Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painted Quantum Gothic Comm Dish

 This is my painted version of the Quantum Gothic comm dish

The dish has been undercoated in black and then highlighted in a variety of pseudo-rusty co lours that included oranges, reds, and what I initially thought of as an odd combination of blue and green.  This gives the strong suggestion of an aging piece of kit that has seen many years of service and may yet still be usable!  It makes a grand piece of (gothic) scenery for an objective, or simply to place in the upper levels of some ruined manufactorum.

The inset shot show the image of the rear of the comm dish where the power supply is located.  To me, it looked very much like a plasma power supply -- the coils immediately evoked a comparison to plasma weapons in Warhammer 40,000 for me.  Hence I painted it as such using an electric blue highlight over an inked blue base coat.  This power supply is very much alive and ready to go.

The only question for the protagonists on the table-top is whether the dish will still function due to its age?  I could imagine a whole scenario constructed around this scenery piece.  


Anonymous said...

The blue I think looks really nice on the arm/stand, but it is a tad much on the dish.

But maybe that is one of the oddities that grows on you.

Or maybe it is just the last remains of the original paint job (in fluff that is).

jabberjabber said...

I think with a little more touch-up, I could re-do the blue paint to better suggest it was the original paint job -- thanks for the idea!

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