Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Test Model: Chaos Warrior on a Round Base

Whilst having a browse through my collection, I came across some chaos warriors from the Warhammer Fantasy range. I wound up thinking: "I wonder if they would look okay on a round base?"

So, I assembled one together and glued it on to a plain Warhammer 40,000 base, just as a test model to see what it looked like. My thinking here is that I could use the model in a Chaos Space Marine army as a "generic" lesser daemon. Perhaps summoned by radical Alpha Legionaries, this model could represent a cultist - part of a local populace waiting to lay siege to "invading" imperial rulers?

This miniature is not that high up on my painting list, but I'll get around to it before the year is out, I hope! I think the miniature suits a round base and is a reasonable size match for it. Certainly it is on a similar scale to power armoured marines and doesn't look dwarfed on the base, or too large for it. Not a bad fit really in my opinion.


Tristan said...

Nice, it's funny how just a different base can change your impression of a miniature. I need a chaos warrior for use with WHQ and that looks just the ticket! :)

oni said...

Yeah, I think it could work. I could even see it being used in LoTR too.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I think the problem is, at the end of the day its still a chaos warrior. If you play with a relaxed group - should be no issue. In a more formal setting, it may get a few looks.

The chaos warrior body is a really nice looking model - its just hard to convert. Most conversions I see are simple arm swaps - but "the arms fixed to the torso" look always comes out a bit funny looking. I've seen some very nice conversions where the figure is cut apart and blended with Space Marine bits, but that's an awful lot of work.

John Lambshead said...

I saw some 40K cultist converts from WFB Chaos warriors on eBay. They lookd good,

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the comments folks - the point about the chaos warrior still being just that is well received, Chicago Terrain Factory.

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