Monday, December 13, 2010

Apocalypse Homebrew: Blood Icon

The Blood Icon of Khorne is an upgraded regular chaos icon.  Its effects are the same as a collar of Khorne, as well as extra melee attacks and furious charge.


Rushputin said...

From the perspective of Khornate Daemons, at least, this seems extremely overcosted.

For an extra 25 points you're giving units BotBG (which is a very, very cheap upgrade) and +1A, which is either too expensive (+1A on a Herald isn't worth 25 points) or pointless (Bloodletters don't really need the +1A to stab the face off of an enemy unit). Bloodcrushers, the only other unit that can take the Icon... are kind of the worst of both worlds.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Rushputin -- The logic was along these lines. Consider the old Mark of Khorne (5 pts per model) or Daemonic Mutation (10 pts per model); both of which added +1 attack per model. If the squad is even modestly sized, the extra attack would have more than paid for itself. For chaos space marines, it looked like a bargain! If we suppose that +1A is worth less, say 3pts per model, we'd still make the points back once more than 8 models are taken.

But I take your point about the daemons side of things / not needing the extra A.


Rushputin said...

Yeah, I looked at it, briefly, from the CSM perspective and it seemed reasonable enough... but I didn't want to dwell on it because I don't play the army and therefore don't feel like I can comment authoritatively.

With Daemons, I've got the mono-Khorne thing going so it's easier for me.

b.smoove said...

Hey Jabs. Sorry for the indelicate approach -could you kindly fire me an email: gentlemanones at g mail. etc. I've been trying to reach you but can't quite manage it for some reason. Much obliged. B.

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