Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Salamanders Legion Praetor Terminator

For every army, there needs to be a commander. Some are junior, others are more senior. Some are pressed in to the role due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. This Praetor has a feeling of seniority combined with circumstances (Isstvan 5) that no one in the legion foresaw.

The model has been assembled from a variety of sources. The legs and torso come from the Forge World range -- Salamanders Legion Firedrake. However, I wanted the model to not be a total copy of the Firedrake, replete with shield and everything (even though that was actually very appealing for canonicity and authenticity to Isstvan 5).

Instead, the arms are a thunder hammer (actually sourced from the Dark Angels range) and a chaos space marines combi-melta gun. The reasons for the are due to personal experience with the Dark Angels (narratively, the Salamanders are friendly with most other legions -- sworn brothers to the Dark Angels, and why shouldn't some of the senior officers have served and made comrades out of other legions - there's plenty of evidence in the books for this, not least of all between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus), and the latter due to the dire situation that the survivors of Isstvan 5 found themselves in. I think he must have looted it from a more chaotic legion myself - perhaps the Word Bearers?

The shoulder pads are both the same and from the (older) chaos space marine terminator range -- the skull with curled horns. This shoulder pad is not as chaotic in nature as it might seem. To my mind, they conjure up the marine's background on Nocturne where he might have hunted such great beasts.

The helmet meanwhile is from standard 40k terminators. I was toying with a lot of different helmets for this praetor ranging from a bald head, through to top knots, and everything in between. I felt that the standard 40k terminator was appropriate given the upper torso configuration which is very reminiscent of the 40k range. He could therefore be deployed as one of any type of terminator (potentially) using the armour as counts-as Cataphractii, and so forth.

For the painting, I followed the usual prescription of the warp lightning contrast paint, accented by lighter greens and complemented by the fire motifs.

In all, a worthy leader of the desperate force that I'm constructing for my Shattered Legions. And for once, not Meduson either. Rather, this is the praetor who re-forged his brothers and cousins to use the Covenant of Fire rite of war to survive, eliminate their enemies, and attempt to escape Isstvan 5.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Salamanders Shattered Legions Squad

Especially for those of you (plural) that asked: today is a picture of the completed Salamanders Shattered Legions squad.

Forged from the remains of multiple and diverse original Salamanders squads, the marines in this unit feature a variety of iconography (note the differing paint schemes for the helms for instance), armour marks, and equipment. Some are largely intact, some have a bolt pistol holster, but not pistol contained inside. Some have a few frag grenades, others are replete with extensive pouches. 

Most sport obvious battle scarring and damage. Several appear to have conducted field repairs to their armour on the move, incorporating a mixture of armour marks, and replacing parts from traitor legions. The most clear example of this is the brother with the Alpha Legion chaos back pack, but look closely for shoulder pads from other legions, and greaves too. This is all intentional and meant to reflect the harsh survival conditions that they have undergone in the Urgall Depression on Isstvan 5. 

The bases are done with a combination of various grades of sand, stones, and grit, coupled with cork, and an assortment of plastic pieces to give them a unified feeling. I've blackened parts of the 32mm bases to provide a war torn feeling which I think works well to offset their armour colours. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Painted Salamanders Legion Squad: 10/10

Finally today is the squad sergeant of my Salamanders Legion squad. This marine is armed with a bolter, bolt pistol, power fist, and melta bombs (which can be seen on his left hand leg) and a few accessories.

I decided to try a bodyline of battle damage diagonally across his torso and thigh - I think this has worked nicely and complements the highlighting across the armour elsewhere. The pose is a bit more dynamic than most of the rest of the Salamanders that I've painted up which adds to the model. The paint scheme is fairly standard otherwise, and includes a decal on the left leg to finish it all off.

So, that's the full squad. More Shattered Legions incoming in the days and weeks ahead!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Painted Salamanders Legion Squad: 9/10

The penultimate marine in the squad, featuring a long arial for communications, which can double as a Nuncio Vox if needed. Half tempting to turn it in to a Vexilla by adding some banner to the top of it to be honest, but I'll leave it as is.

The battle damage here is limited to the right hand knee and shin, with a few select other areas highlighted. The decal on the right hand shoulder is an officer rank, suggesting that he once held a solid rank, but is now out for pure rage-filled revenge against the traitors.

The base is cork, and has been painted with a black undercoat, highlighted, washed, and with some black stippling applied in selected places for relief.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Painted Salamanders Legion Squad: 8/10

Another day, another marine, this time in one of the older marks of power armour.

There's nothing too remarkable about this particular brother at first glance. Battle damage can be seen across both knees, and the upper chest. Dust is caking some of the left foot. The rights shoulder pad though is painted in silver. I think the narrative here is that this might be a replacement from the Iron Warriors that he defeated perhaps? Battlefield repairs and all.

Not many left to show you from this squad now. Numbers 9 and 10 coming soon, including the sergeant.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Painted Salamanders Legion Squad: 7/10

This miniature was the original one that I used to figure out the painting scheme for the Salamanders Legion on using Contrast Paints. The main difference here to the earlier images that I posted is the finishing and weathering applied.

Most obviously is the rusted areas that can be seen on the metal sheet beneath the feet of this marine, but also around the feet and shoes, and some of the shin plates. Highlighting has been employed all over to bring this marine in to line with the others and make sure that he looks like he fits in with the rest of the squad nicely. I'm calling this one done at this stage, even though I could probably work a bit more on him.

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