Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shadow Sword: Part XI. Hull Highlighting

My traitor Shadow Sword continues its long journey to being fully painted.  In this update, I've completed the edge highlighting of the grim-purposed red panels.  The edging was performed by applying a pure coat of mechrite red around the edges, followed by selective highlighting of mechrite red mixed with blazing orange (but thinner in width than the previous highlight) followed by pure blazing orange on less locations and thinner still.  The process broadly matches what I did with the las cannon sponsons earlier (which in retrospect, I can consider a test for this tank-wide painting scheme).  Further, the bolts have also been picked out in near pure blazing orange.  All of this gives the appearance of a used and, perhaps, slightly rusted tank.  The contast with the layers of dark wash are impressive.

In the image, I've configured the kit in the Banehammer form thanks to the crafty magnetization and main weapon enabling I implemented from the commencement of this project.  But there's still plenty of work (i.e. painting) left to do with this tank yet.


Porky said...

You're right about that washing, and the contrast. They're good-looking panels. The thing looks aged and heavier.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate!

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