Sunday, May 7, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Sisters of Silence Oblivion Knight-Centura

The elite battlefield commanders of the sisterhood, and powerful psychic nulls to boot. They are deadly in their own right and reasonable choices for a sisterhood.

There is some customisation available here, but perhaps not quite at the same level as other generic HQ selections. The armour save and invulnerable save is very nice to have and will serve the sister very well.

Other than that, they are somewhat just a bit of an enhanced version of a regular sister.

The generic stat line is barely above standard human levels, coupled with a cheap points cost means that this commander is one for saving some points on. That's not a bad thing -- far from, its just a low points value army overall.

Some builds to consider.

Knight-Centura, Paragon blade (master crafted) (105 points).
Given the cheap nature of the character, upgrading to master crafted is a reasonable use of points here to make her more deadly.

Knight-Centura, plasma pistol (90 points).
With 8th edition coming, I predict the resurgence of the plasma pistol. So here's a base level build with a plasma pistol in it :)

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