Saturday, April 30, 2011

Great Unclean One

Just a picture today, with very few words from me.  The miniature is a modern-era Great Unclean One and the painting scheme is suitibly Nurglesque. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wargames Gallery: Count the Seven

Beset by loyalists, Mortarion's finest make their stand where it matters.

Through faith in the true powers, they pull through and claim an objective in a capture and control pitched battle mission.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tzeentch Daemons "Spawn-Maker" Army List

A while ago, I posted some thoughts on whether Soul Devourer or Boon of Mutation was a better deterrent against opposing armies.  Today, I want to take that thought to an extreme conclusion and suggest a 1500 points army list of Tzeentch daemons that is based around the ability to turn enemy models in to Chaos Spawn!

Herald of Tzeentch with Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Boon of Mutation and Master of Sorcery (130 points). 
Herald of Tzeentch with Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Boon of Mutation and Master of Sorcery (130 points). 
Herald of Tzeentch on a Disk, Bolt of Tzeentch, Daemonic Gaze, Boon of Mutation and Master of Sorcery (130 points). 
Blue Scribes (110 points)

7 Horrors of Tzeentch, The Changeling, Bolt of Tzeentch, Icon (159 points)

6 Horrors of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Icon (137 points)
Heavy Support:
Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Boon of Mutation (230 points)
Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Boon of Mutation (230 points)
Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of Tzeentch, Bolt of Tzeentch, Boon of Mutation (230 points)

So this list isn't a grand tournament list or anything like that, but I thought it might be fun to proxy and see what happens...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Statistics: How Many Seekers of Slaanesh

This article should have been posted alongside my earlier series on the statistics of various daemon units, but got omitted due to being lost in the warp for a little while.  The question for this post is how many seekers of Slaanesh do I need in a unit to take care of various situations?

Against Infantry.
In common with daemonettes, the seekers of Slaanesh have rending claws, a bucket load of attacks and high maneuverability.  But they are also fragile with a toughness of 3 and a regular 5+ invulnerable save (the latter is looking even more fragile in light of the Grey Knights release).  So how many seekers will be needed to alpha strike (that is kill on the first turn of melee) a ten man marine squad?

Firstly, I'm going to assume that the experienced daemons player can avoid getting shot at with these cavalry before they get in to combat, and that they manage to charge the space marines.  If this is not the case, then we can assume 3 could potentially be cast back to the warp due to bolter fire -- see the daemonette's statistics for a justification of this point.

The seekers have 5 attacks each on the charge, hitting on 4+ and wounding on 5+ (rending on a 6).  Therefore the marine will take 0.417 "normal" wounds and 0.417 rending wounds.  On average, 0.556 marines will die per seeker of Slaanesh that charged.  Therefore, fully 18 seekers of Slaanesh are required to alpha strike a marine squad (or 9 seekers for a 5 man combat squad). This is less than daemonettes thanks to the extra attack, but its not all that efficient even so.

Light Tank Busting.
As with daemonettes, the rending nature of the claws of Seekers mean that they threaten light (AV=10) tanks quite readily.  Even two Seekers will pose a problem for an AV=10 tank thanks to their rending ability -- that'll result in at least 1 glancing hit, probably more.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Daemon Prince Basecoated

This daemon prince conversion was started quite a long time ago, but I paused in applying paint to him as I was not quite certain what direction to take him in.  In the end, I opted for a red colour scheme as can be seen from the image.

The mechrite red is suggestive of Khorne at this stage.  But I think that the prince could easily represent most generic princes of chaos undivided, as well as certain Slaanesh and Tzeentch ones in certain lights.  I think the only flavour of prince that won't immediately work for this guy is Nurgle.  But that isn't a problem given that I have an awesome Nurgle Daemon Prince already.

In the first layer, I've applied a black undercoat and added a layer of mechrite red to the flesh and wings, some grey to the shoulder and the sword hilt plus pommel and given the power fist a bit of a drybrush with bolt gun metal.  The bolt gun metal stage will probably need going over a bit more at a future stage.  Speaking of which, the next steps will be to wash / ink the beast in a manner not dissimilar to my soul grinder and bloodletter possessee.  More on this chap at a later date.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

April 2011 Army List Challenge Winner

And the winner for the 2011 Army List Challenge is .....


Well done sir!  Your Sarge Acting Strangely army list really captured people's imaginations with all those ripper and sky-slasher swarms!  The Hall of Fame has also been updated.

The final percentages (for posterity) were as follows:

David (Eldar): 5%
TheGraveMind (Tyranids): 50%
Suneokun (Thousand Sons): 22%
BoxerSaint (Guard Conscripts): 22%

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daemonette of Khorne?

There are many players who use troops from multiple chaos powers within a mono-chaos-god daemons army.  I've seen red plaguebearers filled with Khornate bloodlust; and green bloodletters, bloated with Nurgle's favour.  Yet, I've not seen any Khornate daemonettes.  On reflection, the reason for this is probably straight-forward enough: bloodletters are better than daemonettes on most fronts in game terms.
Notwithstanding the game itself(!), I decided to try my hand at making a daemonette look a bit more Khorne-aligned with a spot of red and brass paint work.  The miniature pictured is a standard daemonette of Slaanesh (with a few bits and bobs added to the base).  I decided to follow my own approach to painting bloodletters to paint the daemonette.  A mechrite red base coat was applied to a black undercoat in one layer, followed by an inking of a red/black mixture.  Highlighting was then performed using both mechrite red and blazing orange.  This step is particularly noticible on the lips of the daemonette which seem to be accentuated using this paint scheme.  The corset and vestements are picked out in shining gold and final detailing (eyes, claws, hair) are also picked out appropriately. 

The overall feel of the miniature is edging toward Khorne, but yet the miniature retains a very strong Slaanesh feel to it regardless.  It's a strange mixture of colours that would not doubt make Slaanesh chortle ever so slightly. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Quantum Gothic Catalyst (Missile Launcher)

The catalyst from Quantum Gothic is an elegant missile launcher.  The product comes in eleven separate parts, as pictured in the image to the right.  Similarly to the earlier products that I've reviewed from Quantum Gothic, the catalyst has very little clean-up work required before progressing to gluing.  There was almost no flash of resin that needed to be trimmed and warpage of the product was non-existent.  The only slight bit of flash occurs on the steam-punk-style adjustment wheel (near the bottom left of the image) where the resin has seeped across what is intended to be resin-free regions.  To be honest, I was not entirely bothered by this as I didn't really consider the wheel to be an essential part of the catalyst and I actually didn't glue it on to the main frame at the end of the day -- I thought the missile launcher looked terrific without the extra detail offered by the wheel.  But equally, I can see the case that the wheel should be an integral part of the design of this weapon.

The assembled catalyst is depicted below, with a chaos space marine missile launcher guy from Warhammer 40,000 for scale purposes.  The assembley was very straight forward: there were no nasty surprises waiting to trap the unwary hobbyist, and all the pieces slotted in to their allocated places with ease.  The base of the catalyst is in common with many of the other pieces sold by Quantum Gothic (see, e.g., the comm dish) and is easy to build even with no prior knowledge.  Total assembley time is short: certainly no more than ten minutes for the average hobby enthusiast!
In terms of uses within the Warhammer 40,000 game, I know folks like to use the catalyst as part of their sisters of battle armies for exorcist tanks.  It is probably a bit large for chaos havoc launchers, but it could certainly be deployed as an apocalyptic missile launcher in games of Apocalypse; perhaps even mounted on a titan. 

Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated with Quantum Gothic in any way, they did ask me to write this review. However, I was under no obligation to make any positive, or negative comments about the product. At no stage did the company insist on reviewing this article before publication.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mighty Empires: Blood Lakes Tile

This tile is from the Mighty Empires expansion tiles set and features a series of lakes.   I've painted the tile up in a dark forest green and brown series of colours with a dark track running through it.  Pretty conventional really (cf. this varied woodland tile), apart from the lakes.  The lakes are a two tone red (magenta and blood red) followed by a wash to bring them together.  This tile is clearly from some alien planet where there's either been a lot of blood spilt, or the lakes are unnaturally filled with the vitae of Khorne's victims...

Following the Trail

Beyond the bridge, the overgrown trail leads uphill and deeper in to the woodland. A chill breeze caresses your face: refreshing at first, but increasingly numbing.  The foliage grows taller and thicker as you follow the meandering path deeper in to the woodland.

Then, on the breeze, you catch a whiff of smoke.  Ahead is a small clearing with a fire that appears to have been recently smothered.  Thin wisps of smoke drift upward from its remains.  Next to the fire lies a body.  From your vantage point, you cannot quite tell if the body is alive or dead.  Your pause also causes you to look more carefully around you: there are crushed flowers and weeds suggesting that the campsite has recently been visited by other persons, or creatures.  You feel there's something not quite right here.

Proceed to the campsite and investigate the body or person (Blog one)
Return the way you came and head back to the bridge (Blog one)
Go around the campsite and re-join the track at the other side of the camp (Blog one)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Apocalypse Homebrew: Daemon Carriers

A whole unit of chaos space marines, each wielding a daemon blade?  Surely only in Apocalypse!

Cost: 45 points each, up to ten in the unit.
Statistics: As per standard chaos space marine troops, but with a bonus 6+ invulnerable save (due to the warping power of all the daemons contained within!).
Each chaos space marine is treated as if armed with a daemon weapon, as described in the codex.

When one of the blade carriers perishes, the chaos space marine model is replaced with a standard lesser daemon model.  If this replacement happens whilst in combat, then the lesser daemon is treated as engaged in the same combat and is considered to have charged in (this is in partial compensation for charging in and rolling a "1" for the daemon blade).  The daemons are considered to be part of the space marine unit (just to make things easy in the Apocalypse craziness).

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Poll Open for the April 2011 Army List Challenge

There are four entries for this month's Army List Challenge.  The idea was to take a weak element of any codex and make it the theme of an effective army.  The lists are below and a poll is open to the right.  Please vote for which one you consider to be the most effective army list that also best articulates the theme of the challenge!

David (Eldar)

1500pts Eldar Wind Rider Host (Sort of)

Autarch – Laser lance, jetbike, mandiblasters and fusion gun – 140

Autarch – Laser lance, jetbike, mandiblasters and fusion gun – 140

6 Jetbikes – 2 x shuriken cannon, Warlock – singing spear, embolden – 205

6 Jetbikes – 2 x shuriken cannon, Warlock – singing spear, embolden - 205

6 Jetbikes – 2 x shuriken cannon, Warlock – singing spear, embolden - 205

Shining Spears x 5 – Exarch, Star Lance, Withdraw, Skilled Rider - 237

Shining Spears x 5 – Exarch, Star Lance, Withdraw – 227

2 x Vyper Jetbike – Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon – 140

Total – 1499 points

The basic plan for this list would normally be to reserve everything, using the Autarch’s Master Strategist rule to manipulate when my units come on, most likely turbo boosting for the save when the units arrive on the board. The Vypers and Jetbike squadrons will stay at a distance to hunt down transports and try to get flank shots on heavier vehicles while the shining spears hug cover as much as possible while they close with the enemy. The Autarch’s will be used for assaulting enemies in cover, possibly both of them at the same target if it is a tough enemy (as they have plasma grenades while the shining spears do not) while the spears units will go for enemies out of cover (preferably those that have just been dumped out of their transport). The Autarchs and Shining Spear Exarchs will also use their strength 8 ranged weaponry (star lances, fusion guns) to crack open vehicles at short range before using their jetbike move to get out of assault range but only if the strength 6 weaponry fails to do the job.

The Jetbike squadrons will also be used for last minute turbo boost objective grabbing (the other troops will be used to contest if necessary).

I think would class as a ‘weak’ list as the shining spears do not have assault grenades, or the weight of attacks necessary to compete with a lot of close combat units nowadays (plus they are expensive and fragile), hence the inclusion of the Autarchs to improve combat ability and manipulate the arrival of reserves.

If I was to try and make this list more competitive, I would probably take it from the dark eldar codex instead (LOL!)

Seriously, I would take a Farseer (with Doom and Fortune) instead of one Autarch and probably only take one squad of shining spears to try and get more jetbikes or Vypers in there.

TheGraveMind (Tyranids)

The Sarge is Acting Strangely.....Again

Parasite of Mortrex 160
Venomthropes x2 220
Venomthropes x2 220
Ripper Swarm brood x9, Adrenal glands and Toxin sacs 182
Ripper Swarm brood x9, Adrenal glands and Toxin sacs 182
Ripper Swarm brood x9, Adrenal glands and Toxin sacs 182
Ripper Swarm brood x9, Adrenal glands and Toxin sacs 182
Ripper Swarm brood x9, Adrenal glands and Toxin sacs 182
Sky-slasher swarm brood x7 105
Sky-slasher swarm brood x7 105

Rippers are the smallest Tyranid organisms that have models. Any unit that is 12" away from synapse and fails their Ld test (LD of 5) takes that many wounds as they start eating themselves (no saves allowed). They are T3 W3 swarms. Anything S6+ will instant kill them, and any blast causes 2 wounds. So any Blast that is S6+ will be removing 2 models for each wound it causes.

To make this list even possible to play with out having my units eat themselves to death by turn 2 I added in the Parasite, which extends the "rippers don't eat themselves" range to 24", which still isn't that good as I'll be clumping my rippers together.

I added a few Venomthropes so I could at least try and make a few cover saves as I died in droves as I came at the enemy. Rippers have become so bad, not even casual lists consider taking them. The models are more likely to be used as flock on other tyranid bases than as the actual models themselves.

Suneokun (Chaos Space Marines / Thousand Sons)

But I am mightily invulunerable ...

Ahriman - 250pts
6 Possessed led by a Champion with Icon of Chaos - 197pts
19 Thousand Sons led by a Sorceror with Gift of Change - 527pts
19 Thousand Sons led by a Sorceror with Gift of Change - 527pts

TOTAL 1500pts

Wow, that's a lot of Egyptian Cyberman ain't it. That 5+ invulnerable is gonna be really useful. Combined with Ahriman, he's well hard! 250pts for a 3+ T4 no eternal warrior model ... what could go wrong?

I hope they don't bring a Vindicare Assassin, or three. Or even use long range AP3 weaponry - bastards. Or mortars... or hide behind cover.

That 1D6 slow and purposeful move might be tricky after he's headshot my Sorcerors ... hmmm?

BoxerSaint (Imperial Guard / Conscripts)

The Chenkovian Conscription

CCS w/Straken, Regimental Standard, 3xMeltaguns, Chimera -245

Lord Commissar - 70

2xPriests w/Eviscerators - 120

PCS w/Chenkov, Chimera, 4xFlamers - 155

2xInfantry Squads w/Lascannons -140

50xConscripts w/Send in the Next Wave -275

PCS w/3xFlamers, Chimera - 100

2xInfantry Squads w/Autocannons - 120

50xConscripts w/Send in the Next Wave -275

-1500 pts

100 Conscripts, sprinting across the field, with Straken and a Lord Commissar following them. Furious charge if they get the charge, with rerolls from the Priests. If they take a charge, they have counter attack from Straken, using the Lord Commissar's leadership.

Then we have a have a few heavy weapons in the background. It won't kill much, but it should be hard to get rid of.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Apocalypse Homebrew: Quantum Cannon

Here's some experimental rules for a Quantum Cannon in Warhammer 40,000 and Apocalypse games. 

The rules are based purely off the description supplied on Quantum Gothic's website.  There, it is stated that the cannon can be operated in two modes: a blast of "quantum energy" that causes instantaneous aging in the area of effect, or as a regular shell/projectile artillery piece. 

I suggest treating the cannon as an objective that is placed at least 12" from any unit at the start of the game.  If a player controls it (in an uncontested sense) at the start of his/her turn, then they may fire it provided that the controlling squad undertakes no other movement. 

As an alternative, treat it is as a BS=3, AV=12 all-round static vehicle that costs 125 points.

Quantum Cannon. 
Before shooting, the controlling player must select which mode the cannon will fire in this turn.

Artillery mode.
Range: 72"
S: 7
AP: 3
Type: Apocalyptic Barrage 1

Quantum Energy Blast mode.
Range: 60"
S: D
Type: Small blast 1

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wargames Gallery: Scorpion Stings

A small squad of eldar striking scorpion aspect warriors have evaded crossfire and approached the entrentched position of my obliterators

The resultant melee was not plesant for my obliterators who seemed determined to fail as many saving throws as they could.

The scenery for this shot consists of the comm dish from quantum gothic (acting as an objective), with imperial ruins from CNC.

The eldar won this particular game in the end, setting back Typhus' plans to spread his master's favours to this sector ... but the long war continues.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Drach'nyen: evolution between codex editions

Abaddon the despoiler's daemon blade is known as Drach'nyen, and was discovered below the crypts in the tower of silence on the world of Uralan duing the first black crusade.  It is variously noted as having the ability to "tear reality apart". 

Today, I wanted to quickly compare its abilities between the 2002 and 2007 codex editions.

In 2002, Drach'nyen was able to automatically penetrate any vehicle on hitting, gave Abaddon an extra attack, ignored armour and caused instant death.

In 2007, the new codex saw Drach'nyen give Abaddon an extra 1d6 attacks, and when combined with the Talon of Horus, allows re-rolls to wound and doubles his strength to 8.  The downside is that Drach'nyen shares the bad bits of its counter-parts: a roll of a 1 on the 1d6 for the extra attacks means that the daemon blade is playing up and decides to inflict pain on Abaddon.

The change from a leadership test for mastery of the blade to a 1d6 test is severe: the chance of failure went from 3 in 36 (=0.083) to 1 in 6 (=0.167).  I would very much like to see Abaddon not have to take this test: surely if anyone has mastery over chaos, it is Abaddon himself.  I also think that the automatic penetration of vehicles was a good thing for a reality tearing blade to possess -- its loss is missed by old timers like myself!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reminder: April 2011 Army List Challenge

The April 2011 Army List Challenge is still open for entries.
Nominate the weakest link in your favourite codex and build a themed army list around it.  Full details are on the challenge page; can you get your name in to the Hall of Fame?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Decayed Plaguemarine Backpack, with Nurgling

To create variation within my plague marine squads, I have tried using a plethora of minor conversions.  This Death Guard marine has a ruined backpack -- I've chopped off the right hand side vent (as pictured) and glued a lot of grit around the edge of the pack.  Using some wire, I've then created an attachment from the damaged side to the broken off bit that is sat next to a nurgling on the base.

The nurgling is a Realms of Chaos era one and to ensure that the pose looks correct, I've bored a hole through his hand where he is holding on to the wire.  The broken part of the backpack is then inserted up to his mouth, making it look like he's having a cheeky drink from the messed up remains of the back pack.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Painted Quantum Gothic Power Generator

The Quantum Gothic power generator that I assembled a few days ago is now painted. Most of the painting scheme depicted on their web site is of a rusted appearance, in keeping with their apparent theme of a war that is fought at an atomic level: accelerated aging (etc.).   However, for my kit, I wanted something a bit different and more in keeping with my other bits of scenery that exhibit several solidus colours (albeit in a wrecked state).  For the power generator I therefore chose a pair of colours to work with: blue and brass.  Ultramarine blue was basecoated over a black undercoat on the main cylinder of the power generator as well as both ends and the pipework.  This was inked with a dark blue colour and highlighted back up.  The black parts were drybrushed in boltgun metal and selectively hightlighted with codex grey.  Meanwhile, the brass looking parts started out with a shining gold base coat that was washed several times over with brown to created a worn look.  The final detailing included painting the pressure gauge (top picture) and highlighting the edges of the silver and other raised parts.  The vivid blue of the power generator will make it hard to miss on many playing tables -- and this is the point.  If I use it as an objective, I certainly don't want to overlook its existence!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: Quantum Gothic Power Generator

Quantum Gothic's power generator comes in seven parts.  The image below pictures these parts directly out of the package.  As with the Comm Dish that I previously bought, the power generator has very little in the way of flashes of resin needing to be trimmed away from the kit before assembly can begin. Being pedantic, I did use a hobby knife to sharpen up the edges of the four nuts and bolts bits (lower portion of the image), but realistically, not even that was needed.

I've said it before, and I'll state it again: the quality of Quantum Gothic's resin is tremendous.  There are no air bubbles in the pieces and there are no issues with flexure. The quality control that the company does is fantastic.  The power generator itself is very simple to put together: to be honest space marines are probably harder to glue in place.  The two side bits are glued on to either side of the main body of the generator (the main body is symmetric, so it makes no difference which end one glues them to) and the four nuts and bolts are positioned on the corners of the rectangular resin base.  Assembly time was no more than five minutes, including ripping open the packaging.  It really was that easy!
The assembled power generator is shown below mounted on a large citadel circular base.  For contrast and scale comparison, a chaos space marine with a missile launcher and a tyranid warrior are placed either side of the piece.  As can be seen, the power generator is a little taller than the chaos marine, but the tyranid warrior can just about see over the top of it. 

As well as being scenery that can block lines of sight within games, the power generator's other obvious use will be as an objective marker.  For the moment, I intend to let the generator be a free-standing piece rather than part of a larger terrain piece, but clearly the hobbyist could do either.  One of the more fascinating options would be to create a chain of power generators as a set scenery piece.  At 7.50 UKP, this could be quite a realistic option for even the average gamer and modeller. 

To balance this review, we now turn to what could be improved.  I suspect that the nuts and bolts could have been cast with the main body of the piece with a bit of work.  But that really isn't so important as I personally quite like having the option of being able to include or exclude these small features.  The corners of the piece also extend over the edge of the standard 60mm citadel circular base (see the image below).  To me, this again is not an issue as I have plenty of miniatures that do likewise and I am (after all) combining a citadel base with a non-Games Workshop kit(!)
Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated with Quantum Gothic in any way, they did ask me to write this review.  However, I was under no obligation to make any positive, or negative comments about the product. At no stage did the company insist on reviewing this article before publication.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shadow Sword: Part XI. Hull Highlighting

My traitor Shadow Sword continues its long journey to being fully painted.  In this update, I've completed the edge highlighting of the grim-purposed red panels.  The edging was performed by applying a pure coat of mechrite red around the edges, followed by selective highlighting of mechrite red mixed with blazing orange (but thinner in width than the previous highlight) followed by pure blazing orange on less locations and thinner still.  The process broadly matches what I did with the las cannon sponsons earlier (which in retrospect, I can consider a test for this tank-wide painting scheme).  Further, the bolts have also been picked out in near pure blazing orange.  All of this gives the appearance of a used and, perhaps, slightly rusted tank.  The contast with the layers of dark wash are impressive.

In the image, I've configured the kit in the Banehammer form thanks to the crafty magnetization and main weapon enabling I implemented from the commencement of this project.  But there's still plenty of work (i.e. painting) left to do with this tank yet.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011 Army List Challenge: The Weak Fight Back

The April 2011 Army List Challenge is about making the most of something that is potentially weak. 

For this challenge, you need to select (and justify) what you think is the weakest unit in your chosen codex and build a themed 1500 points army around that particular unit.  Your selected unit must be the primary feature or theme of the army list, though.

So if you're a chaos player like myself, could you come up with an army that is centred around (e.g.) units of Chaos Spawn or Possessed (both of which are regarded as sub-par choices in the aging chaos codex)?  As an example: perhaps Fabius Bile has "enhanced" multiple squads of possessed marines?

(1) Design a 1500 points army list from any codex to take on this challenge.
(2) Post your army lists as a comment to this posting and suggest why you've chosen the particular unit you have to build around (i.e. why they're weak!) and why the army list still works and is themed.
(3) Entries close at 01:00 GMT on March 14th.
(4) On that same day, I'll open a poll for Warpstone Flux readers to judge which army list they consider to be the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(5) The winner will be tallied and announced on March 21st (and entered in to the hall of fame!).
(6) One entry per person please.

Remember that there are no prizes for these contests, beyond kudos, honour and entry in to the hall of fame.

Good Luck!
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