Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Heldrake Base Colours

I am currently in the process of painting up a Heldrake for a friend. The colour scheme for this one is green, with lighter edging. Not too dissimilar to the efforts that I put in to the Warhound Titan that I am currently finishing off to be honest.

The image shows where I'm up to. The base colours are now all in place. Following a black undercoat, a silver airbrush layer was applied to ensure a certain shine on the model, followed by a couple of thinned down layers of green. Reikland Flesh edging was then applied to offset this green colour nicely, and is slightly Nurgle suggestive in parts.

The model is not yet finished. It is simply to a "table top standard" at this stage (which is to say more than the usual 3 colours minimum that is specified by some tournaments). I'd like to do some shading next, but the model is needed for play soon, so I'm pausing at this point and will continue with this one later in the year. 

One of the problems faced here though was the sheer spikeyness of the model! I like to hold the model in my offhand whilst painting. Yes: I know I could do other wise and use the stand, but its just the way I like to undertake things. But oh my! - my offhand feels very prickled right now! I'm going to bed to heal up and hope that I don't get a Nurgly infection!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sgt. Alpharius Accepts

Sgt. Alpharius accepts your challenge, Eldar!
(which were almost my exact words to the local Eldar player for this week's round…).

And, as everyone knows, a more completely painted miniature has a much better probability of surviving a battle. Which is why I've spend some time on this marine (and others) painting on some battle damage (partially complete - please note!), eyeballs, and a small heap of other detail such as the decals. Enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Perennia Knight Basecoat

Proceeding today with the base colours for my Imperial Knight (an interesting allied option for my Alpha Legion forces, I thought!), I wanted a colour scheme that would somehow resonate with them. Then I recalled that I had started a green colour scheme for my Warhound Titan. Everything clicked in to place and I decided that the Knight would be from the same Forge World as the Titan -- Perennia. 

The undercoat here is black, airbrushed on. This was followed by two silvers (gunmetal and rune fang) airbrushed in to position. On top of this, I have applied three coats of (very) watered down zinc green from Vallejo airbrush range. The idea is to build up the colour in a layer of glaze, not unlike the shiny colours one often sees associated with Alpha Legion or Thousand Sons (or even a beast like a Scorpion of Khorne). 

I'm pleased with the metallic green effect and will proceed on to the edging soon enough!

Friday, July 22, 2016

More Decals

I'm really getting in to the swing of using both the Forge World decals and micro-sol to use them. The image below shows some advances on the previous decal post with Alpha Legion hydras shown on the left shoulder pad of a squad sergeant. This is neat in and of itself: the decal sheet contains both orientations of the common shoulder pad decals, so it can readily be applied to the left or right shoulder pads, as desired. For the Alpha Legion, this is doubly good -- why should they follow pseudo-codex regulations when all they want to do is deceive and confuse their opponents!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Legiones Astartes Quad Launcher Support Battery

As the Horus Heresy wore on, the once proud and unified space marine legions became more fractured and less well resourced over time. This lead to necessity being the mother of invention. Disposable weapons that were effective such as the rapiers became more common in the fractured forces and their effect on the battle field commensurate with their implementation.

The ability to take a variety of ammunition types is the real strength here. However, note that ammunition types are strictly upgrades. Hence you pay more for anything other than the basic frag shells.

Frag shells themselves are nice and can apply long range pressure at a modest strength. Beyond them, the shatter shells are nicely high strength with sunder; the incendiary shells deal with cover nicely; but the real reason to take them is for the phosphex if you have a siege master along for the ride. These can cause real damage.

The splinter shells are expensive and have poor rules. I don't know why one would take them over frag shells, even if you get rending.

More than that, the rapiers are also taking up an elites slot here. And that slot is highly competitive. Even for smaller raiding builds that are meant to be fluffy.

3 rapiers with phosphex (240 points).
Some serious damage is possible here and it has a much wider area of effect than other phosphex launchers in the game. Deadly in the right situation.

3 rapiers with shatter shells (210 points).
I just like the high strength here to be honest!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eleventh Legion Tease?

In preparing some Horus Heresy Reviews, I was flicking through my copy of Retribution and found something that may merit wider discussion. I want to draw your attention to pages 94 and 95 of Retribution today. The reason for this is that I feel we're being teased about the origins (or fate) of the Eleventh Legion. 

Here's the two pictures in question.

The first image shows a Storm Eagle belonging to the Dark Brotherhood. I want you to look closely at the iconography on the door. Just below the icon in Roman Numerals is "XI". i.e. 11. To the right of that is an Omega. A possible interpretation is that the Dark Brotherhood (or their leader: Nemean -- a Blackshield, and agent of Malcador) is (are) the last survivor(s) of the 11th.

The text of the second image reads:
"Legion Storm Eagle of the Dark Brotherhood. This vessel was used by the Blackshield leader called the Nemean at the Conclave of Optera, and bears heraldry and adornment unique to him and which hint at his origins. The text on the vessel's flanks appear to reference several battles of the Third Rangdan Xenocide, a campaign of apocalyptic proportions prosecuted by the 1st Legion and its allies across vast swathes of the galactic north-west."

So, are we being teased here? Is the Nemean some kind of remnant of the 11th legion? Or was he once part of the Dark Angels as his entry later in Retribution hints at?

[A link back to this blog would be appreciated if you discuss this elsewhere please folks. I'd certainly like to see what others think, regardless of whether its here or elsewhere.]


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