Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Shroud of Night - Review

I had read that there was a new book out about the Alpha Legion, but in 40k, rather than 30k. I was curious enough about it (and had heard some good things about it) that I wanted to get hold of it. Hence, when I was in the city and popped in to the Games Workshop store to pick up a copy: Shroud of Night (Andy Clark).

There's a lot going on in this book - in terms of lore, in terms of plot advancement for 40k, and perhaps answering a few questions about one of my favourite legions from 30k: the Alphas. 

Firstly, I must admit that I really liked the characterisation of the 40k Alpha Legion. As with my own prejudices, these Alphas have not fallen to, or committed themselves, to Chaos. In many ways, they are "pure" - or at least free from corruption to begin with. In some ways, they reminded me of the Soul Drinkers series of books - a chapter that was freed from the Imperium, but still doing the "right thing" ... sort of. Except this time, they were totally working for themselves. 

Finding themselves marooned on a world where they'd killed most others, the Unsung (as this Alpha Legion Harrow calls itself) finds a way off by agreeing to undertake a mission for the Emperor's Children (who seem to continuously think they're the best, but seem to get outwitted mostly ... except for a potential twist at the end).

The story focuses on the Alphas taking out a plot maguffin (I don't want to spoil it) for the glory of the Emperor's Children. To do so, they need to enter a war zone and get there before a large contingent of World Eaters get to the self-same plot maguffin. Opposing them are the Imperium -- they're fighting on an Imperial world behind the new Warp incursion in 40k which is a lynchpin for the local segmentum. 

Along the way, the Alphas fight to not become corrupted -- some of their number really want to accept the "rewards" of chaos they have felt they have earned; there's a daemon sword that's also trying to corrupt them. Most are strong enough to resist, others are not. Some want a different way to fight. Others want to just go their own way. 

We see the Alphas fight, but not as they did in 30k. They have a lack of resources, and are forced to have to be very inventive along the way. I really liked this evolution and characterisation of desperation. I genuinely hope that they will release another book on the Unsung as I'd certainly buy it. Its one of the better publications recently in my mind.

The negatives were probably the appearance of a certain Imperial Saint. I get they she might be there, but its just a little bit on the implausible side for me. The appearance of Kharn the Betrayer was also a surprise. I don't know why the World Eaters with some semblance of sanity still tolerate him being around. No wonder he almost fights on his own (with daemons). That said, all blood is welcome I guess. I had less problems with Kharn than I did with the Saint. 

Other than that, a great read overall!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Salted Mechanicus

I began a salting project for my Mechanicus Scenery a while ago and have progressed significantly with it offline. Today is therefore an update on this (rather large) project. 

I commenced the project by applying salt to random parts of my terrain in clumps and lumps all over the place. This was done by simply using water and salt (the water acting as a weak glue) over the base coat. The base coat here is black. However, I have used some silver spray paint to go over the black to provide a bit of a random look to the base coat in many places. This approach was deliberate in order to get a varied look from the salting technique at the end of the day.

The next step that I undertook was to grab my air gun and spray paint the Mechanicus terrain with green paint, followed by various highlights in grubby orange colours. The first image shows the result of this step.

The globs of salt can clearly be seen still stuck to the terrain at this point (check out the left hand panel of the railing in the image above in particular - but also the other two panels of the same railing and a few other bits that can also be seen in the image. 

To proceed, I took a strong toothbrush (and at one point, a needle) and started to chip away the salt that I'd scattered over the terrain. The purpose of this is to get rid of some of the sprayed on green and orange paint to reveal the black and silver base coat beneath. The next image shows what the terrain looks like after removing the salt.

With the salt off, the specks of black and silver start to show through. Its like the green paint (or decay?) has been chipped away to reveal some fresher metal beneath. Of course, we could have inverted this process by having something brown and rusted looked at the base coat layer -- chipping away the paint in this manner would reveal the brown rust layer beneath. That's also perfectly valid. Here I have simply chosen to do it this way to reveal the original metal beneath -- it still looks solid, but the terrain looks like it has been weathered, worn, and not seen too much attention recently, which was the look I was after.

Already at this stage, the chips showing through look realistic. However, I wanted to further enhance the look of the chips. I did this by carefully applying an edge of lighter green and in some places black to the outskirts of the chipped paint. The result of this is below.

Overall this communicates a terrain piece that has been neglected for a long while and could do with a new lick of paint. As if that is going to happen in the underparts of some patulous hive city. 

There is still plenty of work to do on this terrain though. I want to pick out some of the cables (I started with a red on that connects the underside of the middle and right panel of the rail here) and get to work on splotching some muted yellows around the place to give it a muckier and more industrial look. So although the main work of the salting is now complete, there is plenty left to do with this project yet. 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Full Lernaean Terminator Squad

I have finally completed assembling the full Lernaean Terminator Squad for the Alpha Legion. As readers will be aware, I bought a sixth body and extra parts to make best use of the left over bits from the kit (namely using the conversion beamer on one of the legionaries). Hence this squad is six and not five complete members. They are based on a mixture of parts that I had lying around that include the older style Imperial Ruins and Mechanicus terrain coupled with small rocks, cork and other assortments. Overall, I'm happy with the squad and now need to mix up a new batch of Alpha Legion air gun colour to use!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Lernaean Harrower with Power Fist

Having purchased an extra body for use with my Alpha Legion Lernaean terminator squad, I set about thinking what I wanted to do with it. The main goal was to use all the bits in the terminator squad, hence having the volkite right arm was a given for this model since the conversion beamer was used on another Lernaean

Looking through my (now several years old) review of the Lernaean squad, nothing particularly sprang out. Hence I decided to choose the tried and trusted power fist option! Although I might magnetise this as a chain fist later, the power fist is an ideal choice to kit out the Harrower with amongst all the other power axes. It gives the squad a little bit of extra kick in close combat and poses a threat to lighter vehicles. 

In addition to the power fist, I also ordered a couple of more bits: the extra shoulder pad (resin) being the most obvious, but also a plastic bare head. I liked this head since it is shaved. I might attempt an Alpha Legion tattoo on it in the style of Dynat when I paint it perhaps. Not too sure about that just yet. Moreover, this represents a slight move away from my nearly entirely "all helmeted" force thus far, and a nice change. As can be seen in the image below, I have also used one of the plastic decorative bases to go along with this Harrower.

The only issue I have with this conversion is that the leather bits on the upper edge of the power fist are different to the Alpha Legion parts. Explicitly, there appears to be metallic triangles that terminate the legion parts, whilst the plastic component doesn't have them. To be honest, I'm not so bothered about this since when painted up no one is particularly going to notice. Except for me, obviously!

Overall I really like the way that this conversion has come out - doubly so for the left handed power fist that is pointing along the line of sight that the head is looking in. Seems befitting for a Harrower to be orchestrating the battle to my eyes. 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Conversion Beamer Lernaean Terminator

Its been a little while due to holidays, but getting back in to the swing of things now. This post is a quick update on the Lernaeans that I got when they were released a month or more ago now. One of the major choices surrounding this unit is whether to assemble them using the included conversion beamer. I know a lot of people will immediately say a big fat "no" to this idea. And to be candid, so did I initially.

However, I did want to see how it looked. Plus I actually wanted to have at least one miniature looking like the canonical Lernaean depicted in the literature and on Forge World's site. For the boxed set though, this means that there will always be left over parts unless I magnetize the parts. Having fiddled around with the arms, I decided against magnets here. Hence I decided to try to hunt down a spare body (etc.) for the remaining volkite arm and stumbled across Egg Head Miniatures in the UK. I snapped up the extra body (plus other bits to make up a sixth terminator) and used it here so that I would not have any bits left unused. Now, I know my readers will say why didn't I just use the conversion beamer on a master of the forge, or similar. And you would be right - it is a more logical and tactical choice. I come back again to the fluff side of things. I'm assembling this Lernaean this was because it is cool looking and canonical. 

Here, I have mounted the terminator on to one of the spare parts from a manufactorum kit I had lying around and decorated it with stones and cork to finish the effect. The terminator is looking down the barrel of the conversion beamer, lining up his next shot. The axe meanwhile is gripped near the top giving the miniature a dynamic pose and synchronising with the stride that he is taking. Overall, a pleasing build to make and a model that I am certainly happy to have in my collection. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Wargames Gallery: Salamanders vs Alpha Legion

In position through infiltration, the Alpha Legion assaults from behind cover in to the Salamanders hoping to catch them off-guard in an early spear-tip manoeuvre.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Here at Warpstone Flux, we are supporting the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. For the duration of the raffle, there will be a banner on the right hand side sidebar to click on and enter the raffle. 

The reasons that we are supporting this are multifold, but they are supporting charities that we personally believe in and have had a positive, and personal, opinion of. 

The charity raffles are now open, and will remain open until 2nd September. There are plenty of high quality prizes for these raffles, including, but not limited to a Warlord Titan, a 30k Iron Warriors complete army, and a 30k World Eaters complete army ... plus plenty more besides (these are simply the ones that drew my eyes immediately!). Check out the link and have a look at the awesome paint jobs -- they are certainly inspiring!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Alpharius - Finished Model

I finished painting all of the parts and have now pinned and glued them all together. I am delighted by the final result and aesthetic!

The first picture is a front view of the completed model. I am very pleased with the blue to green gradients that I have achieved in the panels of the armour, as well as some of the extreme highlights on the silver parts of the armour.

The second one is a rear view, giving a sense of what I've achieved with the cape. Even though it is not painted with metallic paint, there is a good hint of light and shade on the cape that is reinforced with the stencilling on both the rear and the side facing Alpharius. 

A little nod to the internal Alpha Legion civil war can be seen in the base, especially with the Omega symbol on the decal of the doomed space marine legionary on the ground. 

Total project time was probably about 12 hours, spread over a couple of weeks.

I am going to leave it there for today and let readers just look at the pictures instead of typing too much more. I will aim to take a few more pictures in the coming days under better light and with scenery to show off the model in different compositions. Until then, enjoy! Questions and comments welcome.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Alpharius Shoulders

The upper shoulder pads are done! The approach here was to have a little experiment with how I am going to attempt the main body and legs of the model. The undercoat is black to provide dark recesses, followed by a base colour of alpha legion blue that I mixed up a little while ago. 

I then applied some subtle layers and inks of blues and greens to give the shoulders and scales a little bit of a gradient. This is tough to pull off since blue and green are a pair of colours that don't exactly complement each other well. However, I think the blend that I have done here is fine. The scales have been picked out with scorpion green on the top.

The silver around the edges is done with iron breaker followed by an inking of Nuln Oil. The highlights are done with rune fang silver followed by extreme highlighting with white. 

However, once I have glued the shoulders in place on the main model, I will return to the extreme highlighting to ensure that the glints are in the correct places. That is hard to do right now with the pieces off the model. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Pale Spear Painting

For Alpharius' pale spear, I wanted to at least to try to communicate some of the alien origin of this ghastly weapon. As with most hobbyists, my interpretation of the Pale Spear is that it is Necron in origin. Goodness knows how Alpharius got hold of such a relic, but I guess that's a part of his charm.

Starting with a black undercoat, I sprayed some silver on the the spear to use as a reference point for the azimuthal light. However. Unlike for Alpharius' body, I was not very happy with this approach and thought about using something else. Initially, I wanted to paint the blades of the spear in the same manner as a power weapon. Perhaps blues and lightning dancing across the surface. I abandoned this idea early on as I had labelled it as too Imperial looking. 

Instead, I wanted to try my hand at something a bit different. I elected to give non-metallic metals a whirl. Now, I will be the first to confess that I'm not usually very good with this approach. I am much more comfy with flaming swords or electricity dancing across their surfaces. Hence it represented a bit of a challenge for me. All good!

The image below shows the result.

For the non-metallic metal approach, I have wet blended black to white (through grey) on both sides of tips of the spear. However: the blending is inversed for each side and a delimited of white applied between them. The overall approach is sound, although I think I might re-do this on a different day (with a lower temperature) to get a slightly better result. 

The shaft of the spear meanwhile has been picked out in a mahogany and maroon colour around the grip, with a weathered silver approach for the central parts. The hands of Alpharius follow the colour scheme established on his main body.

Its getting closer to the time to glue all the parts together...!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Master Crafted Plasma Blaster for Alpharius

When I started to look at the accessories that Alpharius carries around with him, his main side arm was a master crafted plasma blaster. This was one of those cases that I did not know initially how I wanted to go about tackling. I thought about several permutations such as having a silvered weapon with some red or blue plasma coils. Or how about even brass plasma coils from them being inactivated? 

However, for me, the Master Crafted aspect of the weapon was what swung the colour scheme eventually. Not only is the sculpt of the plasma blaster notable for an upgraded gun handle, but it also comes with some exquisite detail across all of the weapon. I opted for a golden colour scheme for the main part of the weapon itself. This was to reinforce the master crafted aspect of the gun (and potentially remind me on the table top of this). For the plasma coils, I wanted them heated and ready to go. The choices were between red, green, and blue for me. However, since I am opting to have a heavy weapon plasma cannon squad use green plasma, I wanted to coordinate. Hence green was the go-to colour for me here. The end result is below. 

In some ways, it is sad that this side arm is so small! When glued on to Alpharius' thigh, it will be partially hidden. All that glorious highlighting that I've spent so long doing will be hidden. However, that's life. And I wouldn't forgive myself for not doing it on a model as expensive as a Primarch. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Alpharius Cape

One of the bigger components that I've left as a distinct painting section for Alpharius is his cape. Forge World have painted this in a simple manner for their website and display purposes. However, I wanted to do something a little bit orthogonal to this. I have therefore decided to follow the camouflage paint scheme that my scouts have on their cloaks.

The effect is achieved using an airbrush over a stencil from Anarchy. Another example of this approach can be found on my Warhound titan. Here, I have placed the stencil in a number of locations and used a lighter shade of cream, as well as black for making the hexagons. I have applied a further edging to the hexagons in a number of places to suggest the mutability of the cloak's properties. There is still some touching up left to do on the cloak, but otherwise, this is approaching how the cape will look when finally glued in to place.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Alpharius Base

The weather has not been conducive to painting recently (far too warm where I conduct my work basically). However, I have made significant progress with Alpharius' base. The image below shows how it is working out so far.

The base has been painted in a brown base coat and then inked with a darker brown/black mixture, followed by highlighting in almost a creamier version of the brown colour to give it the appropriate texture. 

Meanwhile, the space marine legionary on the base has had their basecoat applied in the same Alpha Legion colours as his master, with silver accents. 

Both the base and the marine still need plenty of work, but it is starting to come together nicely and actually looking like everything slots together well visually. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Alpharius Base Coat

The base coat is now down on Alpharius. 

The painting follows my mixing up of a new batch of Alpha Legion colours to use specifically with the model (and with a Leviathan), and broadly matches my previous methods with this Legion. Some key differences to line troopers here are that I bothered to use a quantum of azimuthal silver to ensure that the top-down viewpoint might plausibly be a little bit more shiny and sparkly than a bottom-up one. 

To get the paint laying evenly on the surface of the model, I used an airbrush and made even strokes across the model with the gunmetal blue colour. I finished up by adding a hint of green in to my airbrush mixture and targeting the lower parts of the scaled panels of the model.

I followed this up by outlining where I wanted the silver on the model for the panel edging. This was done with a mixture of leadbelcher along with runefang silver in moderation. 

This is the undercoat completed for Alpharius. Clearly there is still a whole lot of work left to do. However, I am already pleased with the aesthetic that is coming across with this model. The scales can be seen clearly reflecting the lights in my house due to the silvered-blue nature of the model. 

The only other thing to mention is that I have glued the head in to position as well. I did this using the model temporarily tacked on to the base to get the tilt where I wanted it. Not entirely looking downwards at the unfortunate marine below him, nor ignoring him. Just the right amount of martial contempt, I think. And multi-tasking. I imagine Alpharius speaking orders in to his comm unit whilst dispatching the marine below him, almost absent-mindedly. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

A New Batch of Alpha Legion Colour, and a Leviathan

In preparation for painting Alpharius, I needed to make some more of my home-brew Alpha Legion colours.

In some of my previous work, I have experimented with different types of Alpha Legion colours. Some are very blue. Almost light blue. Others are darker, more sombre. Most are metallic, or metallic based rather than non-metal metals. Some have hints of green. Some a dash of purple. Yet in the main part, I have stuck with having metallic blue as my desired colour, and a darker tone of it at that.

In the image below, I have made up a new batch of my Alpha Legion blue colours. Using an airbrush, I have applied a mixture of various metals (rune fang silver mostly) with Vallejo (blue gun metal) and various dashes of citadel greens and blues for different layers and effects.

To be clear - the Leviathan contains several different layers. This starts with a black undercoat followed by an azimuthal application of silver from above. I follow this up with a metallic blue mixture based on the Vallejo gunmetal blue, and then proceed to add a dash of green tint to achieve the final layer's effect. 

Overall, I am happy with this mixture and will be using it as the basis for Alpharius' armour. Given the level of detail with the scales in his armour, I will also be doing a few other steps including highlighting in green, as well as a differential gradient from blue to green across some of the panels. Or at least, that is the plan at present. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Slow Progress

Some slow progress with Alpharius, but progress nonetheless.

The undercoat is now done on all the sub-assemblies. It took some time to decide what sub-assemblies to go with, but I am happy with the choices that I have made thus far. The image shows the undercoat on all of the sub-assemblies that I will be using for this project. 

Of course, some of these choices are obvious. The cape would be un-paintable if I were to attach it right now. The spear would just get in the way completely of the torso. I decided to keep the tabard, grenades, and the side-arm seperate as well. They can be glued on later. Perhaps the toughest choice was leaving the upper shoulder pads as distinct items to paint. It would have been easy to glue them on immediately, but I think I have made the correct choice here as this way I get to paint the visible upper plate of the under-shoulder-pads before attaching them. 

More on Alpharius soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Alpharius Body Assembly

A relatively short update today. This is the body of Alpharius, assembled to the point of having the arms attached and the backpack on. The assembly was relatively pain free, although the arms do have their tabs where they attach to the main shoulders of the body, which required a little bit of knife work to flatten them out flush with the body. 

I am leaving the cape off (right hand side) as I want to paint it as a separate unit. I will dry fit the head before painting the body as well as I want the head angled so that it works both in the scenic display piece, and as a stand-alone miniature facing off other miniatures on the battlefield.

Other than that, I have located a few air bubbles which I have fixed up with some liquid green stuff (see the extreme left hand edge of the cape for instance). 

Alpharius is now ready for undercoating.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

All Your Bases Are Belong To

Alpharius' base is fairly unique amongst the Primarchs. Plenty of the show dead bodies, and the results of their actions. Some are static and show staircases, or in the case of Dorn viewing a battlefield stoically. For Alpharius, he is in the midst of dispatching an unlucky foe (unlucky, because I'm assuming that he didn't see Alpharius coming. If he did, and charged, then he was going to be outgunned as a bolt pistol was probably never going to do the trick ... the bolt pistol lies on the ground next to this marine).

The first image (above) shows how the scenic base all slots together. It too me a little while to figure this out as I was rotating the smaller base around to see which rocks were supposed to slot in to each other. I thought I had it right, but there was a gap at one point in the circumference. 

Slightly perplexed, I decided to instead dry fit the unfortunate marine to the base. The knee of the marine turns out to occupy the slight gap in the circumference and fill in the scenic base. I hope this tip helps someone out! Regardless, the correct orientation can be seen above. 

For the marine on the floor, my original thought was to make this guy in to another Alpha Legion marine. I was going to do this by swapping shoulder pads, or perhaps a different helmet. The sculpt of this marine meant that this would be tough to do. Both the shoulder pads and the head are sculpted together with other parts. Hence, I have opted here to keep the original sculpt intact as it simply makes more sense that way. Plus it retains everything in their original condition. 

About the only this that I did with the base was to score it (picture above). Here, I've simply taken my modelling knife and etched a grid pattern on the bottom of it. The reason for doing this is to ensure better bonding when glued to the citadel base. Other than that, the base is now assembled. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Dealing with The Pale Spear of Alpharius

Crunch time for Alpharius' weapon. Do I stick with the little nib of a joint to attach the tip of the Pale Spear of Alpharius to the main haft of the weapon, or do I drill it to make it that bit extra secure? In order to determine the answer, I looked very closely at what I would have to do if I drilled it. The image below shows the situation.

The drill that I am employing here is about the diameter of a paper clip. Look closely and you will see how finely it matches the tip of the pale spear (upper resin part) and the main haft (lower resin part).

Now, I am no fan of the "nipple joint" (if I may call it that) at the bottom of the pale spear. There is precious little strength in such joins. Hence my immediate thought to drill the bits and pin them together.

In the image, it is possible to see that the tip of my drill bit is only fractionally smaller than the end of the pale spear. It is a close and tight match with almost not margin for error. By this, I mean that if I am going to drill it, I'd better be dead-on horizontal with my drill going in to the tip of the spear. The hand at the lower end of the haft is not as great a worry as there is more diameter to work with in case I drill at a slight angle. But for the tip of the spear, it has to be right.

Given my previous work (some masterworks even) over many decades, I figure that I am comfy giving this a go. Even with this previous experience though, it is a case of measure and line up three times and drill once. I look at it from all angles to check - constantly check - that I am drilling as horizontally as I can get it. Even a small deviation will cause the drill head to poke through the spear's side.

The photo below shows what can be accomplished with patience, accuracy, and constant vigilance.

The head of the drill bit is sunk by almost 10mm in to the tip of the pale spear. This is more than sufficient to create a quality pin for the model.

Below is that final pinned model. The only extra work I did here was to start the drilling on the haft of the pale spear by shaving off the nipple and then drilling in to the fist. Again, the depth was about 10mm. 

Although there is still a little bit of work to do here in straightening out the length of the pale spear, I am very happy with this pinning result. A very fine and delicate operation that took the best part of an hour to plan out and eyeball up. I don't recommend this operation for beginners at all though -- there's far too much scope for even a slight error spoiling the model. 

Good going thus far with Alpharius here though!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Alpharius Unboxing

Following hot on the heels of unboxing the Lernaean terminators, today I wanted to share the photos of Alpharius himself straight out of the box. 

I have to say from the outset that the sculpt is gorgeous. I am hideously biased though as well. The scales on the armour are going to simply be a pleasure to paint when I get around to it.

However, there looks to be a couple of pressure points from my first inspection.
* The pale spear is warped already fresh out of the box. And its not a simple warp either (such as a C shape). It is more like an S shape. I will be using either some boiling water or a hair dryer here to correct the shape back to linear. 
* I am worried about the positioning of the pale spear (plus hands) on to the main body of Alpharius and getting the pose "right". 
* The lower part of the pale spear is a separate section as well. The connection point looks very weak. I am tempted to drill it, but the diameter of the spear partially puts me off doing this. I need to see if I have a small enough drill before choosing to do this. 

Apart from those pressure points, my plan is to have the marine who is on ground in front of Alpharius be another Alpha Legion marine. I am considering swapping shoulder pads perhaps, although on the other hand, the paint scheme and some transfers would do the same job arguably. 

Time to do some clean up and get these parts off the blocks...

Friday, June 8, 2018

Lernaean Unboxing

Excitingly, the delivery is already here! I am now the proud owner of my own Alpharius coupled with the Lernaeans that went on sale today. Forge World shipped this at just after midnight UK time and it arrived late this afternoon to their new home.

Given that many of my readers will have already seen the unboxing of Alpharius and his components elsewhere, I thought I would show some images of unboxing the Lernaeans instead. [Don't worry, I'll do an Alpharius unboxing as well later].

The Lernaeans come in their own big box pictured below. Its about the same size as a Primarch box, give or take a little.

Inside the box, there are detailed instructions to help guide the process of building these marines.

Below are all the components laid out, straight out of the box. Obviously, I've not undertaken any clean up of the components yet, and flash can be seen in many places.

Some immediate notes.

* I will have to make a choice about whether I want one of them toting the conversion beamer or not. There are only ten shoulder pads supplied and eleven possible armaments. Magnetizing would be highly tricky for this.

* There are two axe poses: two with the grip half way up the haft of the axe, and three with the grip right at the top of the haft.

* There are a variety of poses possible here, and the arms can be positioned nicely.

* Heads all look the same. 

More on these marines at a later point! 

Friday, June 1, 2018

Scales of the Hydra

The wait is over! 

Today, Forge World announced that Alpharius and the Lernaeans are now on pre-order. I have been waiting, very literally, years for this to happen. Naturally, I have placed a pre-order for both, using the Scales of the Hydra bundle that puts the Primarch and his elite terminators together in a single order. 

The price point of both are a little higher than I was perhaps anticipating. The most expensive Primarch to date is Magnus. He is indeed a large miniature with a lot of extra things happening on his base (such as the magic stones he appears to be shooting ahead of him). To my surprise, both Rogal Dorn and Alpharius are next in line in terms of price. To be honest, I would have thought either Corax (with his large dynamic pose) or Horus (just because of the sheer bulk of his figure and his base) would be the next most expensive. To be honest, both Perturabo and Mortarion both have a large amount of bulk to them as well, including the base. To my eyes, Alpharius has somewhat less bulk in terms of the sheer amount of resin. However, given that he is new, and that I really like the sculpt (coupled with my statement above about waiting years), I am prepared to pay.

The Lernaean Terminators also feel slightly high. Compare them, for instance, with the Death Guard Deathshroud terminators, or the Iron Hands Gorgons. They certainly look like similar bulk and quantity of resin. Only the Iron Warriors tyrants are more expensive comparatively - and there we are paying for the missiles that they carry on top of their armour. However, seen against the Space Wolf Varagyr terminators, they are worth it. Basically: we get the conversion beamer for free in addition to all the other parts. Or maybe it could be put a different way. Ten pounds for a conversion beamer in comparison to the Death Guard? Once again though, these are miniatures that I have been waiting for such a long time to get my hands on that I was always going to order them regardless. Even if I don't use them as is, I think that they would make wonderful command squad style infantry. 

All that said, I'm really excited! Can't wait to open these guys up when they arrive in just over a week's time. I have waited years. I can wait another week for the pre-orders to actually ship.

[Image copyright belongs to Forge World. Used here under "Fair Use" clause to illustrate discussion above on the new products. No infringement intended on copyright.]

Friday, May 18, 2018

30k is alive and kicking

So, there has been a lot of "discussion" on the interwebs and social media platforms recently about the supposed demise of the 30k game format. I will not pretend to have any inside knowledge about the rumours that have been circulating, their origins, or anything associated with that.

What I do want to say is that from my perspective, 30k is very much alive and kicking.

There are plentiful reasons to think this. Here are a few off the top of my head.

* Tournaments. A large array of tournaments feature 30k alongside 40k and Age of Sigmar. As well as Lord of the Rings. These tournaments are very well organised and attended on the whole. More than this, there remains exclusive 30k tournaments. Sure, Rogue Trader events still happen and Rogue Trader is not a recognised format much any longer. But the interest from the fan base is still there and very strong.

* Miniatures. There are plentiful new sculpts and miniatures that are coming along now and in the near future. Mark well for instance the Alpharius miniature that I hope will be up for pre-orders soon along with the other Alpha Legion goodies (terminators, new Preators, and so forth).

* Rules. The continuing publication of the Horus Heresy series remains impressive. The White Scars and Blood Angels should be getting the specialist treatment in the next book in the series that is due out later this year.

* Books. This is underpinned by the long running range of Horus Heresy novels from the Black Library that keep on coming out. Perhaps they will reach an end soon with the siege of Terra being hinted at. But after that, there is the Scouring to deal with. Plus the other Primarch books. It will keep going for as long as people read them.

* Blogs. The sheer amount of material on the 30k era is impressive. I'm not even talking about the reviews that Warpstone Flux seems to be famous for these days -- they sheer quantity of painting, conversions, and every other gram of hobby goodness out there shouts out loudly that 30k is still in business and going nowhere.

Overall, the fan base is strong, and very dedicated. I don't put too much stock in some specialist parts being withdrawn from sale -- every company does this. I'm certain that replacement stock will be forthcoming at some point in some form or other.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Digest from Coventry

Like many others in the hobby, I was not able to make it to Coventry over the weekend to be part of the festival that was being held there. However, the internet being its wonderful self means that many of us don't have to miss out on the main announcements thanks to the wonderful hobbyists that do attend these events and regularly post to blogs and other media on the news being released. More than this, the Warhammer team themselves have got involved with doing what a large number of blogs out there are already doing: detailing the news themselves, but with already extant high resolution images of the new miniatures and games being previewed.

So, what caught my eyes this time?

Near the top of the list is the extensive Alpha Legion releases that are being made. I think a number of people were able to pick up Alpharius at Coventry, but I'm going to have to wait a few weeks longer for that by the looks of it. More interesting in the Alpha Legion territory were the impending release of two praetors, pictured below in the Warhammer Community image. 

These miniatures are very interesting from a number of points of view. Firstly the design is clearly meant to blend in with other miniatures. The terminator armoured praetor will clearly slot in very nicely alongside the Lernaeans themselves. The other one features a scaled set of armour that would be very much in keeping with the head under units. Note as well the cape on this one which could readily make it useful for this purpose. 

The terminator praetor deserves a second look though. Notice that the patterns on the terminator armour are not scaled particularly. Indeed, he stands apart from the Lernaeans impending release from a number of aspects. What strikes me in particular is the edging of the armour plates. The design here is not content with a regular edging pattern. Rather, it has inlaid spikes that are highly reminiscent of chaos warrior armour (i.e. they look like part of the chaos star symbol at some level) and that's a feature that is generally not seen on loyalist miniatures too much. I sincerely hope this is hinting at the wider internal Alpha Legion civil war and the factions within it taking more shape and definition. Can't wait to read up on this within the new Horus Heresy book which has been confirmed to include additional Alpha Legion background materials alongside the White Scars, Blood Angels, and daemons faction. 

It also looks like Adeptus Titanicus will be released fairly soon as well. The game miniatures themselves look exemplary. They really are scaled down versions of the large war machines themselves down to minor details. More than this, the scenery associated with the release looks very advanced, including the Realms of Battle style boards. Whilst I don't know if I will get involved in this new game, it does look enticing.

The reports of a new version of Age of Sigmar are very welcome too. In fact, its almost enough for me to dust off some daemons miniatures, or maybe even commence a new army. Almost. Very almost. However, at the moment, I am still fixated on the Alpha Legion in 30k, and on scenery and terrain in general. Those are the main items that I'm working on and playing with at the moment, almost to the exclusion of other things. 

The Harlequins codex and the revision of Sisters of Battle looks very advanced too and exciting. They are clearly both primed for a solid release. Just to repeat: plastic Sisters. Its been a very long time coming and a lot of people are going to be very happy to say the least.

Other than that: re-tooled dreadnaught drop pods, Anacharis Scoria, Land Speeders, and more are all inbound soon. These are good days for Games Workshop and Forge World it seems!

Monday, May 7, 2018


One of the techniques that I am experimenting and playing around with in painting the Sector Mechanicus terrain is salting. 

The technique and the idea behind it is simple enough. Essentially what I want to achieve is some kind of "masking" of random areas of the paintwork. I paint over them in a normal manner, but once done, remove the masking area to create a rough or chipped appearance. 

With salting, this is achieved through application of salt. There are various types of salt available of course, ranging from regular granular table salt through to rock salt and various sized chunks in between and beyond. 

The key thing with salting is that I want to achieve a random appearance. Hence it is necessary to think about the size of the salt grains to use. Here, I am using a blend of table salt and small rock salt that can be seen in the images below.

To attach the salt to the undercoat paintwork, I have simply used tap water. Dip a medium sized brush in to the water, then dab on some salt to the brush, and then apply to the paint work. I have deliberately experimented with very little water in some areas -- this leads to concentrations of salt that retains their original shape; and plentiful water -- this dissolves the salt in the main parts and makes it lie flatter on the paint surface. I anticipate that the latter (lots of water) will also be more regular shaped chips whereas less water will lead to more irregularly shaped chips. 

Once the next layer is applied over the top of the undercoat and the salt, I will go back to the dried paint and use an old toothbrush to chip off the salt underneath to (hopefully) reveal parts of the undercoat. 

Given the hot weather at the moment, I may wait a few days before doing these next few steps though. 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Undercoated Mechanicum Terrain

Deep in the Hive Cities, lurks various pipework relays connecting to vast storage vats and arcane boilers, incinerators, and forges. 

This particular kit is one that I've had for a while in the background awaiting some work alongside the rest of the Ferratonic Incinerator and Promethian Forge terrain of Sector Mechanicus fame.

For undercoating this, I wanted to take a bit of a different approach to normal and make use of some highlighting. So instead of using just a pure black undercoat, I have applied a zigzag of silver to the surface of it, as illustrated in the image. 

What I intend to do from herein is a bit of a "salting" approach to some weathering for this piece. I intend to apply table salt to the surface and then add my layers on top of the salt. Hopefully the salt will then scrub away revealing the black and silver underneath the chipped paint and provide some authenticity to the age of this sector. Once done, I intend to apply some browns and Typhus style corrosion effects to the chipped paint work. At least, that's the idea that I have in the back of my mind right at this moment in time. We shall see how this takes shape soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Wargames Gallery: Low Flight

Flying in low, the Alpha Legion assets strike swiftly and precisely across the surface of the Forge World planet to secure their objectives before vanishing back in to the void leaving destruction and confusion in their wake.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Re-Visiting Lernaeans

In the background for the Alpha Legion, the Lernaean Terminators are supposed to be the cutting edge of their assault. The tip of their proverbial spear. The recent announcement from Forge World that these marines would be getting miniatures has me rather excited as I'm sure I will be getting a squad of them. Or so. The image below shows the miniatures previewed by Forge World (Image copyright via Warhammer Community). 

I like a number of features about these miniatures. Clearly the Alpha Legion iconography is a major draw card for them. However, this is also a negative in the sense that they are all the same. Yes: they should be to some extent. Countering this is the plentiful arrangement of armour styles we have seen for the regular troopers though. Hence I am a little surprised by the uniformity of their armour. 

I really like the scaling applied to the shoulders, arms and legs though. Some really nice work there, even if painting them will seemingly take a while(!). The poses are varied enough to be interesting and some conversion opportunities do present themselves as well.

What I really wanted to return to were their rules. I have covered their rules extensively before in my large Horus Heresy review series, but given the miniatures are going to be available to us soon, I thought it was worth returning to them. There are several striking features here:
(1) stubborn (worth the price in 30k).
(2) mixed weapons (the beamer is oddly placed for what should otherwise be a close combat squad).
(3) extra pip in WS. 

The third and first points are what make the points value of this unit almost (perhaps totally) worthwhile. Given the charge, they are going to make better use of themselves than an analogous (and more regular) set of legion terminators. In a terminator on terminator fight, they will be making back more of their points. Indeed, the points efficiency of these models is higher than regular terminators due to the extra WS pip. I sat down and did some sums and thought that the points efficiency was something like a gain of 10-25 per cent on regular terminators depending on the scenario used (they get the charge; they face analogous terminators; etc). Sadly I deleted that calculation off my files, but think I'm right in recalling that percentage. Hence these guys really are the elite of the terminators.

However, there is the problem about what to arm them with. The beamer just doesn't sit right; even though it is very, very cool (and thematically fitting). Potentially the best way to go is to simply keep the cost down as low as possible and take them as it. That said, arming them with power fists or chain fists is a good option as well given that they are swinging at the lowest initiative regardless. Plasma blaster is valid. But I cannot justify the cost of the beamer in comparison to a weapons platform such as a predator that can pull the same kind of duty. 

An alternative that I thought of trying to pull off is simply to have the beamer in there as a kind of flexible utility, but then have Alpharius replace the model. Just because. Shoot the beamer in turn 1, then have Alpharius show up to wreck some other units in a different part of the board in turn 2. Not a good plan. It wastes a lot of points. But the look on an opponents face if this ever gets pulled off would be good! On reflection, I'm not going to do this ... but I cannot help but think the beamer does look good on these miniatures, and I am one for the rule of cool... its just how to play it that still is the problem without a solution. Otherwise, this is a really good, and elite, terminator squad that should see some play at certain points levels. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Death from Above And Below

Thanks for stopping by. The topic that I wanted to briefly talk about today was the new option that has opened up with the impending release of the Forge World Termite. Namely, the Subterranean Assault rule.

In essence, this is very much akin to a second version of the more well known Drop Pod Assault special rule. At least in the sense that a controlling player would select half of their drop pods (termites) to enter play by deep strike and arrive on the first turn. The Subterranean Assault special rule creates a second category of this kind of assault, except its just those that come in to play from underneath the surface.

The overall effect of these two rules is that we can now have two guaranteed first turn deep striking units coming in from the reserves without having to roll for them coming on. In 30k, this is a huge thing; and makes going first a bit more of a game-changer for some armies.

Consider, for example, the Alpha Legion. With all its bonuses to seizing the initiative, having 2 first turn deep striking vehicles is an amazing start to the game and ties in well thematically with the Alpha Legion being able to attack from unexpected quarters and from multiple directions all at once. I'm thinking something like a Deathwind Drop Pod (to eliminate masses infantry on landing) coupled with a termite containing something like a support squad (who shoot once disembarked). Naturally, Alpharius will be concealing himself inside the support squad and will reveal himself on turn 2 to provide a super charged (preferred enemy: everything) second turn.

Obviously there are more uses besides this one. I think the Night Lords could make good use of this tactic as well to so fear and (literal) terror in to their enemies on turn one as well. Bathing the battlefield (where needed) in fire and promethium is an excellent option for the Salamanders as well.

Overall then, I like this rule, and it won't be long before we see competitive lists taking full advantage of having two first turn deep striking units coming in to play.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Black Library Bookmark

Something odd happened in the past week. I got a freebie. This doesn't happen terribly often to me unless I'm reviewing a new miniature, or a new game, but it happened completed out of the blue. I was purchasing a Horus Heresy novel (Path of Heaven for the curious ... I know I'm a little behind in the reading, but hey, caught up on the White Scar's action now!). When I was paying for the book, the store manager asked if I wanted any of the free stuff that he had been asked to give away. I said sure. Alongside a couple of badges / pins, I ended up with the bookmark pictured below. 

The bookmark is a fairly regular set of materials with a kind of (what I presume to be) faux leather upper and man-made lower backing. Embossed on it is the Black Library name and logo and the lower end (right hand side of the image) has been sliced in to smaller sections in the traditional manner. 

I'm not sure what its worth, but I thought it was a cool little freebie to be given alongside a book purchase. Thank you Games Workshop and Black Library. It put a little smile on my face! 

It also got me wondering: how many of you out there have also got give-aways or free stuff from official Games Workshop stores? Presumably I am not the only one, but usually these kinds of things are given away due to store loyalty schemes, or equivalent. I've not been given anything point blank, just because I made a purchase except for this. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

We Are Alpharius

In my previous post, I noted some of my general feelings surrounding burn out in the hobby. I'd like to thank everyone who commented on the post and who mailed me with their words of support (and similar confessions in one instance). Clearly I am not alone out there. Thank you. 

In many ways, I think I have been waiting for something to sufficiently pique my interest again. Something that would enable me to rekindle some of the enthusiasm that I had and get me going again. Well ladies and gentlemen, I think this happened today. 

Forge World announced that the new sculpt for Alpharius would be made available soon -- and early purchases could be made at the Coventry convention in later May. On Warhammer Community, a preview of the fully painted Alpharius model has now been made and I have copied the relevant image below (I do not have copyright on this image, and I acknowledge the owner, Warhammer Community, as the rightful owner of this image and will gladly take it down if requested. I use it here under the fair use copyright clause for the purposes of review). 

I like many aspects of this model, I have to confess. Firstly, the overall pose is one of dynamism. It is not a static pose like we see with Lorgar (whose sculpt is very much one of being in place and broodily looking); or Dorn (whose sculpt is very static and stoic, surveying the battlefield). This is a sculpt that shows the Primarch in the midst of attack, swinging his weapon to kill with a stabbing thrust motion. I suspect with a bit of a tweak, he would be made to look like he is in mid-swing or a defensive pose (add in a little head tilt, and bring the arms around a little bit perhaps to achieve this). He also, very wisely, is wearing his helmet. As joked about in some of the Horus Heresy novels, why would any space marine go in to the crucible of battle without it? Why wear a tank's worth of armour to have an exposed scalp? Alpharius shows the extent of his genius by actually wearing a damned helmet for once, unlike his lesser (more arrogant?) brothers! 

Obviously the miniature has a removable base that is smaller than the entire scenic base pictured in the image. One can almost make out the circular shape at the back left of the larger base that will be removable - in common with other primarchs. 

Interestingly, there is a marine in the base that is trying to plead or crawl away from Alpharius. I find it interesting that the painters have chosen (I use the word chosen deliberately here) to paint it as a Space Wolf. There are not too many instances in the novels of the Alpha Legion and their Primarch facing off against the Space Wolves. Perhaps this is something to look forward to?

However, when I do purchase this miniature (and that is most assuredly a "when" rather than "if"), I think I will be painting the miniature in other colours. I have toyed with a number of ideas for this ranging from Raven Guard or Salamanders to represent the Isstvan campaign and others. However, what I think I will do is convert the marine (if feasible) by attaching one of my remaining Alpha Legion heads and paint the miniature in Alpha Legion colours to represent the internal civil war within the Legion that eventually comes along to hurt the unity of their cause. 

I'd like to see a close up of the cape that Alpharius is wearing, as I think I will probably be painting it black (or at least green or purple) rather than the white we see in the image. That is about my only complaint about the paint scheme. In terms of the sculpt, I really like it overall. Not so sure about the surroundings on the base (its not got Horus or Guilliman's sense of awesome backdrop - this is very much a dirty battlefield), but I still totally like it. 

Anyway, more at future (not so far away) point...

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Intermission and burn out.

It has been a month since I last blogged here. My apologies for that. This is due to a combination of hobby burn out and available time. Available time is, of course, at a premium for most of us. Particularly us older gamers who have other duties to attend to, let alone demanding full time jobs.

As for hobby burn out, I think that this happens to a good number of people once in a while. Indeed, I would very much welcome your own thoughts and comments on the issue of burn out, or even being in the hobby doldrums.

I will be candid. Its not to say that I am not enjoying the hobby -- quite the opposite in fact. I love the hobby. It has been a huge part of my life for so long, coupled with this very blog, that I can't recall a time that I was without it. Its just the case that I think I needed a bit of time away in order to attend to other things and cease concentrating so hard on the hobby and develop other parts of my life and other hobbies. I know how heretical that that must sound! It does to me as well, and I'm sat here writing this blog article about having hobby burn out. I guess in some ways I can trace it back to attempting to organise several tournaments locally -- some of which were very successful, and others were just a non-starter (e.g., the 30k tournament that I was planning last year). I think this has taken a little toll on me overall. If I were located in a larger city or closer to London, then I suspect it would have gotten off the ground a lot more readily overall.

The other factor is that my airbrush needs replacing. At least the needle and nib of the airbrush do. And to be perfectly honest, I just have not got around to sourcing a replacement. I think I have been using this as an excuse to not do much painting overall. Even my Mechanics scenery that I posted about a couple of months ago has yet to receive an undercoat.

So, there we have it. Burn Out.
Normal service to resume shortly I hope. :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Swamp Game Mat

One of the earlier game mats that I purchased was the Swamp mat from Deep Cut Studio.

The image below shows the mat in all its glory.

What is really interesting about the mat - artistically - is how the overall effect tends to blend in to the background, and yet the the level of detail in the mat itself is actually very high indeed.

If you click to open the image, and zoom in, you will be greeted by a huge and surprising level of detail that include individual tree roots that meander across the swamp's floor; foliage from individual trees; different colours of swamp foliage and plant life in the underlying background; several different species of plant life; and more besides.

The only thing missing is an over abundance of mosquitoes to be perfectly honest. But I will leave the flies to some Nurgle armies for the moment.

Overall, I am very impressed with this purchase. The mouse mat backing of the game mat means that it won't be slipping any time soon and the fall of die on the surface will not cause a huge clattering noise. The surface is wipe-able with a damp cloth, and anything spilt on it can be mopped up quickly with a minimum of fuss (well, maybe not red wine stains: I'm not at that level of consumer testing to be honest! ....Yet). A full 5 stars from me on this mat :)

Friday, February 9, 2018


Although not a new release, the Lair of the Astromancer will always hold a place in my imagination. When it first came out in its modern (ish) form, it was a set that I had wanted to get, despite my focus on 40k and 30k. However when I finally got together the money to make the purchase, (and remembered about it too, to be totally fair), it had pretty much sold out locally. And then it was no longer available online. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the Lair of the Astromancer was probably one of those scenery items that I could live without.

But now, the temptation is back. Re-branded as the Warscryer Citadel, the new Lair of the Astromancer contains all of the old appeal, including the telescope dome at the top (but seriously: no astronomer extends their telescope *outside* the dome as pictures, the dome protects not only against rain, but wind buffeting as well folks! What, its run by an Astromancer? Well, I stand corrected), and the background fluff that it has been built atop a crashed comet that has been hurled from the heavens by Sigmar himself.

It is certainly a big scenery piece, and a central one at that. Yet I remain unconvinced that I would get much use out of it for the attached price tag. Such a shame, as should I win the lottery, it might be on the list of things to get!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Warhammer World: Tzeentchian Cabinet

Deep in Warhammer World, I snapped this image of a set of Tzeentch daemons that caught my eye. I have a series of these kinds of snaps from some of the cabinets. Taking these images is tough due to the high reflectivity and the lights that are shining in multiple directions.

The thing that caught my eye about this set up is not particularly the miniature themselves - although they are interesting given the square base, of course, these days, but rather the paint scheme itself. The blue colour that has been used here is a much darker and sombre tone than I am used to seeing (or even painting myself -- I usually go for something a bit more in the ultramarine blue range for these miniatures). I think it has worked well as the flames on the flamers themselves are muted too. Although there are yellows and oranges in there, the reds are not as hot as I've seen some painted and I was taken as well by the little flames flickering at the bases. The black arms as well help the flames stand out more and that is something that I think I will be personally taking away from the colour scheme for critters like this.

The one on the left hand side stands out even further as his (her?) (its?) flames are in a totally different palette to the others. The head of the flamer is a Genestealer purple colour. This contrasts with the almost ghostly, ethereal green colour that is spewing out of the creature's mouth (orifices?) at the upper end, with a trail to white at the tips. I like this one as it appeals to the magical nature of these creatures. 

Meanwhile the scribes at the back are resplendent for their own authentic colour scheme that is in total keeping with expectations and the miniatures around them. Again, I might have opted for a tone lighter myself, but I really love what I saw in the cabinet here. 

My only genuine criticism is that the bases are not much. Maybe in this day and age one expects a little more on the bases, or a little more attention being paid to them. Its one of those things that has increased in the hobby over the years I guess. Apart from that, I really like this cabinet a lot. More daemons from it at a later date!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Alpharius and the Lernaeans

So much goodness coming forth from Nottingham this weekend. Ranging from the Siege of Terra news through to Necromunda miniatures and new ranges. News of the Scouring that will follows the Emperor on the Golden Throne through the Angelus being split up and Malevolence being next with Blood Angels, White Scars, Daemons, and bonus rules for the Alpha Legion and Space Wolves amongst others. I am sad that the Dark Angels will be last to get their full rules and Primarch in action - make no mistake - I am very much a fan of the First.

From my perspective though, there are two really amazing sets of miniatures that were on display at the seminars that the Warhammer Community have now posted ... well, all of them are pretty amazing to be totally fair, but I'm biased and these two are really what I have been waiting to see for literally years. 


Lernaean Terminators.

The Alpharius model appears to be very true to the drawings in Extermination in regards of his armour, and his preferred weapon. The pose is clearly dynamic, looking like he is stabbing someone at his feet. I can't help but wonder who is actually at his feet. I would seriously love it to turn out that it was another Alpha Legion marine. Just because. 

I can also imagine that there will be a lot of people in the community who will be wanting at least two Alpharius miniatures. One for Omegon and one for Alpharius himself. I don't yet know if I am in that category. I could imagine doing that though: one paint scheme in traditional colours for Alpharius and a black armour set for Omegon. I wonder if there are any pose options? Or whether some conversion possibilities have been built in at all?

The Lernaean terminators are more or less what I imagined them to be. The iconography of the Alpha Legion is everywhere and they certainly look the part as well. However, this is only one terminator. I am left wondering if they will release the armaments for these in one or two different sets given that they could be set up with conversion beamers and so on. 

I must admit, I wonder if Alpharius is about the same size as his Lernaean terminators as well? Will he be able to fit in? Will the Alpharius parts be exchangeable with his body guards at all to create something more blended (e.g. the head being on a reasonably similar scale might be very interesting indeed).

Will there be a naked head for Alpharius included? Or is he just the most sensible Primarch that you ever did see and always goes in to battle with his helm on? Because, you know, it would be stupid to have the armour level of a tank with an unprotected head and all. Just saying. 

I am left with questions.
What will the full model of Alpharius look like? I need to see more! Neeeeeeddd!
What will the other squad members of the Lerneaens be armed with?
When will I be able to order them? (And will the pre-orders sell out in 2 hours flat? I hope not...!). I really want these. 
Please Forge World, let me have them! 
Love jabberjabber xx (!)

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