Friday, October 2, 2009

The Girl with the Blue Hair

A little addition to my daemonettes today: a girl with blue hair and some work on converting a base.

The miniature is a standard plastic daemonette, but on the base, I placed her on top of a wrecked rhino door (painted in a dull green colour) alongside some general detritus: a wire mesh and a loop of twisted florist wire. The base gives a wrecked city feeling to the daemonette that offsets from the blue of the hair.

Painting the daemonette began with the exposed flesh regions: base coating in a light brown colour, inking in chestnut and then steadily working the colour up toward a more bleached bone plus denheb stone mix highlight. With the flesh painted, I tackled the clothing and hair next -- this time choosing blue as the contrast colour. After inking the recesses in a dark blue stain, I gently drybrushed the vestments with silver to suggest a shiny corset. The hair on the other hand was painted up to space wolf grey using steady highlights.

The fine details were painted on last: including the white eyes and the tattoos on the right thigh and Slaanesh symbol on the forehead. Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome of both the paint work and the base on which the miniature is situated. The daemon is really offset well by the base in this case with the contrasting colours doing all the work for me.


John Lambshead said...

That is a GREAT paint job. Well done,

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate, I appreciate that :)

Mik said...

She looks great, nice work, kudos!

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