Monday, October 19, 2009

Shadow Sword: Part III. Hull and Sponson

The Shadow Sword is starting to really take shape now, after a little bit of a hold. In this update, I wanted to show how it is coming together. The lower portion of the main hull has been glued in to place with the two side tracks and I'm beginning to see the shape of the final piece.Of particular note are the chaos star symbols on the front of the tank (just below the lights on either side of the track; and on the central front bumper region). They replace the usual double-headed eagle of the Imperium the are usually moulded on in these locations. To get rid of the imperial markings, I used sand paper in the end! Yes, I know it is somewhat crude, but it did the job in next to no time. The only issue was to try not to rub off the small bolts whilst eliminating the eagles. This was achieved by cutting up a very small bit of sand paper and wrapping it around the tongs of a pair of pliers and carefully rubbing the right place. Although one or two of the small bolts did get rubbed half-way down, I think the job is reasonable. The finish on the sanded surface is somewhat rough, but I believe that the glued on chaos stars will hide the roughness when combined with the paint job. Indeed, some roughness might even be desirable -- a direct effect of heretics scratching off the Imperial symbols in favour of chaotic ones!

Also in the image is the first of four side sponsons that I'm building. This particular one is the heavy bolter variety, and like the side armour: it is magnetized to attach to the side. The sponsons are rather tricky to glue together such that they can still freely pivot. This particular one has seized up, despite my best efforts. It can still track up and down, but just not left and right! I will be adding the las cannon to the top of the sponson at a later date. I'm not sure whether to assemble a pair of the other three as flamers or not; I'll have to think about it.

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