Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shadow Sword: Part II. Magnetizing the Side Armour

Continuing on from the assembling the tracks, I've decided to start magnetizing my Shadowsword. The primary reason for this is to be able to configure my Shadowsword in multiple ways. I don't simply mean the primary weapon though, I also mean the side sponsons. Here, I want to be able to have a choice of selecting where the sponson gets physically located (front, middle or back) or to have extra armour around the sides of the tank.
The picture above is a bit of a progress update, but also to show what I'm doing with the side armour. Pictured here are two of the pieces of side armour magnetized to the side of the tank. A magnet (from k and j magnetics) can be seen in the centre of the left hand armour piece (it sits flush with the level of the armour rather than poking out). The middle armour piece used to have an imperial eagle on it, but I've scrubbed it off somewhat and then covered it over with a Horus eye taken from chaos tank sprues. Underneath, it conceals a rough job on the armour along with a second magnet.
Each of the armour pieces as well as the upper armour bits can be seen in the next picture with their magnets in place. For the larger armour pieces, I simply drilled a hold in the centre of each piece and glued one of the magnets in to the hole so that it sat flush with the front surface. The height of the magnet is approximately the same as that of the armour, so almost no further filing down of the magnet was required. For the upper pieces, I had to drill the depression in the underside a little bit deeper in order to fit the magnet in to a flush depth. The magnet sits comfortably inside this depression. Sponson weaponry are my next job on this tank.


closet gamer said...

What size of magnet did you use for this? I'm looking at the K&J website and there are so many!

jabberjabber said...

I'm using primarily D21 (1/16 inch depth x 1/8 inch diameter).

Seems to work for many projects (e.g. arm swaps on terminators) and so forth - they're very strong!

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