Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wargames Gallery: Lost and the Damned

A bit of a blast from the past today. I was flicking through my well-worn and well-loved copy of the old Realms of Chaos: The Lost and The Damned book today, searching for a bit of inspiration. In the full colour art section from 'Eavy Metal, I came across this scene. 

Its a large battle between the forces of Nurgle (with Bubonicus) and Tzeentch. Count the sheer number of greater daemons contained within the image -- its immense! Just the points value alone of this diorama is amazing to think of! What a daemonic battle it is!

And those colours as well! Bright and vivid, even for the more gribbly Nurgle forces -- check out those banners in particular! These days, its a lot more about realism and grim-dark influences. Its occasionally nice to see a genuinely different approach to painting like this -- even if it looks very dated. Plus the old Warhammer Fantasy scratch-build scenery is nice to witness as well.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Assembled Storm Eagle

With the May Day long weekend upon us, I have finally got around to completing the assembly stage of the Storm Eagle.

Long term readers will be conscious that it has taken me a long while to get this one done. This is because I encountered some non-negligible issues in the assembly of this model compared to most others I've ever tackled. The biggest one being that the edges really couldn't be persuaded to sit flush next to one another. 

I returned to the Storm Eagle this weekend after some time ignoring it (out of frustration). I knew that I had to patch up the gaps in the model and there were a number of options. Although pinning it closed in a corset fashion did cross my mind, I thought about using green stuff. But that really didn't appeal all that much after I discovered that I was running low on green stuff! Doh. So, I decided to opt for something that I haven't done in a very long time. I used tissue paper and a whole lot of super glue to patch over the gaps. 

Now, when the super glue hits the tissues, it can release some white vapour due to the chemical reactions taking place. I strongly urge readers to do this outside if you're going to go down this route. The chief advantage of this though is the ability to get a reasonable finish, coupled with the ability to use the old modelling knife to file down any "bumps" produced by the tissues. 

In the image below, you can see some of the tissue paper as the white colour near the cockpit. I think the patching job is reasonable, and once painted, its hardly going to be noticeable once I've applied some rusting and so forth the the edges anyway. Just the clear windscreen to get in place once everything's painted up. So, overall, I'm glad I've now got an assembled Storm Eagle, but I'm not keen to get a second one yet!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Which Legion is the Most Powerful?

Poll time ladies and gents!

In 40k, a recent poll of players unsurprisingly placed Eldar as the "most powerful" army out there, closely followed by Tau and then Space Marines and Necrons (for a variety of reasons, I would think). So I wanted to consider the 30k Space Marine Legions and their special rules and units here.

Which of the Legions do you think ranks as the most powerful?

Implicit in this question is the fact that the legions army lists are reasonably balanced in terms of points. So which legion possesses the most powerful special rules? Do the Iron Hands take it with their inviolate armour? Is the Night Lords predilection for causing fear driving everything before them? Clearly not the Salamanders, but do their terminators make the Salamanders the most powerful?

You can select multiple entries in the poll to the right. I've also included options for Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. Clearly we don't know their special rules yet, but feel free to guess or guesstimate where they would be on the scale of things relative to the other legions!

Comments welcome!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Deathstorm Drop Pod Basecoated

A bit of painting progress today, and the Deathstorm Drop Pod has received its inaugural base coat. The painting was done here using an air brush. Following a black undercoat, I decided to broadly follow the Alpha Legion formula that I worked out earlier and spray painted a layer of lead belcher and rune fang silver over the top of the black undercoat. For some of the regions I kept the layer light -- this can be seen at the top of the "fins" of the drop pod near the top where I haven't bothered with the gunmetal blue colour. 

Over the top of the silver layers comes the gunmetal blue from Vallejo. This only goes on the outside lower regions and the edges of the drop pod ramps. 

And that's broadly it for now. I'll be touching up the outline of the silver and blue on the interior in a future step and adding some embellishments to the painting at a later stage. But that's it broadly done at a basic level. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Warhammer World: Bugman's Bar

Linking off the main gaming room in Warhammer World, I sated my appetite at the world famous Bugman's Bar during my visit there a while ago. In Games Workshop's own words: "Named in honour of the greatest dwarfen brew-master, Josef Bugman, Bugman’s Bar offers dining and comfort areas to suit your needs for a filling lunch, quick snack or coffee and cake."

In the pictures below, I hope I communicate the scale of the room. Its bigger than I expected -- much bigger to be honest. And plenty busy too with both staff members and the general public all appearing to use it equally. 

In some ways, it reminded me of a modern chain pub with reasonable quality food on offer as well as regular drinks. I've snapped the dessert menu in the images below as well as the menu on the Warhammer World web site already details the mains available. (NB: menu correct at time of photography, they might well have changed it by now!). I liked the cute little blurb about the meals as well as the names for each of them. For the record, I had the banoffee waffles for afters, otherwise known as the Ostland Outriders Grillcake. 

Beyond this, there's some limited merchandise to purchase here as well (stubbies and the like), and there's stained glass effect windows, plus big chairs and fires for one's inner dwarf to relax to. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Titan Interior Painting

Despite being a bit ill recently (just a bad cold, so don't worry!), I managed to get in some painting alongside my daughter and got some of the interior of my Titan done.

For the interior, I wanted a colour-blindness palette of greens and reds. The logic here is that I wanted the screens to be emitting in an eerie green VDU (= Visual Display Unit) green colour of yester-year, alongside some red cylinders / tanks. Meanwhile on the HUDs for the gunners and the main pilots, I wanted something a bit crisper -- even reminiscent of the early Star Wars films on the Millennium Falcon. Hence a red background with a targeting display using whites. Most of the walls are going to be dark black, whereas some of the more luxurious elements will be leather green (like the house of commons seats in the UK or something like that). 

Here's the images. Comments welcome. My next job is to start to pin these sections together to make the main body of the Titan and then it'll really start to come together quickly after that I feel.


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