Friday, January 2, 2009

Vault: Chaos Space Marines

This page serves to summarize significant postings on Warpstone Flux pertinent to Chaos Space Marines, and is organized along the same lines as the codex. At the end of the list, army lists and other articles can be found under their own headings.

  • Typhus Tactica
  • Daemon Prince of Nurgle Project: Part I; Part II; Part III
  • Lord of the Raptors
  • Kharn: Painting; Evaluation

  • Dreadnoughts: Death Guard; Coping with Dreadnoughts
  • Renegade Terminator Champion
  • Sons of Malice: Terminator
  • Bloodletter Possessed

  • Plague Marine Tactica: Advantages; Firepower; Special Weapons
  • Plague Marine Hobby: Death Guard Plasma Gunner; Death Guard Plague Champion; Forge World Death Guard; Champion with Shell; Melta Gunner
  • Complete Plague Marine Squads: I, II, III
  • Noise Marines: Advantages, Assembley
  • Khorne Berzerkers: Painting in a rush!

  • Rhinos: Nurgle 1; Nurgle 2 (Philtrum)
  • Havoc Launchers

  • Sons of Malice: Initial Test Model, Hunter, Flamer

    Fast Attack.
  • Mark of the Raptors: Part I; Part II
  • Winged Chaos Raptors Squad

    Heavy Support.
  • Vindicators: 1; Daemonic Possession Upgrade
  • Obliterators: Conversion 1; Painting; Conversion 2
  • Chaos Predator with Extra Spikes

    Summoned Daemons.
  • Tactica: Lesser daemon threat range
  • Vintage Great Unclean One
  • Representing (Undivided) Lesser Daemons
  • Grave Guard as Generic Lesser Daemons

    Army Lists.
  • 1500 points of Mechanized Death Guard (Recommended)
  • GT2008 List - 1500 points of Death Guard
  • GT2007 List - 1500 points of Undivided Chaos Marines
  • 1500 points of Khorne and Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

    Other Articles.
  • A collection of names for Death Guard Characters
  • A collection of names for Thousand Sons Characters
  • Could Fulgrim be Redeemed?
  • What is Alpharius and/or Omegon up to?
  • Decline of Lash of Submission Armies
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