Friday, May 13, 2022

Plastic Sicaran

I think that I am more excited than I should be about the plastic Sicaran! This is a tank that I have wanted to get in my collection for a long while (perhaps Alpha Legion, perhaps some new project). I was on the verge of getting it just before the pandemic struck, but never did. Now that the announcement has arrived that a plastic version of it will be forth coming, I think I'm all but locked in to the idea of getting at least one of these beasts into my collection!

Love the sculpt and build of this tank overall, and the fact that it is now in plastic and looks just as good as the resin version is deeply attractive. Plus I suspect that it will be much easier to magnetize. 

I'm also really gratified by the Horus Heresy focus that is happening in general in the community web pages right now. The painting schemes and the background for the legions on a daily basis is a great move and one that I've been an avid fan of. The extended painting videos especially are a great move here and really open up a lot of ideas and options. So tempting to start a new legion to be honest!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Horus Heresy Reveals From Warhammer Fest 2022

What an amazing set of reveals it has been for the Horus Heresy game over the past day, and indeed weeks! Got to say that I am impressed by the variety and extent of the releases that are being planned. Long rumoured, the shift to plastic for a wide variety of the Forge World components is impressive. Top of my shopping list though will be the rules set and these pair of books.

I think this is a relatively fair way of doing things and not entirely unexpected. Although I may have preferred one source book for the Astartes, this does look very good and will bring together the 9 volumes of the previous source materials from the black books under a pair of releases which is a good move. I am pondering if I should conduct a "Phase 2" or "Version 2" review of all the new units or not? Thoughts welcome - it would be a grand undertaking over a long period of time and may not end up dramatically different to previous reviews, so I need to think it over. 

The new Kratos tank in plastic is also interesting to see. So whatever happens I believe that there will be a need for players out there to at least have a set of review materials for that in one place, and with depth. 

Genuinely looking forward to seeing what this new edition will bring with it!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Horus Heresy Review: Raven Guard Deliverer Squad

Editorial Note. With the announcement of the new rules for the Horus Heresy, I will regardless finish all the reviews of all units from the previous edition for completeness sake. We already know that these units were retrofitted for the new edition hence their inclusion is assured come what may.

The Deliverers are the remains of the Terrans within the legion and trained with the Luna Wolves under Horus himself prior to Corax being found. Finding reward with the Justaerin they were subsequently shunned by Corax since terminators did not truly fit in with the Raven Guard's new modus operandi. Not honoured like they used to be, some declared for Horus in the wars that followed whereas others stayed with Corax, if only to die a worthy death and prove their worth to the Raven Lord.

Two wound terminators for the Raven Guard are a reason to cheer alone! The fact that they come with a teleportation transponder is nothing short of miraculous given that only the Night Lords truly compete in this particular area. 

Depending on what side of the conflict they are fielded, the Delivers either count as +1T for instant death (Loyalists), or gain hatred of Corax (Traitors). Corax in all cases will 18 inches away from them when on the same side during deployment (I guess he really didn't like them). 

They come with the usual stubborn and implacable advance special rules otherwise.

Not many. Even less if they are loyalists and worried about instant death. Arguably they don't get storm shields or equivalent, so they're not competing with the Salamanders here. What they are competing for are precious Elite slots in the army roster.

5 Deliverers, 1 Multi Melta (300 points).
A nice scary unit to deep strike into place and be multi-purpose.

5 Deliverers, 1 Heavy Flamer, 4 Raven Talons (325 points).
Chop up enemies after landing. Camp on objectives. Plenty of choice.

10 Deliverers, 2 Reaper Autocannons, 4 Combi-Plasmas (533 points).
More expensive here, and mid-range. 

15 Deliverers, 3 Multi Meltas, Chieftain with Raven Talons, 5 Combi-Meltas (795 points).
Far too expensive! But in an Apocalypse game, entirely viable. 

Monday, April 18, 2022

Horus Heresy Review: White Scars Dark Sons of Death Squad (Karaoghlanlar)

Editorial Note. With the announcement of the new rules for the Horus Heresy, I will regardless finish all the reviews of all units from the previous edition for completeness sake. We already know that these units were retrofitted for the new edition hence their inclusion is assured regardless.

The Dark Sons focus on the "unmaking" of enemies who have fallen so far as to deserve both physical destruction and spiritual oblivion. They are regarded with unease by their battle brothers and adorned with appropriate talismans and wards. 

As well as being able to be a Librarian's (Stormseer's) retinue, once per game they can gain fleet and rage which is a nice touch for one of their invocations. Their more unique rule is the Ritual of Unmaking is to automatically fail sweeping advances in exchange for units with models with 6 inches to take a Ld test or suffer -1WS until the end of next turn. Honestly, I don't think this is too powerful, but it is flavourful in the sense of inducing fear in the enemy. I'd sooner be sweeping come what may. 

The jump packs are a great feature here though, along with the plentiful options.

I think I would have sooner have seen this unit with similar rules to the Thousand Sons brotherhoods, but it is what it is. Fundamentally, these are still 1 wound jump pack marines, but given that they tote rad grenades, they make for a tremendous asset for the White Scars. 

15 Dark Sons, 3 Melta Guns, Champion with power fist, Melta Bombs (425 points).
A bit of a maximum squad, but one that would be rather powerful and a vehicle plus crew hunter.

10 Dark Sons, 2 Hand Flamers, Champion with Hand Flamer, artificer armour and power weapon (290 points).
Flamers all round, or just sit on an objective.

5 Dark Sons, all with Power Glaives, 1 Plasma Pistol, Champion with plasma pistol and artificer armour (235 points).
Plasma distraction carnifex, with power glaives. 

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Wargames Gallery: Raven Guard on the Beach

The remains of a shattered Raven Guard squad slogs across the beach to reach a forgotten ancient tecnology cache that could help them flee this world. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Horus Heresy Review: Emperor's Children Sun Killer Squad

Editorial Note. With the announcement of the new rules for the Horus Heresy, I am completing the reviews of all units from the previous edition for completeness sake. Enjoy!

The Sun Killers were a peerless and boastful group of heavy support warriors within the Emperor's Children. They went ahead of the main force to deliberately target the massive armour or bio-beasts of the enemy and slay them; or provide covering fire for when the legion needed a tactical retreat (ahem: repositioning). They eschew physical ammunition and prefer energy weapons as their armament.

Fundamentally, this is a las cannon squad with an extra pip in Ballistic Skill, able to ignore cover thanks to Precision Fire, and potentially can take a defence line instead of transport (this seems like a good idea, depending on what mission is being fought). 

They can swap out the las cannons for plasma cannons, multi-meltas, or volkite culverins which in some situations can be advantageous (I am salivating over the sheer saturation possibilities of the plasma cannons! Multi-Meltas clearly have use for tank hunting, and Volkites do well against massed troops and others). 

Apart from the 1 wound issue that permeates all such squads, the biggest thought here is that the price tag is for las cannons and swapping out to other weapons makes this fractionally squad less attractive in terms of points cost. 

5 Sun Killers (250 points).
Honestly, I really like the "naked" option here! Take a transport to taste. 

10 Sun Killers, 1 augury scanner (455 points).
Lots of firepower here and for a reasonable cost. Take the defence line to taste. 
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