Thursday, August 27, 2009

Assembled Soul Grinder

After a long wait, my first (and only, to date) soul grinder is now assembled.
However, before I paint him up, I'm intending to do some magnetization work! Basically, I want to be able to transport the soul grinder in relative safety. That means that its going to be unlikely to snap during transit to games (etc). Perhaps the weakest link in the model (or rather, where it may be most likely to snap) is the connection between the lower torso and the spidery (defiler) lower part. I've bought a number of magnets from K and J magnets recently, so I'm intending to place a big one inside the torso and a second at the top of the definer part to ensure that they stay together when they're in play.

I'm also considering a secondary magnetization project with the soul grinder. But I think I should have thought of this much earlier... I'm considering placing magnets inside the tops of the legs (where they insert in to the bulk of the defiler part). The idea is that the soul grinder can stand upright more effectively and hold its pose more strongly than I've go with the current set up -- which is simply the legs slotted in to the holes, unglued. Has anyone else tried this? Is it worthwhile, or is the friction in the holes not much worse than this solution?


Big D said...

I am not sure how much luck you would have magnetizing the legs to get them to stick in place.

I have put together two Soul Grinders and a Defiler. The first one I did was the Defiler. I left all the limbs loose so I could pose it and move it around. On the two Soul Grinders I glued everything in place. I am MUCH happier with the two Soul Grinders and am going to go back and glue the Defiler in place when I get around to it.

As far as transportation is concerned I just didn't glue the Soul Grinder down to the Defiler base. I didn't use any magnets. The socket is pretty tight, but it does occasionally come apart during play. I really like having it separate because it makes it easy to transport and when the model gets wrecked I can just pull the top off.

Raptor1313 said...

I'm with Big D.

I glued my Grinders together, and just kind of set them on top of the boxes.

You could probably magnetize the torso to the Defiler body, so long as you used hefty magnets. Past htat, I wouldn't have tried.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the advice guys!

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