Sunday, October 25, 2009

Group Photo: 1500 points of Mixed Daemons

Following on from my army list posted yesterday, here's the big group photo of my mixed daemons horde!
  • At the front and centre are the Herald of Tzeentch on a Chariot with a bunch of screamers.
  • To the left of them are the Khorne contingent: a Herald riding a Juggernaut surrounded by bloodletters with wicked lava-like hellblades.
  • To the right, are the putrid Nurgle elements: a Great Unclean One surrounded by plaguebearers.
  • At the back and centre, we have a large Soul Grinder, lurking in the same way that skyscrapers don't.
  • To the left are more Tzeentch elements: this time a squad of pink horrors with the Changeling.
  • To the right are the Slaanesh daemonettes cavorting around a daemon prince.
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