Thursday, May 18, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Legio Custodes Custodian Guard Squad

The Custodian Guard Squad is the basic unit of Custodes that are deployed across the galaxy during the Great Crusade, Heresy and the Scouring thereafter. They are flexible and deadly to say the least.

The first thing to note is the stat line which features fives across the board apart from Wounds and Attacks that feature two each. This is impressive … but standard for the Custodes of course.

They come equipped with the iconic Guardian Spear. Of course, if they have charged, then they get AP2 on the spear which can be absolutely devastating in the game. The bolter fitted to the spear is nothing special though, but it can be replaced by other versions to get melta beams or adrathic destructors (the guardian equivalent of melta and plasma guns).

In general, they're great.

Okay, they are great. But there is a points cost to pay for them here. And if you want them to teleport, that costs as well. The advice here though is that they probably can and should be deployed in MSUs (multiple small units). The reason for this is that in 30k, there is usually a "tax" for a new unit purchase. But with the custodes, it is a straight cost oddly enough.

5 Custodes (275 points).
Naked, they're still powerful.

3 Custodes, Pyrithite Spears, Teleport Transponders (215 points).
Take melta bombs to taste. Teleport in and blow up some tanks. 

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