Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Constantin Valdor

If the Emperor referred to the Primarchs by numbers, then it is arguable that he cared much more for the Custodes than he ever did for his legionary "tools". And if this is true, then of all of them, Valdor would probably be his favourite one of them all.

Being so favoured by the Emperor Himself, Valdor has a swathe of background and toys at his disposal. Indeed, the background portrayed in Inferno is very comprehensive about his role in the conflict with the Thousand Sons and who exactly he is.

Valdor has an excellent stat line. He is not a primarch, but he is way above a regular human or space marine. Probably he's somewhere just below a primarch in all probability. And he could give some primarchs a run for their money some of the time as well.

He has a whole suite of special rules to help him along the way including eternal warrior (which is very unusual in 30k it must be said).

His war gear is exemplary. The Apollonian spear is incredible for what it does - instant death on a 4+ to wound at enhanced strength (and that 4+ roll is good for armour penetration against tanks as well it has to be said). And successful invulnerable saves must be re-rolled. This is an incredible combination that makes Valdor supremely deadly on the battlefield. Oh, he also has an AP2 bolter with concussive on the battlefield as well.

As if this were not enough, he permits his army to all have teleporter transponders and a re-roll for seizing the initiative.

Frankly, he's cheap for what he supplies.

Primarchs. Anacharis Scoria. Titans.

Valdor represents a way to build an entire army around him. Arming everyone with a teleport transponder means that the custodes suddenly turn in to a beefed-up Death Wing style army. Sure, they have very few models indeed, but they will be very deadly on the battlefield.

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