Monday, February 24, 2020

Ten Days of Raven Guard: 3

Day 3; Raven Guard Legionary Number 3!
This one has a targetter array in the eye, a resin Raven Guard shoulder pad, various grenades and pouches at the hips, and a combat blade at the base of the spine. Nothing too special here, but time and care, plus a drilled out bolt gun makes for a composed miniature fitting for my Shattered Legion force.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Ten Days of Raven Guard: 2

Day 2 of my new Raven Guard squad. This particular marine is clad is Mk 4 armour all over. I've drilled out the barrel of the bolt gun and added a resin Raven Guard shoulder pad. Accessories are included on the hips, and there is a combat blade on the base of his spine.
The base features cork which will be painted up accordingly later. Although there's nothing particularly special about this one, I do like the pose -- fluid like a Raven Guard should be.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

More Raven Guard in the Works (Day 1 of Ten Days of Raven Guard)

The Shattered Legion grows! Albeit one miniature at a time. This is Day 1 of my Ten Days of Raven Guard.

This particular example sports a combination of parts from at least three different space marine boxed sets -- the modern 40k box, the 30k mk4 boxed set, as well as the kneeling devastator set. The shoulder pad is resin from Forge World. This marine adds to the growing complement of Raven Guard for the shattered legion force that I'm growing right now. I'll post more on this particular squad soon enough!

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Games Workshop Edinburgh (Warhammer)

Today, a small review of the Warhammer store in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK). I was visited the city for business, and it was the first time I have been there in over a decade or more. For a city as old as Edinburgh, the layout doesn't change that much at all: I well-remember the steep climb of the steps opposite the railway station up to the main shopping level in the city for instance - that, I don't think, will ever change. 

The Warhammer store in the city is physically located High Street, which is south of the main railway station (Edinburgh Waverley) and along the well-trodden route between Edinburgh Castle, and Holyrood. As such, it is a premium city centre location with high footfall in a busy part of the city centre with excellent pedestrian access and immediate convenience to railways and bus lines that run through the place. 

The store itself is of small to moderate size. It is by no means the smallest that I've ever witnessed, but certainly not the size of a bunker. More like fractionally above the small size. Sadly, the store was closed when I visited since it was early morning and my work in the city didn't begin until the store opened (drat!). However, I was able to see inside very readily from the window and the interior had some nice gaming tables on display. 

The picture below shows one of the dioramas in the window of the store, with apologies for some of the reflection. 

I liked this one of the Blood Angels battling away the Nurglesque army facing off against them. Good use of some of the relatively newer miniature ranges and boxed sets to be honest!

In summary, one of the best locations for a Games Workshop / Warhammer store in a city that I've been to lately, but just sorry that I couldn't visit the store when it was open to experience the (what I have come to expect would be) warm hospitality.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Iron Handed

Okay, its been a while. All I can say is that things have been manic professionally for a bit - but thanks to those of you who have messaged me, etc. 

Today a little bit of a reveal of some of the things we have been working on. This one is manifestly an Iron Hands space marine, featuring bits from the space marine classic range, combined with forge world resin parts to create a half-way house space marine. 

The only real bit of work I've added to this parts blend is to ensure that the bolt gun barrel has been drilled out a bit. Add in the cork base and a side arm holster, and we have a completed Iron Hands miniature that is screaming 30k! By now I'm sure its also obvious that my 2020 army is a bit of a Shattered Legions affair. More on the thoughts behind that at a later date though. I need to get cracking on more of them.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Salamanders Contemptor Mortis

For my first post of this year, I wanted to show off my most recent build: a contemptor mortis pattern dreadnought from the Salamanders legion. It totes a pair of multi-meltas for what I trust are very obvious reasons considering which legion this dreadnought belongs to. The build was straight forward, but I did have a bit of green stuff filling to do on the top of the thighs for each leg -- the resin had not flowed well at all in to those locations. The base features some plastic from the shadow sword (bane blade) kit, along with a series of cork pieces that will eventually be complemented with some finer grit on top to finish the look. 

The pose that I was going for here was one of the mortis pacing forward confidently from a previously hidden (or maybe even crouched over) position -- perhaps he has just emerged from cover to exact a toll of molten slag from his traitorous cousins. Overall, I'm pleased with this one, and it will certainly complement the new army that I have in progress.

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