Saturday, October 31, 2009

Must-have units: Plague Marines and Plaguebearers

In what promises to be another great post, Ron at From the Warp is putting together a list of the FtW group's must-have units. Since Warpstone Flux is mostly about Chaos, I wanted to give two choices: one for the chaos daemons codex and one from the chaos space marines codex.

Firstly to the chaos space marines. My must have unit there are plague marines. For my long time followers, this probably isn't too much of a surprise to you! Their survivability is legendary for their points costs. I've talked extensively about their advantages, thinking of them as terminator-kin, various special weapon set-ups, and firepower draw-backs. Their utility to the codex has been shown time and again on the battlefield for me, in numerous roles. One of their chief roles is to "objective grab" -- they persist for such a long time that they're hard to pass by without thinking of them in that role.

Continuing with the general Nurgle theme, in the daemons codex, I usually always take plaguebearers. They form part of my first-wave and usually take an icon with them to ensure that second wave daemons have something to deep-strike off when they come in to play. Their survivability (in common to the plague marines) is very good. With a chaos instrument, they can tar-pit and bog down opposition units for turns on end. In addition, they have poisoned attacks which means they can take on monstrous creatures and stand a chance of both doing damage to them and bogging them down for a few turns. On the negative side, they are on the slow side with regards to movement. But with a reasonable deep strike, they probably don't need to be moved around too much anyway.

I'm looking forward to reading about everyone else's choice!


Gamers World said...

I like your choice on units. Nurgle is probably my favorite god and I know from previous posts that you can use his daemons very well. I love both plague marines and plague bearers and I think you have made a good choice there.

John Lambshead said...

I am a great fan of plague marines.

oni said...

Yea, they're cheap, have two CCW's, can take two melta's, have 3+ save and to top it off... FnP. To say they are a bear to deal with is an understatement.

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