Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Purple Daemonette

This daemonette follows a purple colour scheme that was commenced with a basecoat of hormagaunt purple followed by liberal inking in a blended purple and black ink. The flesh areas were then shaded progressively lighter to an almost grey colour -- this can be seen clearly on the forehead region which really doesn't look as purple as the bulk of the rest of the miniature.

The clothes were basecoated in goblin green and inked a deep green colour in the recesses of the folds, before highlighting back to a tone lighter than goblin green on the raised portions. The green gives a jagged contrast to the purple tones of the flesh (not quite as bad as blue and green!) but still suitable for a daemonette of Slaanesh. The armoured portions were based around boltgun metal silvers and highlighted to skull white levels around the rim. The lining of the skull white is probably a bit too thick; I need to get a new fine detail 000 paint brush. The final details included adding dots to the eyes and completing the claws in a two-toned cream and white combination.

The base of the miniature is simply plasticard cut in to a regular shape and painted up to look like a street scene.


BJ said...

I love the paint scheme. The colors blend together very well and I like the contrasting colors for the clothing.


oni said...

I like it. The jade green color is a nice contrast to the purple.

John Lambshead said...

The colour scheme works well,

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