Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Quantum Gothic Catalyst (Missile Launcher)

The catalyst from Quantum Gothic is an elegant missile launcher.  The product comes in eleven separate parts, as pictured in the image to the right.  Similarly to the earlier products that I've reviewed from Quantum Gothic, the catalyst has very little clean-up work required before progressing to gluing.  There was almost no flash of resin that needed to be trimmed and warpage of the product was non-existent.  The only slight bit of flash occurs on the steam-punk-style adjustment wheel (near the bottom left of the image) where the resin has seeped across what is intended to be resin-free regions.  To be honest, I was not entirely bothered by this as I didn't really consider the wheel to be an essential part of the catalyst and I actually didn't glue it on to the main frame at the end of the day -- I thought the missile launcher looked terrific without the extra detail offered by the wheel.  But equally, I can see the case that the wheel should be an integral part of the design of this weapon.

The assembled catalyst is depicted below, with a chaos space marine missile launcher guy from Warhammer 40,000 for scale purposes.  The assembley was very straight forward: there were no nasty surprises waiting to trap the unwary hobbyist, and all the pieces slotted in to their allocated places with ease.  The base of the catalyst is in common with many of the other pieces sold by Quantum Gothic (see, e.g., the comm dish) and is easy to build even with no prior knowledge.  Total assembley time is short: certainly no more than ten minutes for the average hobby enthusiast!
In terms of uses within the Warhammer 40,000 game, I know folks like to use the catalyst as part of their sisters of battle armies for exorcist tanks.  It is probably a bit large for chaos havoc launchers, but it could certainly be deployed as an apocalyptic missile launcher in games of Apocalypse; perhaps even mounted on a titan. 

Disclaimer: Although I am not affiliated with Quantum Gothic in any way, they did ask me to write this review. However, I was under no obligation to make any positive, or negative comments about the product. At no stage did the company insist on reviewing this article before publication.


Tristan said...

Could also fit as a whirlwind or manticore turret IMO. Nice review - these pieces look like real quality.

Tristan said...

Or even a Black Maria turret from the FLoT arbites pdf!

Cyborg Trucker said...

I love their stuff it makes great carapace mounts for guns on my Warlord titans. Also I'm using the bunker as a command module for a future traitor titan. And the quality of there molds is great!

Wildeyedjester said...

Nice review. The piece is great and makes for a unique looking manticore. A buddy did the conversion using the launcher and i think it turned out well.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Tristan & Wildeyedjester: The manticore conversions are excellent alternative possibilities as well (I should have mentioned them!).

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