Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Result of the October Army List Challenge

...And the winner from this month's Army List Challenge is: Heinz!

Congratulations mate! Good win with your Nurgle plus Daemonic Possession Death World list!


Farmpunk said...

I was going to enter this month, but before I got home to put together the details of the list, Heinz had already done a list.
Congrats Heinz!

Chris said...

Nice one Heinz :)

suneokun said...

Done well heinz, done well - a tough act to follow.

Heinz said...

Wow! Thanks everyone! Thanks for running the challenge. Guess it was lucky that nurgle just fit with the theme this time. I Was totally blown away by the thoughts and possibilities behind the other lists. Noone in our group plays eldar and our nid player runs his hive fleet totally differently. Inspired to broaden my knowledge into all the different armies. ^^

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