Thursday, May 4, 2017


After struggling with the pose a little bit, here is the final, fully assembled leviathan.

The weapons load out for this beast is slightly different to what many other people play around with. Having the melta lance is a weapon that I really wanted to choose due to its high strength. Goodness knows how it will perform in 8th edition, but I liked it enough for 7th. I have coupled this with the siege close combat arm. The purpose of this leviathan is therefore to hunt down and destroy some heavy tanks (even super heavies, or perhaps knights) and hope to at least remove a few hull points (or wounds in 8th) before succumbing itself. Paired up with a drop pod, this guy stands a good chance statistically against imperial knights and has the armour to hang around.

The pose has the dreadnought looking down the barrel of his weapon, whilst the fist is ready to come in to action with a low swing. The base has been gritted and moulded with some additions to it … almost as if the leviathan has recently dealt with a crashed aircraft, or perhaps its unfortunate occupants. 

Painting might have to wait until I get some spare parts for my airbrush sadly. But that's another tale. 


The GunGrave said...

Nice work. Melta Lances kick ass in any edition in sure!!

TheGraveMind said...

I've enjoyed my leviathan. I don't make a list without him. I go grav and drill. The grav is too unique and awesome to pass up. Add in phosphex launcher and he does some serious ap2 hunting, and then crashes through tanks. He soloed 2.5 knights one game for me. He only died cause they detonated on top of him every time.

Kraggi said...


jabberjabber said...

Cheers guys!
I like the grav weapon too, and if I get another leviathan I will probably grab one of the!

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