About Warpstone Flux

Warpstone Flux has been running since 2008 and was in the first batch of blogs to join the FtW blogger group.

In a nutshell, this blog is primarily a tabletop gaming and hobby chronicle about jabberjabber's adventures with (but by no means limited to) Warhammer 40,000 armies such as chaos space marines, chaos daemons and other armies, and more recently Eldrad Vect's adventures with space marines, and dark eldar.

We regularly talk about a range of topics that include battle reports, painting, conversions, tactics, 40K background, projects being undertaken, and other themes (inc. WFB and other gaming systems).

In 2013/4 we expanded the scope of Warpstone Flux to regularly include articles on other games and tabletop activities.

In real life, jabberjabber a full time professional research scientist who is a dual British-Australian national.

(Read the Full Disclaimer Here.)

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