Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Plasma Pistols Were Always Good

The new rules for shooting and close combat in 8th Edition seem to be getting very interesting indeed. A lot of my mates are saying that plasma pistols are finally becoming worth the points cost because of that. Not withstanding that the points costs for everything are probably going to be revised very soon, my own personal take is that plasma pistols were always worth it!

Many of my current models, such as the one below, feature plasma pistols. I frequently use them on raptor or assault style squads for packing an extra punch. 

But that is not the real reason that I grew to like them.

One of the first tournaments that I remember playing in involved me using a chaos space marine lord equipped with a power fist, plasma pistol and a jump pack (or wings!). The guy is pictured below and as can be seen is a very, very old miniature that dates back to when my painting skills were not as honed as they have become over the years. 

In the tournament, I used this HQ selection to "hop" from one squad to another in relative safety -- joining one squad and then another until I was in range to do something with him. As it turned out, I jumped him close to a rhino. The plasma pistol unloaded in to the rear of the rhino and caused it to explode (yes -- it was one of *those* editions of 40k). 

The small squad of space marines had to make an emergency disembarkation. I followed this up by charging right in to them with this chaos lord. He suffered a wound for his troubles before getting to swing with his power fist, obliterating all of them off the board.

Since that day, I've been sold on plasma pistols. Okay, I know full well I got a lucky roll to kill a tank with a plasma pistol. But it worked wonders on the game I was playing at the time as a youngling taking my first forays in to the tournament scene!


Carl Finch said...

I am with you on this dude, what sold it for me was in a game with my wolves against the dark eldar when I blew a dark elf razorwing jet fighter out of the sky with ulrik the slayer's plasma pistol, lucky as hell for sure but definitely one for his saga !

Michael Corr said...

My assault marines always used to pack a couple of plasma pistols to soften up other Marines for the charge. Though, I must say, I have rarely used them since 3rd edition.

Kraggi said...

I tend to use plasma pistols if my squads are full and I have the points spare.

If i can afford another Marine then I get the extra body over the pistol (if nothing else, more shots, more range and more bodies!).

Nick Thrower said...

I'm one of those who is coming round to the idea that they might be worthwhile in 8th, which is good cos my bits box is full of them!

I generally haven't taken assault squads for a very long time, but when I did, I used to use the principle of 'everything counts in large amounts' and so took flamers. Assault squads were poor enough at killing stuff that I found they needed the mass wounds flamers were capable of if they were not to lose the combat.

Col. Ackland said...

I not going to argue whether they were or are worthwhile on a Space Marine, on a Guard officer (or sergeant) however.... no way, not ever. Do I use them? Sometimes for a laugh because yeah they are fun. But for the humble human, plasma pistols were never good.

Kenneth Raymond said...

I have a friend who swears by them (he keeps killing my frigging scythed hierodule with them. using assault squads to deliver the plasma death to the big bug) and most of my characters have them when I can spare the 15 points to upgrade a bolt pistol.

Gets hot sucks mind. While playing a game vs a dark angels player his four plasma cannon armed devastators killed themselves on turn 1 with gets hot. (To be fair his dice deserted him whenever he touched them for a plasma armed model in that game with even azreal losing two wounds to his own master crafted combi plasma)

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