Monday, May 1, 2017

TTCombat Objective Room

I picked up a number of products from Troll Trader under their line of TTCombat. Much like CNC miniatures, they make a range of MDF laser cut terrain for 28mm war-games. 

This particular example is the "Objective Room" from their science fiction range. Compared to CNC, the tabs on the MDF are fractionally larger (but not noticeable unless you've handled several of both), and the sheets are not A4 size, but significantly less. Hence there are more sheets per purchase in general making for more bulk height wise if you happen to be carrying them around. 

The major difference I've found though is the sheer lack of instructions. All I got from TTCombat was a picture on the front of the purchase that I had to go by. Now, having been building many and varied kits for decades, it wasn't long before I got on top of things and figured out how everything fitted together and an optimum assembly strategy from dry fitting everything together. I do wonder if younger hobbyists would have as much luck though. 

The parts themselves are detailed with extra embellishments which is nice to see and the quality is high and the ease of construction very nice indeed -- probably easier than CNC in fact (which is a good thing given the lack of instructions!). 

The image below shows a picture of the Objective Room having glued all the bits in to their appropriate places. I've kept the windows and doors in place as I didn't want this room to have entries of exits. However, it was tempting to saw the room in half to provide some wreck ruins, I must admit. The interior is entirely playable should one wish to do so (and should one wish to fill it with accessories, that's all good too). But for this, I just wanted some line of sight blocking buildings with a roof that could be used as well. 


The GunGrave said...

Looks good. Lack of instructions sucks though!

Spot1cus said...

Agreed, I cringed when I read that. Looks difficult for the less initiated.

Ed OMalley said...

The instructions are free to download on their website for all of their kits. They really should make that clearer on the packaging though.

jabberjabber said...

Can you link where the instructions are please?

I can readily find CNC instructions on their website, but on TTCombat I draw a blank.

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