Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mini-Manufactorum Painted

In painting my mini-manufactorum, I wanted to go for a colour-set that satisfied a number of criteria.  Firstly, I wanted something that was at least two toned.  Secondly, I wanted a manufactorum that was worn.  And finally, one that looked like it had sustained significant damage from both war and fire.

I achieved my first goal by painting the main segments of the building in purple, with the supporting beams in brown and the raised metallic areas drybrushed with boltgun metal.  Following these base colours, a good wash of black was applied (unevenly) across the entire structure.  Highlighting consisted of applying dheneb stone in a hap-hazard drybrush everywhere.  This created the worn appearance that I wanted.

To make the building look more like it has seem some war-time action, I wanted to create a few burnt looking locales.  To achieve this, I dappled chaos black in select areas of the building such as above the window on the left hand side of the image, and around the edges of the upper platform. 

I like the overall tone that this building sets and am pleased with the outcome here.  
(Also in the image: Sons of Malice terminators).

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