Friday, April 15, 2011

Apocalypse Homebrew: Daemon Carriers

A whole unit of chaos space marines, each wielding a daemon blade?  Surely only in Apocalypse!

Cost: 45 points each, up to ten in the unit.
Statistics: As per standard chaos space marine troops, but with a bonus 6+ invulnerable save (due to the warping power of all the daemons contained within!).
Each chaos space marine is treated as if armed with a daemon weapon, as described in the codex.

When one of the blade carriers perishes, the chaos space marine model is replaced with a standard lesser daemon model.  If this replacement happens whilst in combat, then the lesser daemon is treated as engaged in the same combat and is considered to have charged in (this is in partial compensation for charging in and rolling a "1" for the daemon blade).  The daemons are considered to be part of the space marine unit (just to make things easy in the Apocalypse craziness).

1 comment:

Porky said...

Crikey. But those are simple rules, and the replacement idea is fun. This is a cool series, and I see now you have a lot more homebrew and house rules here than I thought.

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