Saturday, August 1, 2009

Living Objectives

Today, I wanted to summarize my experiences with an (old) idea for an alternative to the usual objective based missions: Living Objectives.

There are several variants on this theme, but they usually come under one of several flavours.

(1) Random moves.
At the start of each player's movement phase, roll the scatter die for each objective. The objective then moves accordingly. Perhaps malign warp entities move the objectives on a planet within the Eye of Terror?

(2) Attraction.
At the start of each player's movement phase, each player moves the objective to the nearest friendly unit / enemy unit / random terrain feature / other objective(!) / board edge.

Variant on the theme: if the objectives are attracted toward one another and they meet up, then a huge explosion results (use something suitably apocalyptic in radius).

(3) Non-random moves.
The objectives start off at one board edge and move 6 / 12 (whatever) inches to the opposite board edge unless within 6 inches of a unit. In that case, they don't move at all. The narrative here might be they're pre-programmed drones that are delivering messages.

(4) Kill-able objectives.
(in conjunction with one of the above) The objectives can be killed with a single shot of any weapon. When dead, they stop moving! Perhaps the objectives represent small game that has swallowed a valuable data-crystal?

Variant on the theme: shooting the objectives might totally destroy them (5+ on a d6?).

Anybody got, or played, any further ideas with the living objectives idea?


Tristan said...

I like these ideas, and can see plenty of fluffy reasons for using it. Will report back when I've given it a go.

Tim said...

I can totally see da boyz chasing a bunch of bomb squigz around the battlefield, hoping that they can nab 'em before they detonate!

Raptor1313 said...

Randomly-moving objectives are kind of interesting, provided they move at the beginning of the player turn. Something like rolling the scatter and d6, and if it leaves the leaves the table.

I really can't say I'm a fan of killable ojectives. Having the objectives be killable is too much of a potential abuse. I mean, if it's a hold-objectives thing, you better hide it from me or I'll shell it and keep you from having it. While perfectly legit from a 'realistic' POV (If I can't have, NO ONE CAN! MWAHAHAHAAAA) it's kind of 'eh' for games when an autocannon splats your objective on round one.

Non-random moves? That's a little more interesting. If you can predict where it is, and where it will be in time, then you just need to figure out where it might be towards the end of the game, and plan accordingly.

eriochrome said...

Objectives should only move at the beginning of the game turn not player turns. It is a little unfair for a player to have to hold an objective at the end of the game if it can move after they do for the final time. Really adds to the going second's advantage on objectives.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Eriochrome -- excellent point. And one that also occured to me when I was playing 1st turn in such a scenario.....

Raptor1313 -- the idea of "predictable moves" is growing on me. I wonder if there's a scenario in there that could be developed.

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