Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nurgle Herald Painted

Another potential herald of Nurgle to add to my plaguebearers today. This fellow has been basecoated in dwarf flesh colour and deeply inked in chestnut to create the base flesh tones. The model was then drybrushed to lighter and lighter shades of cream using various colours ranging from dehneb stone through to pinks and oranges. The belly of this chap has the Mortarion tripartite of skulls on the front which were highlighted in bleached bone to a lighter tone than most of the rest of the body to help them stand out.

In keeping with the majority of the rest of my plaguebearers, the plaguesword is painted in an unnatural shade of blue with a drop of red blood (from somebody else!) hanging from the top of the blade. I was tempted to paint the blade in a more traditional rust colour for this miniature, and I may yet change my mind on this. I just don't think the blue colour is working as effectively as it did for my other plaguebearers: principally because this miniature is much larger and this blade significantly different / stands out compared to the others.

The base has a grid of plastic stuck to the bottom of it. I've painted this in boltgun metal and highlighted with a thick line of pure white, but only of two of the four sides of each individual square in the grid. This gives the suggestion of glinting metal that the herald is stepping over. Additionally, it also has some hirst arts bits (to the rear), black gravel, and a small clump of static grass glued on as the final touch.

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