Monday, April 6, 2009

Non-Green Plaguebearer

In collecting an Epidemius army, I figured that eventually I'd need to start telling my plaguebearer packs apart from one-another. Although I could paint the bases a different colour, here I've started to experiment with other colours for the plaguebearers themselves.

Usually, being old-school, I paint my plaguebearers in sickly greens. This particular plaguebearer is more of a light brown colour. After basecoating in dwarf flesh, I gave this plaguebearer a liberal amount of inking in an orange, chestnut and black mixture. After allowing some time for the ink to dry off, I started to drybrush the skin of the model to allow the texture to start to come through better. This commenced in light orange and worked upward to dheneb stone (especially around the horn).

Instead of the usual red colours for the visible innards (and tongues), I opted to go for some blues and purples. I think this provides a nice contrast to the skin tone, similar in style to my winged daemon prince. The final highlighting consisted of painting in the slit eye (again a departure from the classical plaguebearer look), the nails and giving a yellow spot disease to the model. I have, however, kept the other-worldly blue colour for the plaguesword in common with my other plaguebeaers.

Admittedly, I spent a considerably longer amount of time on the daemon prince than this miniature, but I think the overall look is similar even if it doesn't stand up to close attention as well as the daemon prince does.


oni said...

The green Plaguebearer's are a little cliche. Have you thought about doing them in a sickly pale skin tone? Or even a sickly brown, less the red hue?

Muskie said...

Might I suggest blue...

I've painted them all types of colors.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Oni - Yes, agreed, and in progress :-)

Muskie - A pleasure to meet you - I've long been a fan of your diseased sons web site!

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