Thursday, October 23, 2008

Footslogging Herald of Nurgle

Another model from the early 1990's(?) provides the basis for either a Herald of Nurgle on foot, or a regular plaguebearer. If memory serves, this model was originally sold as a "Nurgle Champion" for use in Warhammer as part of a full command set of plaguebearers.

The horns growing out of the side of the head are reminiscant of a Great Unclean One's. Coupled with further horns extending from the tip of the shoulders and a plaguesword in red with white flame detail, this model makes for an ideal Herald of Nurgle on the tabletop. Not all Heralds of Nurgle take to the field on a palanquin, afterall.

If used as a troops choice, and if the points cost can be spared, then this will be the model with the noxious touch ability due to its readily identifyable appearance. The red sword is easily picked out from the swathe of blue plagueswords.

The painting prescription is the same here as for the majority of my plaguebearers. I'll refer the reader to the previous posting entitled "Plaguebearer" for more details of that process. The only real difference in the paint job being the red sword, as opposed to my preferred unnatural-looking blue plagueswords.

Whether the noxious touch ability is worthwhile points-wise remains an open question and depends critically on the purpose that one has in mind for the squad / herald. The ability is probably not terribly useful, or economic, for small squads whose main purpose is objective holding.

Positives: Stands out from the crowd and makes a good choice for a Herald of Nurgle, or troops member with noxious touch ability. The red plaguesword is readily picked out from the rest of the troops enabling quick identification which is vital in games of Apocalypse and various other scenarios. I'm very pleased with the final appearance of this miniature.

Negatives: The exposed spine is not picked out well.

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