Saturday, October 25, 2008

Overloaded, struggling gretchin

"Oi, Grot! Fetch me spanna. Get da ammo to. An' da chayne..."
Ork Mekboy Warspanna, Goff Clan.

Aims and Model.
Lurking in the depths of my bits box was this 1980's gretchin sculpt that positively oozes character. Like a number of ork and gretchin models, there is a strong component of comic relief here that is not found in other warhammer 40,000 armies. My personal interpretation of this model is that the gretchin is being bullied around by an ork mekboy. The mekboy is half-way through constructing a kustom shoota and needs a few more parts urgently before the waaaaaaa.

The painting here was straight-forward an non-innovative. Following a black undercoat, multiple basecoat colours were applied: dark green on the skin, red on the trousers, brown on the boots & ammo boxes, silver on the large wrench and chainmail coat, and fold on the cylinder that the gretchin is carrying under his chin. Each of these areas was inked with a good amount of stain to really penetrate in the the recesses: green on the skin, chestnut on the trousers, ammo boxes and bronze cylinder, black on the wrench and chainmail. Highlights were applied to each area in progressively lighter shades of the base colour. Final details included picking out the eyes, nail, yellow for the bracelet around the left wrist, and carefully picking out each individual bullet on the gretchin's back.

For the base, PVA glue was used to stick s mall amount of green scatter down and the rest was covered in black ballast. Once dried, the black grains were dusted with a drushbry of red, making for a slightly muddy & rough looking surface.

Positives: The cylinder below the gretchin's chin sets the model off very nicely and draws attention to the face. This gretchin's paint scheme very much gives the desired appearance of a struggling and overloaded orkoid trying to fulfil orders and I'm happy with it overall.
Negatives: Picking out all the little details was time consuming but necessary. The right ear squashed up next to the wrench was particularly difficult to get looking correct. I did consider painting some orky markings on the spanner, but didn't bother in the end.

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