Thursday, July 30, 2009

GWpertinent Old School Minis Contest

Over at GWpertient, Tristan has issued a challenge to the community to see their oldest painted (40k) models. I was thinking about entering some old chaos renegades, or even chaos daemons. However, I managed to dig out an interesting pair of Eldar (gasp!) from the Rogue Trader era (1988 to be precise). Yes, I'm an old-school player! The picture below (my entry in the contest) shows these Eldar miniatures from 1988 alongside some of my older chaos renegades and chaos daemons.

From left to right, we have a Khorne Berzerker (Chaos Renegade number 02 in the 1988 citadel catalogue, designed by Michael Perry and Kevin Adams); a Bloodletter of Khorne from Realms of Chaos (number 022525, in the 1989 citadel catalogue but appearing in Slaves to Darkness, 1988); and the pair of Eldar crew (Left: Field Artillery Crew 01, designed by Jes Goodwin, 1988; Right: D-Cannon crew 17, designed by Jes Goodwin, 1988). A bit of a blast from the past!


Chris said...

Nice, I'm digging out my squat trike to enter the contest when I get home tonight :)

Akenseth said...

Awesome stuff. I have some Eldar weapon crew models exactally like those someplace. My other oldest mini would have to be an old Harlequin Death Jester.

oni said...


I used to have a 2500pt Biel-Tan army made up of all those old school Eldar models.

Tristan said...

I really like those old bloodletters.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for all the comments folks!

Tristan: I completely agree - the old bloodletters are very cool :)

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