Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Completed Plaguebearer Squad

A new squad of plaguebearers, freshly finished! This squad of plaguebearers deviates entirely from my usual sickly green colour scheme for plaguebearers. They feature predominately darker, muted and broodier colours (earlier examples and close ups of which can be found here and here). I've retained the unifying feature of blue plagueswords however -- its always good to have such a theme running through diversely painted miniatures.The miniatures are mostly of the modern variety, but there is one Rogue Trader era miniature in there as well (third from the left hand side) that I stripped down and re-painted. As usual, the bases haven't had much attention yet. I think this squad also needs a name -- suggestions welcome!


oni said...

I like them and how they're all different. I particularly like the one that's square in the middle. He looks mean.

Raptor1313 said...

I like that squad. I think Daemons are one of the armies that can really justify such a strategy. It makes an otherwise-nearly-identical troops choice much more visually interesting.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks guys :)
I think the middle one is one of my favourties as well - a very classical looking plaguebearer!

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