Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weaponizing an Obliterator

Unlike my previous obliterator, this one doesn't have any conversion work applied. However, much like the fiddlesome flamers of Tzeentch that I'm working on, I have struggled with fashioning my obliterator with his requisite weapons. The fit between the nub of the weapons and the holes in the arms of the obliterator are not fantastic. Moreover, they can also be weak if the model gets knocked about a bit too much. So for this obliterator, I have pinned the weapons -- every single one of them(!)
On the left arm (above), I've got a plasma gun (bottom), followed by a random plastic missile that I had in my bits box, flamer and stubber(?). In addition to the pinning, I've applied a little milliput to sculpt over the joins. The tangential arm slot (intended for one of those blades), I've ignored and covered over with more greenstuff to disguise its existence. I wanted this fellow to be pure ranged weapons on his fists!
On the right arm (above), I've borrowed a heavy flamer from some terminators to slot in to the outer tangential slot and heavily greenstuffed over the joins.

The other weapons on this arm consist of an autocannon (obviously no longer applicable in the current rules!), lascannon and a very extended and repositioned melta. I needed to do something with the melta as it stuck out at a really odd angle from the arm without any work on it. Being pedantic, I wanted the obliterator to have his weapons pointing forward -- where he's looking! I therefore pinned it, but left a little of the pin showing to create the extension, and then went over it with greenstuff. I like the result and shall get around to painting him soon I hope.


Raptor1313 said...

Tidy work. That has to take some time and care to get right.

On the other hand, this is why if/when I go Chaos and build Oblits, theyr'e going to be plastic terminators with a heap of bits. Gotta love the strength of plastic cement...

I'm curious to see how you paint 'em up. Plague-themed, or something else? Oblits can kind of get away with a mercenary bent, since they...I don't quite know what they do, but it involves wandering and poking at tech. (and shooting things somewhere in between. I wish my old loyalist techmarines were so useful on the field...)

jabberjabber said...

For the paint scheme, I'm thinking of something broadly similar to my previous one: a slightly old looking / rusted suit of armour with blue flesh to accent it.

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