cannon can be a pain!). The melta bombs are for defensive purposes and opportunities. Swap out the plasma cannon for a multi melta to turn in to a full melta suicide style squadron. (But others can do this better to be honest, so stick with the plasma cannon or volkite for a small squad).
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