Monday, March 2, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Myrmidon Secutors

Priests of the mechanicum cult and a breed apart from the other magos, they are essentially a grouping of war-like mechanicum who pursue the art of destruction as a way in which to reveal mysteries of the Omnissiah. Quite rightly, they get access to some of the more destructive weapons available to the mechanicum and they are able to fire two ranged weapons in the same turn. To be clear: they are weapons platforms for the main part, but having a power axe certainly means they're also able to take on most armoured infantry in the game as well. Indeed, many of the ranged weapons really require a close range to function, and the Myrmidons are certainly able to bring them close as well. But given they cannot run or sweeping advance, we probably want them to focus on shooting and only think of the power axe as a back up.

Stat-wise, they have BS of 5 and a T of 5 meaning that they're going to be great at shooting and tough to bring down. Coupled with 2 W each and 3+ save (plus invulnerable) means they are also going to be hard to dislodge as well. Let's look at a couple of builds.

6 Myrmidons, all with two phased plasma fusils (465 points)
Okay - these mechanicum are very pricey. But given the plasma and given the sheer number of shots coupled with their ability to stick around, they're going to be taking out at least one squad per turn of marines - almost guaranteed. If anything, reduce the points by cutting back on the number of members.

3 Myrmidons, all with two graviton guns (210 points)
For all your graviton shenanigans!

5 Myrmidons, each with one volkite charger and one irad-cleanser (340 points)
I like this combination of weapons, but you might not. Perhaps irad-cleansers with plasma fusils might float your boat more?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Enginseer Auxilla

In the elites slot for the Legio Cybernetica, the Enginseer's role   is one of support. The interesting facet of them for me is that if accompanied by servo-automata, then they provide a bonus to their battlesmith rolls so long as they have servo as well. This can create an excellent rolling support mode for these units to provide other units with great boosts as required.

Here are a couple of builds that I'd think about using.

Enginseer, four servo-automata each with servo-arms (85 points)
This is the base line unit for excellent battlesmith rolls. Add in a further four automata and enginseer for fun?

Enginseer x 2, each with cortex controller and graviton guns (145 points)
A unit to provide extra cortex controllers as required, plus a bt of graviton action where its needed.

Enginseer with melta bombs, four servo-automata each armed with a multi melta (130 points)
A bit of a suicide squad to be honest. Don't expect too much here, its basically a threat that will be taken out very early - and hence preserve other elements of your force.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Magos Dominos

The first of the Legio Cybernetica Mechanicum faction is the principle, and indeed: only, HQ selection.  In terms of background, these characters are the masters of the sects and secrets from the Dark Age of Technology. Notably, the Magos can also be used as an HQ selection for the Ordo Reductor as well (rather than having to take Caleb Decima).

There are many ways in which we could build the Magos. Ultimately, it depends entirely on the kind of army that one wishes to play on the battlefield. Will you be using a wrecking, tank exploding maniac? Or how about a ranged marine killer? Or perhaps something a bit more close combat might be what you're after playing? In any case, the Magos comes with the Cybertheurgy special rule to boost battle automata, as well as cortex controllers (to ignore programmed behaviour), as well as basic equipment like a laspistol, power weapon and refractor field.

The first choice to make is whether one wants a regular Magos Dominus, or an Archmagos. The upgrade is a modest cost but can only be applied to one per army. I think it is totally worth the points for the bonus W, T and BS that it provides (as well as WS, and Ld to a lesser extent). From there, its a case of what role we want the magos to play. Hence, below are a selection of builds that might take your interests.

Archmagos, Mechanicum Protectiva, Conversion Beamer (135 points)
A very cheap shooting Magos that can reliably sit in the back field and take out heavier opponents. Arguably a Photon Thruster might be a nicer alternative.

Archmagos, Mechanicum Protectiva, Abeyant, melta bombs, photon gauntlet, servo arm, rad cleanser (180 points)
More of a close range Magos here, with the ability to take down marines from short range, as well as tanks with the melta bombs. Mobile as well - to keep up with the rest of the army.

Magos Reductor, Mechanicum Protectiva, Abeyant, rad grenades, 2 phosphex bombs, 2 breaching charges (150 points)
An alternative to Caleb Decima for your wrecking pleasure.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Truescale Termintors

In creating my new army, I have undertaken to make sure that each of my regular marines (perhaps with the exception of the scouts, since I'll have them in kneeling positions) are converted such that they are trusecale. I've wrote a couple of articles about how to achieve this end, including the conversion of terminator legs to create my custom version of Armillus Dynat, as well as regular space marine leg conversions

Such conversions raises problems for terminator scale models.

Not only will they seem too small, but its not really apparent how to solve the issue of making terminators truescale. Perhaps the first issue is that a number of other convertors have expanded the chest and torso of regular marines when they create truescale miniature conversions. Clearly, I've not bothered with this step for my miniatures. I think this is fine as it makes the marines look the correct height, and I'm not truly so fussed that their torsos are not Hulk like scales. But for terminators, they certainly need to look much more imposing than regular space marines.

My solution is therefore to increase the height of the terminators, without bothering bulking (or Hulking!) them up in the torso regime - which for resin based miniatures is very tough work. 

The ways I considered achieving the extra height included (i) slicing the thighs and using a pin to increase the height there; (ii) slicing the shins / lower legs and using pins there to increase the height; (iii) slicing at the ankles and increasing the height there; (iv) raising the torso significantly above the top of the legs when combining the two parts together.

In all of the slicing cases, it involves cutting through resin (which is tougher than plastics in some regards), and then the subsequent application of greenstuff to fill in the holes. For regular marines that I slice through the thighs (or near the hips), this is not an issue: the legs are circular and can readily be greenstuff'ed in with convincing effect. But for terminators, the greenstuff'ing stage would be much more hard since the legs of the terminators are not completely round in appearance. On this basis, I went for the fourth option in the end: creating an extra space between the torso and the legs. 

The image below shows the final model for the squad sergeant with the thunder hammer using this method, coupled with a bit of a dynamic pose due to a waist twist.

If you look closely around the waist, you'll see how much extra height can be gained with this method, without having to resort to tricky slice-and-greenstuff conversion work. For Tartaros terminators, the waist actually has an extra piece that is ordinarily hidden by the torso (which almost comes down to the belt when glued as it was intended). All I've done here is added a generous lump of greenstuff between the legs and torso to achieve this, plus a bit of superglue. A very minor amount of sculpting later, and the look is achieved. 

I've finished this particular miniature by drilling out the bolter muzzles, as well as adding some pouches to his left leg. I like the overall look of this guy, and he's certainly now got the correct height in comparison to the truescale marines I have (I'll post a height comparison photo at a later date). Time to rinse and repeat this method on the other Tartaros terminators I have. 
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