Saturday, August 29, 2009

Plaguebearer Musician

As part of my expanding Epidemius lists (and indeed, just lesser daemons in general!) here's a plaguebearer musician.

To be honest, I'm not highly keen on the sculpt of this miniature - the slimey bits just don't look quite right to me. The angles that they make, given the dynamics of the pose, just don't click for me -- especially the bit that connects the knee to the bell. That aside, the rest of the miniature looks good!

The painting of the miniature proceeded with a black undercoat and a green basecoat for the main parts of the flesh. I applied several layers of inking / washing in various tones and mixtures of greens, browns and blacks. Followed by a touch of green highlighting and drybrushing, the flesh was quickly completed.

I used metallic paints on the bells, but dulled them down with brown and black washes to give them an appropriate rusted feeling. I've got some of the slime in a blood colour (pink undercoat and solid red plus brown inking) to give it an unnatural luminous quality.

The plaguebearer's horn was tricky, but I think I pulled off blending the cream colours nearer the tip into more brown colours at the top of his head. Final details included the eye, teeth, nails, tongue, sores and pustules. Overall, I'm happy with this miniature and he'll certainly be included in my lists for reasons detailed here.


John Lambshead said...

You probably could take that leg spur off. I agree it would improve the dynamism of the pose.

Raptor1313 said...

That leg spur DOES kind of look out of place. Everything's dripping on one direction, and...then there's that weird spur. I mean, nurgle puss usually moves the same direction, right?

It looks like an attempt to give the model more strength and reinforce the bell, but it's just not well-executed.

jabberjabber said...

Glad its not just me who thinks it looks odd! If I purchase another one of them, I'll chop that spur off.

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