Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shadow Sword: Part I. Tracks

I'm in the process of assembling a Shadow Sword. Its probably going to be one of the least used miniatures in my collection, but I think its very cool and I've wanted to purchase one since they came out. I got it on my birthday (which was a while ago now) and have been working away on it ever since. I'm intending to post a number of articles on the assembly of this one, and today's is the first post.

Aim. Broadly, my aim is to have an Apocalypse-usable Shadow Sword tank that would fit in with my chaos forces. I may not go down the Nurgle route with the painting scheme, but I'm nowhere near that stage yet.

Beginnings. I think I must have read and re-read the instructions several times over. And downloaded the further Baneblade instructions from Games Workshop online. They're reasonably clear, but the sheer number of parts contained in the kit is impressive. Not all the parts that have to be glued together sequentially reside on the same plastic sprue.
The first few steps (2 pages worth) in the instructions is to get the sides and tracks of the tank assembled. I'm building mine methodically: left hand side first and then on to the right hand side. The picture is of the left hand side of the superheavy tank. I've glued into position the wheels (etc.) and am about to get the tracks in to place.

Interesting features at this stage include:
(a) If you look closely at the side of the tank, you can see a vertical line where the two halves of the side plating join up. This actually snakes around the side toward the bottom to provide a decent amount of area to achieve a good adhesion with.
(b) The front and back cogs are supplied as separate bits and have to be glued on individually - getting these positioned right will ensure the tracks of the Shadow Sword remain flush and level.
(c) The sheer scale of the tank is amazing. I'm stunned at just how big this thing is going to end up.

More on this project as I get time..!


Chris said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate :)

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