Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Alpha Legion Termite Painting Update

Two pictures today on the painting progress of the Alpha Legion termite that I have been working on in the background for a while now. 

The images below show two views of the termite (balanced on different vertices). Both of them cover an access point to the termite that I wanted to show off. The first is in the "open" position, the second is in the "closed" position, just for variation. The doors themselves can be positioned in either depending on your whim. I personally just wanted one open for my own nefarious means (plus I didn't want to be painting the interior too extensively -- I wanted it darkened and muted). 

The painting scheme follows my standard approach for the Alpha Legion colours - a very dark metallic blue over much of the surface complemented by some amounts of silver here and there and some green tinges. The photographs look like they've picked up a bit too much green on the upper layer though, which is something that I will work to correct a little bit when I revisit this.  

I like the positioning of the decals that I've managed to put on this one. In particular the "XX" Roman Numeral for the Alpha Legion being split apart as the hatch opens to the interior in the lower picture is one of my favourites. 

However, I will say that this is clearly a work in progress. I have done a bit of weathering on the metal surfaces, but this needs a lot more attention yet. As can also be seen, the deployed bolters also merit a lot more work yet. That said, the basis is there and it is more than tabletop ready!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Leg Filling

Feeling a bit like a dentist must, I decided that the best way to solve the resin cavity (forgive the term - it is accurate) in the leg of my Reaver was to undertake a filling.

To do this, I made sure that I firstly had drilled a deep enough hole in the cavity to host a brass rod firmly in position. After gluing the brass rod in to the cavity, I proceeded to fill around it with green stuff mixed with a touch of grittier milliput. With that dry, I went over the top of the hemisphere of where the cavity has been and covered it over with liquid green stuff to make the hemisphere whole again.

The job complete, its now time to let it dry before welding it in to place on the other leg. In the image, the first leg can be seen in the background. I have adopted a striding stance for this titan as I wanted it do be dynamic. Having fitted the plates, I'm happy that this stance will work nicely despite the obvious angle. Still plenty of work to go in this titan yet...

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Titan Naming Rites

Naming a Titan is tough. Really tough.

Having invested the time (and obviously the money) in to a titan, there is a strong desire to get the name "correct" (whatever "correct" means). It is as much a stumbling block as naming a new born in some respects. The name will have to last, be authentic, and take stock of their surroundings.

Little point then in calling a titan "Fluff Monster Cuddles the Second". It just doesn't meet the requirements. [With apologies to my daughter].

So: what to call my new Reaver then?

Well, this Reaver is going to belong to Legio Perennia, just like the Warhound does. I want a maniple, and therefore I don't want a titan of a different Legio for the Reaver. Whilst this will ultimately shape the painting scheme, it doesn't help with the name.

I therefore went back to my thought process on naming the Warhound. Legio Perennia is a largely undefined Legio. Its origins are in the sneakiness of the Alpha Legion stealing the titans away from the Imperium during transportation. They could be on either side of the Heresy realistically. Hence, I wanted something with a hidden meaning, or a shadowed purpose.

The Warhound was called Novacula Occulta -- the Hidden Razor.

For this Reaver, I am going with Harmonia Tacita. This roughly translates as the silent harmony, or the secret harmony (depending on one's Latin inclinations ... I deliberately went for Tacita rather than Tacet here to emphasise the latter translation; the route of the verb - Taceo - is the same though). I think this suits the purpose as it gives the double edged meaning to the name, as well as some room for interpretation, and a quantum of dread about it.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Reaver Legs

Some construction work on the legs of the Reaver Titan from Forge World today. The basic assembly for the thighs and calves is done - the fiddly bits remain to be achieved. In short, I do not want this titan to be looking static. I favour a more dynamic pose, but need to play this off against the necessary practicalities of transportation dimensions and ensuring that the titan balances. Hence, I want to have both feet on the ground realistically, despite my inner urge to try something one-footed and mid-run or mid-stride. 

To ensure that the titan is solidly and robustly constructed, I am going to pin a number of the major components together. The first image shows the holes that I made for a brass rod to be inserted in one of the chunkier leg pieces. 

Also notice here the scoring that I have done around the drill hole. This scoring is to ensure that the glue bonds better to the parts and is a technique that I have used for decades to rough parts up to make them come together better. 

Below is the basic thighs and lower leg components all assembled and awaiting connection to the hips and feet (plus toes). I need to do some dry fitting before proceeding too much more to ensure that I can get the post that I want. 

However, one issue has already reared its ugly head for me. The next image shows an excessively thin bit of resin that was removed along with the gate when I was chopping it from the sprue. As can be seen, the resin has not been cast solidly enough, but instead contains a large bubble inside the hemisphere (the other leg has no such issue and is solid throughout). 

I am a bit disappointed by the quality here. However, I think this might not be too much of a big issue since this hemisphere will ultimately connect with the foot. I plan on filling out the large bubble with some milliput or greenstuff, and adding a long brass rod to ensure a high quality connection to the foot (I was going to insert a brass rod regardless for stability purposes). All that said, it is still annoying to find these kinds of hidden problems (defects?). 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Reaver Unboxing

This is the first in a series of posts about the building of a Reaver Titan from Forge World.

As with all such projects, the starting point is unpacking the box and checking everything out. If you have never seen a Reaver titan before it is constructed, and ever wondered what it looks like straight out of the box, then this is it. Below, I have scattered all the components on to my table to inspect. Large and small, delicate and robust, these are the entire contents of the Reaver box freshly delivered; no trimming or anything else has been done at this stage. I'm merely inspecting the parts to make sure that they are all present and correct.

Speaking of the box, I guess not many people get to see what that looks like either, so here it is below.

More on this project soon!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


The Fabricator General has decreed that your army may deploy the might of a
Reaver Titan.

Tremble foes of man for the might of the Omnissiah is upon you.

Thought for the day.
A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy.

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