Friday, December 3, 2010

Representing the Changeling

A question for those of you have played against daemons recently, or who play with them.  If you've seen the Changeling on the tabletop (a pink horror upgrade / minor character), has it been represented with the Games Workshop model or something else?

My readers will know that I like to use a variety of models to represent the Changeling myself, as evidenced in my earlier discussion on the Glamour of Tzeentch and pictured in my Mixed Daemons army group photo.  The photo above pictures a warhammer fantasy chaos champion in bone armour in the guise of the Changeling -- he's probably my favourite model to represent the Changeling.

Should I bother upgrading to the "official" model?  Would using my bone armour chaos champion be frowned upon in competitive tournaments now?


Hungry Ghosts said...

I like your idea of using multiple models to represent the Changeling, and that old Champion is a favorite of mine (though mine is devoted to Khorne). But I also like the official Changeling.

Assuming no financial hardship, I would get the official Changeling mini to add to the collection of Changelings.

I think that the way he is posed, leaning back to the right with his left hand held up and right arm extended, is a great contrast with the Bone Champion, who is leaning a bit back to the left with his right hand's sword pointing down and left hand extended forward. His sword is already painted similar to some Changeling hand fire.

Together they would make a nice set of parentheses to enclose the mob of Horrors.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Hungry Ghosts -- thanks for your opinion! I reckon I might ask Santa nicely if he'll deliver me a new Changeling model :)

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